I found a french facist board



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What does it say though?
How do you know?


Fuck I wish that semi-revolt in the 60s had gone ahead.

The actual 18-25 in JVC is actually relatively left

Officially, it's not really a fascist board but an extension of the 18-25 board of jeuxvideo.com forums, which is (kinda) the closest thing to 4chan on the French internet.
But since we are on Holla Forums, it is fascist by default and they seem to ban any dissenting opinions. That said, this board is dead and irrelevant as fuck.

Seriously ? Is Usul popular there ?

It is just internet wannabe collaborationists who have been brainwashed by Alain Soral, FdeSouche, and Holla Forums. Most French people see Hitler and Pétain very negatively.

Porn webm with watermark. No joke.

Is he popular in France? What do the far-left thinks of him? And the regular left?

Nobody like him.

deluded fascistoid macho that acts as a dad figure for the far-right who makes some sensible points about capitalism
literally Hitler
at least in my experience

lmoaing @ your lives

Why do people like him again? He makes some good content sometimes, but it's almost always in collaboration with other people (most of his mediapart stuff imho) that tone down his tendency to stuff leninst rhetoric into every paragraph. On his own I find him absolutely insufferable though.

Seriously? It's fucking shit.

Is the fachosphère still relevant?

He was quite popular among the youth between 2010 and 2013, because of his association with the humorist Dieudonné I believe.
The fad kinda died out when it was found that Dieudonné hid a lot of money from tax agencies, and Soral's business mindset became a bit too much apparent IIRC. Also, the far-right ended up disavowing him because he was supporting Arabs/Muslims too much for their tastes.
But his populaity peaked when Manuel Valls wanted to ban Dieudonné's stand-up comedy show, and I remember a time when his videos would always pop up in my Youtube recommendations as soon as I watched something political, even far-left things like Pierre Carles' stuff. It was crazy.
He often made sensible points at the beginning of his videos with an almost anti-capitalist bent, but then rapidly started sperging out abut muh freemason Illuminatis and muh Zionist elite every fucking time. It was incredibly frustrating.
The only good thing about him is that he introduced people to Michel Clouscard, a forgotten Marxist thinker who is a cross between Debord and Houellebecq, from what I've gathered.
I'm surprised anyone know about him outside of France (and Québec ?). Is he popular where you live ?

summed it up pretty well.

I stopped paying attention to him a few years ago tbh senpai. I thought what he did to introduce young people who like games to left theory, Bourdieu, Le Monde Diplomatique and so on, was pretty cool, but then I discovered Guy Debord and never looked back.
I didn't even know that he was collaborating with Mediapart actually.

Gee I dunno user, ask your local Antifa recruiting officer

He's known for beating up fascists during debate shows.


Me neither actually, but they did a few informational videos during the presidential campaign narrated by him that got pretty viral, that's how I learned about it.

for example

BTW there's a new Soral "documentary" about his trip to North Korea, but it seems to be paywalled, did anyone hear anything about it?



(the rose that posted)
Usul used to be popular until he caught feminism
Most of them are Mélenchonistes and recovering FNtards

Usul's video about the police is laughably bad


Any jewish board?. Oh wait, this one is.

We need pest control.


Who did that?

C'est toi le juif petit pédé. C'est l'échec des nazillions qui a donné naissance à l'état d'Israel et l'éternel utilisation de la Shaoh par les sionistes pour que les occidentaux leur sucent la bite à chaque opportunité. Et maintenant ça veut faire le collabo sur internet. T'es ridicule, retourne fumer ta meth sur ta board insignifiante.

Shit bait.


Not but he has an audience among some turd positionism and related shit online groups.

Stop shilling for fascists.

What do you mean.

/1825/ Board Owner here.
OP is not from our board. He just spammed the patience out of my moderation team and after being banned a couple dozen of times he began to spam other boards, pretending he is one of us.
He isn't.
Don't let yourselves be fooled.

I thought /1825/ was a porn board specializing in 18-25 year olds. They spam their watermarked porn on Holla Forums a lot.

Me too.

What ? why is he spamming this ? to make make your board look far right ?

The board owner is a stupid NutSac.

/1825/ is not a "far right" board, it's a free speech board, born when the last parts of freedom in the French interwebz were getting heavily moderated. Being the most targeted of all communities, people of the "far-right" political spectrum were the first to come in. Then the porn addicts, drug users etc.

I don't really care what this faggot makes /1825/ look like. I just want you to understand that this guy is certainly not from the board, and that he constantly shits on other boards to make them raid us.
The real reason behind his mental illness is, in my opinion, a lack of love from his parents, his mother perhaps, and what made him eventually break down was when one of /1825/ mods, who he was in love with, publicly scorned him. We didn't see him anymore until a few months ago, when he started bumping porn threads, spamming other boards and threatening the mod.

You have every right to judge me, my opinions and my way of life. I don't care. Just don't fall in the trap of this subhuman. That's all I ask.
Have a nice one, it's on me.

blown le fuck out


You kept bumping 6 months old porn and drugs threads with "AAAAA" posts you mongrel, bumplocking them was necessary to keep more recent threads up.

Poor french people…

I know you're samefagging. Don't try this bullshit with me.

What does 1825 signify?

Most of /1825/ users are from the 18-25 forum on a videogame website (jvc). It was one of the last French bastions of free speech a few years ago. Now it only allows one half of the spectrum, which is a shame.

Forced to be polite and civil, how horrifying

Ce est très drôle. OP est un fagot

I am
Thanks for your reply. However I checked your board myself…
Et j'en ai conclu que tu es un putain de nazi parce que tous vos postes puent le permavirgin faf. Va sucer la bite du Führer, viking vendéen de mes deux, je suis plus aryen que toi et pourtant j'ai des ancêtres juifs.

You know damn well this has nothing to do with politeness, but with being politically correct. Saying that Europe must close its borders should be a right, and we should all have the right to debate about it.
But now, one can lose his civil right just for having said that in private.
So yeah, this is horrifying.


And I have come to the conclusion you are a fucking nazib ecause all the threads smell like permavirgin fascist. Go suck the Führer's dick, pseudo viking, I'm more aryan than you are despite the fact I have jewish ancestors.

Ce n'est pas la peine de te la jouer. Je sais à quoi ressemble les membres de ta planche, ce n'est pas glorieux. Mais je comprends que le regret même de ta propre existence te pousse à fabuler une autre lignée que celle à laquelle tu appartiens.
Tu ne devrais pas.
Peu importent tes origines, sois-en fier, revendique ton appartenance et surtout, ne les réinvente pas. Chacun de tes pas est porté par l'ensemble de tes ancêtres, qui ont versé leur sang et leur sueur pour que tu hérites de cette terre. Honore-les. Ne hais pas les autres. recentre tes efforts vers le but simple et noble d'être une meilleure personne chaque jour.

You were so proud of your hateful message that you had to spare this user the effort to translate it by himself. Just look at yourself. It feels like your direct environment can be sum up to a dusty computer, a bed and a pile of used tissues. And a sad mother, whose heart bleeds a little more each time she passes by your door.



It has everything to do with politeness, more precisely with having a civil community with quality discussions. You can say "europe must close its borders" but you can explain or justify why without going on a tirade against brownies and niggers and then people see that you don't actually want to close the borders you just want to expel the nigger that banged your crush and because you're a virgin you're totally OK with qt japanese girls coming to your country. There is no logic only emotions.
Rightists make the quality of the discussion go lower and the community become toxic.


Except there are valid complaints against blacks and middle easterners. Whites get classified as a group, so should everyone else.

is not the tone but the background

So can I call you a stupid prick if I have good intentions at heart?



Yes but the solutions are not binary like the bourgeois wants you to think.
First why do brownies come to europe? Imperialism is making people more alienated from their labor, your computer is made with coltan from the congo, gold from colombia and plastic from china, the workers who mined the materials and assembled the machine will never see the product of their labor in the conditions they live so they decide to migrate.
Europorkies like migrants because they have no working rights and create social divisions that prevent the rise of class conscience.
If you want brownies but simply dislike their culture you can demand states to give them language and cultural sensitization lessons, since this will come out of porkie's pocket they will close the flow of migrants a little. If you don't want them at all just demand working rights for them and unions, porky will cry and move into the anti immigration position but the true solution is just to end capitalism so the workers that make your computer actually get to use the machines they made.

Actually yes but you will need to be a friend I trust first.

not really though

Décret n° 2017-1230 du 3 août 2017 relatif aux provocations, diffamations et injures non publiques présentant un caractère raciste ou discriminatoire
"Decree No. 2017-1230 on provocations, defamation and non-public abuse of racist or discriminatory nature"
Imagine a world where saying that "white people do not own Europe", even in private, would be a crime.

saying "niggers" is not the same as "close the borders"
what you said is still false

Oh he brought the projector
It has, rightism is pathos while leftism is logos
Oh yes, union workers getting shot is on the same level as getting banned from jeux video
REEE is the sound they make when your emotions are on
Are you new to chans or something, being crass is like a requisite, plus I'm a latino, I have n word rights
You must think that liberalism is leftism because I haven't seen movies about killing your boss and running the place by yourself.
more like absolute smugness

But I tought nazis loved when the sublime state watched over people
If this law was prohibiting people from talking about stuff like unionisation you will be all behind it.

You are ridiculous.

Some of us never wanted outsourced labor. Obviously we need to trade resources, but our cheap electronics are not worth destroying the middle class. I think a lot of you working-class communists would be happy enough working a manufacturing job if it meant a liveable wage you could buy a house and a car with.

Why are people so hung up on words? Someone calling me a hick is the same as them calling me low-class white. One is just 'less offensive'. Calling you a nigger means you're black. Why get assblasted about one but not the other?

There is no such a thing as middle class, just proletarians that get paid more and yes people will be happy at any job if they have a good wage but that doesn't solve the contradictions of capitalism and the harm it does to the world

For once I do think that black people do have a problem, when you let a word offend you you're submitting to the of the insult, not being insulted means that the other person can't have power over you but nigger will remind offensive as long liberal ideology clouds out understanding of it

The shiver you feel is from your shame.
All your pre-made sentences do a very bad job at covering your lack of conviction. Violence and hate are on your side for now. But don't worry - we both know what fate useful idiots like you will face, no matter which side wons. Until then, make peace with your soul and go hug your mother. At least try to make her feel loved, for once.

You just took two sentences out of context, then read them literally, made no argument and end in some vague threat. Jesus man, shut the projector down.

Ok, but there is a level of income we define as 'middle class'.

Yes that is truth, liberals think of class in terms of income while socialists think of class in terms of the role in the work place
I admit it maybe confusing for an outsider

I was about to ask "In what context does killing your boss seem acceptable to you" then I remembered why you and I couldn't share the same room. You don't need context nor reasons. You have been so much indoctrinated, so much pampered to never being challenged emotionally that the hate you feel against me must seem absolutely righteous. If you had the means, you would kill me without hesitation and plead not guilty for it.
This, is why your side is doomed. Open your eyes.

Gotta go, I hope the mods sage this thread.
Nice to argue with you all

Call your mom, tell her you love her, and thank her for everything.

You have a problem bro.

But what does the name mean? Is it an age group?


It's so sadly ironic that the left has become nothing but a bunch of idpols OR reactionaries getting randomly mad at things

Just do it. She doesn't deserve your hate for being born in this world.

Yeah, I know, for leftypol "free speech" isn't something to fight for since the entire dominant narrative is on your side.
But for many people, it's just that : something we need bastions and fortresses to protect.

stop projecting.

That's what I'd expect from someone who doesn't know what it means to love his mother. You know that when she thinks about you, your current state, your life and your choices, she just desperately cries, asking herself where she went wrong. Help her pardon herself.

And your wife? Do you miss her?


There was three pages full of 1-post "dsljgfqsiugfsmvfu" threads with porn videos. I kept the ones that had some discussion potential and deleted the others. Spam isn't free speech.

Ce fil me donne envie de me creuser les yeux

Every single day since her suicide. I try to visit her as much as I can, even if we were divorcing. I already pardoned her. Make peace with your past, because it's what made you the man you are today.

C'est pas comme si tu en deviendrais encore plus aveugle, alors te retiens pas.

Just speak english, French language does not deserve what Google translate makes of it.

Forgive me - I actually managed to fuck that up all on my own, I'm only used to translating from - not to. I really must practice more with writing

What I mean to say is that we've reached an ideological impasse here and with both sides being so committed to theirs - there simply is no means of recognizing a mutual dialogue, barring that one side is forced to concede some axiomatic legitimacy to the other regarding the basic assumptions or underlying essentials of the argument. In short, you've no basic ground that either side is willing to recognize, which is terribly unfortunate as it leaves any manner of discourse unavailable minus the combat of rhetoricians. A complete intellectual dishonesty

Nobody believe you.

I don't think there is dishonesty.
What I see here is many angry and desperate young people, permanently looking for already-won battles. They are honest in their anger, they are committed to their blindness, and thanks to anonymity they speak freely their minds.
I don't ask anyone to leave me some ground, and I don't think I even pushed this thread into any ideological path. I just lent a hand to anyone willing to take it. And, as I expected, everyone spat on it. That's alright. I live in France, so I'm used to this kind of interactions. But believe me, after all these years I came to this tragic and absolutely definitive conclusion : there is a total honesty in their hate towards me.

Even on this board you're alone, Mr. spamhat. You're the only "nobody" here. Take a rest, your day has been excruciatingly humiliating.

You are really paranoid.

Diversity stifles class consciousness, yet the typical Western leftist solution to this problem is to demand more diversity. What's the logic here?

dammit they nuked all the ecaflip porn I thought it was a /monster/ alt


I can't be fucked to list the faggot in this thread. You're a frenchie and keep preaching about "love", "free speech", and "honest hate". Holy shit I can't really be fucked to exactly articulate what is wrong with you, but stop painting yourself as hero/victim.

I'm back
So Opression alienation and abuse aren't reasons for violence according to you but mohammed getting his dick wet on stacy la roux justifies mass deportation.
Revolution is a violent act, there is no hiding it but somehow you seem to think that mass deportations aren't an act of violence either
Your post is also full of projection I can't care to argue with and yes, I will kill you but I will plead guilty and be glad about it.

because the average "leftist" isn't really leftist, Is a liberal, the overthrown window has been moved so far right that liberals get flagged as leftists.

They can't, their ideology is far too thick to see themselves as aggressors.



That's double the failure.


so french fascists don't organise on the internet? They have no websites like stormfront or TRS?

It used to be mostly shitposting on 18-25, only last year with the "Taverne des patriotes" discord server did the french far right ever have a common "sphere".
The whole term was invented by the media to broadly condemn everyone that marched against gay marriage in 2015 as fascists even though La manif pour tous had everything from christian neocons, catholic royalists, skinheads, Frontists, etc.
The French far right has traditionally always operated as a vast "nebuleuse" a very loose collection of different groups with very different goals. They only interact with eachother when they consider an important issue threatening their views is brought up, like the gay marriage law. When that happens they traditionally broadfront into public life and use their leverages with political parties (FN mostly) to force debate.
These kind of fights happen on a case by case basis though, there is no common platform where Alain Soral, Marine Le Pen, skinheads and Action Française interact or create common policy, when far right unity is needed it's very ad-hoc and based on a who-knows-who basis.
I don't have experience with all of these groups, but if you take the Action Française for example, they're very self contained. They have their own uni groups, their own newspaper, their own theory, their own conferences and their own formation camps. Their only regular contact is with La Manif pour Tous, which they helped organize. Other contacts (Lyon Identitarian movement section, Breton far right autonomists, etc) have always been circumstancial situations, usually caused by some membership overlap.

In short saying that a fachosphere exists is about as pertinent as saying that in America, the Greens, Democratic Cops of America, IWW, Warren and Sanders are actually part of a common organization that always act together, it's a bit silly.

What is this? Separatists?

I thought that fachospere was a term for far-right sites that are popular.

It's much simpler than that.
French web is the most censored, so the far right doesn't even try to force its presence anymore.
I don't think that's a win for the left, since it made rightists physically communautarize themselves.

France is the real north korea.

Wait What

I know you are shitposting, but yes, they have own theories in the sense that they don't believe in the same things.
For example, Alain Soral is anti-Zionist and antisemite to the point where he actually supports Palestinians and have no problems with Maghrebis, Arabs and Muslims (in the video posted, he punches the guy because he said "there is a problem with Arabs and you can't deny it", something among those lines).
Meanwhile, the identitarians definitely have a problem with them, and conversely, don't seem to care that much about the Jews and conspiracy theories associated to them. They just want a white Christian Europe.
Then you have anti-Christian groups, etc. You can actually find all these ideological positions on Holla Forums. The main thing is that it is much confused on Holla Forums, not only because of the anonymous imageboard format, but also because Americans don't have an history of far-right movements like Europeans do.
And while the online alt-right is a nebulous amalgamation of various far-right historical positions, the European far-right groups IRL know what they want and they all want different things. Alain de Benoist is incompatible with Charles Maurras, and so on. Actually, it is the same thing with the left (anarchists vs Marxists, idpolers vs anti-idpolers, etc).

Stalistash intensifies

So Varg

Lmao'ing @ you

Pretty spooky tbqh.

Well, at least France is still full of French people speaking French, spreading traditional French culture and behaving like typical Frenchies. Look at all that French way of life.

Action Française owe all of their doctrine to Charles Maurras and the man absolutely hated Romanticism and romanticist nationalism. For him political doctrine had to be positivistically proven, which is why he spent the majority of his life writing far-right monarchist theory.
It's commonly accepted that in the 20's and 30's France, fascism was unable to ever become a serious force because unlike Maurras' Integral Nationalism they only offered very nebolous programs based more on >muh feels than anything so people preffered the Action Française which had an actual program

The fuck is that?

Thats not true at all, get out of your dreamland, Gross pédé

Traditional France, why ?

Excuse me, you may want to check the "Loi de confiance dans la vie politique" if you can manage to focus your attention 15 minutes. Being elected is a civil right.


It's still an online bubble isolated from other online bubbles by the prowess of preference algorythms.

Bullshit. This "keep calm and be a faggot" shit is a leftypol meme.

Don't you love being the bogey man of the chans?

100% this.
Except virtue signaling leftist cucks, no one cares enough about /1825/ to create such a shitty post on that board.