Is she /ourgirl/?

Is she /ourgirl/?

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Unless you're an autistic tankie she is.


No she's not. Normie bait.
She's a toilet licker sex worker who that sucking cocks in front of a camera is somehow good for women emancipation.
Tumblr tier poseur tbh

She's pro Venezuelan opposition and anti-USSR which isn't that big a deal unless you're a tankie.


Holla Forums GET OUT!!


What's Holla Forums about my post? You can't handle the truth? She's a contrarian attention whore

Ehy, nice ultraleft narrative you got there.
Soviet Union was socialist in every aspect before korn boi. Supporting imperialism even if it's against a borg state it's idiotic and anti communist

So are you though.

Next you're gonna be telling me markets and private property are socialist too.

Sasha is actually hot.

You do this in every thread ffs

One of the worst feels known to man


Implying the soviet union had private property. It's called lower stage for athe reason
Rage never licked a toilet and she's cute, that's the difference. Also rage and lauren actually buy in the Holla Forums memes, sasha is only acting contrarian for the sake of it and attention. No difference besides what I prefer to fuck tbh

You have the shittest taste in women and posting habits, so why don't you go back to Holla Forums where it's considered normal?

At this point is pretty clear that I hate sasha grey and that I'm gonna sperg everytime there is a sasha grey thread or a porn thread, sage for double posting


Never been to Holla Forums. What if I don't agree with your taste in girl and don't buy le smart cocksucker narrative I'm Holla Forums? Good to know, besides I don't see an argoument except adhominem attacks on me or stalin.

This basically

Why not hide it instead of sperging out and let the thread be comfy?

Yes. Someone please post the pic of her with a Lotta Continua t-shirt.

Also, Colby Keller and Connor Habib are /ourguys/.

aren´t you that trap hating italien alcoholic from a few days ago?
anyway bashing someone because of their profession is classist as fuck and you should be ashamed of yourself and i think that you should work on your sexual insecurities cause that´s probably the reason why you´re spooked as fuck to think it somehow matters if someone had a piece of of meat in their mouth or not

whoops accidentally saged

You seem to have accidentally failed to sage.

Stop ruining the Stache you fucking faggot. There is literally nothing wrong with being a sex worker and catering to degenerate shits.
Stop being a moralfag, there is no ethical consumption or production under capitalism.

How new are you? Are you a redliberal from reddit? Because that's what you sound like. I not bashing her for her profession, I'm bashing her for loving her profession and make it sound it cool and all about emancipation when the industry is all about using naive girls and exploiting them. The porn industry is digusting as fuck, and she make it sound like it's some sort of way to get indipendence from bigotry or something like that.
If you want to recap all this by saying that I'm a bigot go on, but you are supporting exploitation in the name of progressivness I guess. That's liberal and pretty borguoise of yours. You are fron reddit and you are making porky's game. But I'm the bad one because… because? Because I think that traps are a product of alienation and mental illness shouldn't be glorified?
Guess I'm sexual insicure then, XDDDD.
How's this any different from Holla Forums ?

Again I hate her not because of her work, but because she makes sound like her work is something good. It's not about morals. I don't like people who shill for exploitative industry

All industries under capitalism are.

Fam you've been here since fucking June and you're exactly the problem with the people who joined in the summer so you can shut the fuck up with that right away.

Not an argoument. You didn't respond to the fucking reply. You glossed over everything I said because you know what i'm saying is 100% true

It's true. Then why pornography is accepted and not criticized like every other?

She doesn't you fucking autist, if she was a shill for the industry she wouldn't have retired so early. Whenever she talks about the issue she puts in th context of exploring her sexuality. IMO it is a bit of an extreme way to do so but as Blake said: "The road to success leads to the palace of wisdom."
Admit it, you're just an insecure cucc who can't stand the fact that someone is unashamed of their sexuality.

ok first of all LE REDDIT XD is not an argument
second of all
there´s a differents between disliking her for seeing the sex industry as a way to liberate yourself, wich is, btw, not any more or less porky than any other industry, and the sheer amount of hurr she´s just a dirty slut that couldn´t have any personality not for the sake of attention wich is, as i said, as spooked as one can get

What did they mean by this?

But it is?! And, furthermore, the girls working in it face a huge social stigma.

didn't we just have a thread about her

But it is an argument when you try and use the same tactic you annoying transplant fuck. I disregarded the rest of your post because I'm not the other poster and your posts are shit.

Rage and Sasha both want attention.
Sasha has a gross Nordic jawline and Rage has an Anglo rat-face. Both are meh.

Why are tankies so spooked

If I had half of her net worth plus get payed for every time my image is used I would stop working tommorow. Also girls like her don't last that long.
Yeah that sounds pretty shilly to m8. I could apply this to every industry. "I started pimping to explore my influence on girls". This sexuality exploration is a lie. Watch hot girls wanted or every other piece about the porn industry, is just an excuse.

I didn't say she can't have any personality, but as everyother person who post photos of himself or herself reading books and toying with left or underground aesthetics shamlessly and bragging about it on tumblr, sound pretty poseur to me. And attention whore is not a bad thing per se, my theory is always one on how these girls are in the indutry to be the next porno diva with carisma and want to be famous. If you talk to a pornstar or watch a documentary you'll see what I'm talking about. it's about being a big household name. Not even their fault if they grow up in the mid west and with the media that pumps in your brain kardashian shit and girls like sasha grey talking about a great adventure worth more than pieces of gold.
The rage thing is a bit of a meme. I dislike sasha grey in a sexual and personal way too in a certain sense, she looks asservite as fuck and to much into kinky stuff, which I'm not. And not assertive in a sexy way but In a submissive fake and masked way, which I don't like, personally.

Great social stigma exist really only to drawn in more mid western girls who work in a small cafè 1000 km from a big city. The appeal stands in there too. Somehow tho only girls worth 3 million actually fighted the social stigma and taboo sexuality, while the one that lasted only a year and had to resort to facial abuse are the one that no want listen too and are treated like pieces of shit. Sasha grey is not the first case, she made a lot of money and is a famous name, she's respected just because of this. Porn got nothing to do with it the money she gained from porn got her to defeat a sexual taboo. This says a lot pal.

It's about
Somehow these 3 things are achived only by the divas who got rich, the other are pieces of shit who are regretting ever chasing these 3 things. That's why I consider her a shill, she is a victory for porn because she achived these 3 things. It wasn't her tho, it was her money. Not a lot of girls want to be the next sasha grey, little they know about the reality of what's next and how one in a million makes it.
Sounds like every industry ever, this one is more damaging do to the fact that sexuality involved. She's no different from every "self made man" who brags on and on about how he made everything by himself and you can make it too. Should be killed with fire, porn or not porn,

Go fuck yourself than


Bump because I made a good post

Man, it sounds like it's just you who has problems.

first of all, lol that this comes from someone de facto tripfagging on an anonymus imageboard
second of all, it´s not like there is any reason to believe she is merely toying with the left, it´s just your cnical make-believe that soeone you don´t like could ever believe in something that you like, and don´t give me the the "hurr someone rich can´t be leftist" argument because there are several reasons that is stupid
what is a personal blog
just because someone expresses his character in a public way, wich even we do in some way, is always about gaining fame
people always forget that public figures are still human and need a form of community
also btw looking at the amount of bbc porn she did it´s safe to say a large part of her fanbase is right wing so it´s not like her behaviour is helping her career

Read the post idiot, I'm saying that they are considered piece of shit by society not by me

I'm not tripfagging first. Second it's not "hurr someone rich can´t be leftist" , but it's "why the rich one is the only one who got a platform"? Why it's the famous, popular one and not the one that lost the job after 6 months, the one that now can't find a job, the one that didn't wrote a book? Why they don't get media coverage? Get over the personal problems I have with her, there is a base in what I'm saying and the reason why she's a poster girl for the porn industry.

Because it's an industry under capitalism like every other industry.

This discussion is definitely going places.

that´s why i wrote de facto since everyone knows who you are cause you´re the only one using the stalin stache as a flag atm
i think you answered that one for yourself
look, i don´t want to argue that the porn industry isn´t bad or that the media industry is a piece of shit, all i´m saying is that no matter who a person is, if they support our thing, even in a populistic and superficial way, i´m cool with them
cause you won´t get people to be interested in socialism by being elitistic on a hotwheels fan forum

No shit. Then you see where I'm going with my critique of her? She made it all like it's about defeating a social stigma and bla bla bla through porn, while the social stigma is defeated by the fact that she's worth 6 figures.
How a leftist cannot be aware of this? That's the problem I have with her and why I say that she's a poseur. If she's so well read why she buys into the porn industry sexually liberates you?

Problem here is that there is an obvious double standard: Porn is a industry and should be threathed as such, sasha grey is the poster girl and like everyother industry she's the one in a million case.

Comrade stalinatache is right
USSR wasn't perfect but being against USSR is necessarily being against communism (before Stalin death of course..damn revisionists)

Has nothing to do with anything she got her money through an extremely exploitative industry and is now struggling to make a name for herself outside of the industry. I doubt you'd be singing the same tune if it was pictures of you licking a toilet or your ugly floppy asshole.
You're just fucking retarded and no idea about the structure of arguments or logic. This is a complete false equivocation because you are talking about a porky job where you are the exploitative asshole not the one being taken advantage of.
You're probably over forty so you should completely ashamed about your ignorance and toxic personality. Bad luck with the rest of your life.

Absolutley agree, at the same time if one "shills" de facto for an industry and is a poster girl for that industry, I'm not 100 % how could help us.

No you cunt, it has everything to do with it because sexual stigma doesn't exist if i'm worth millions. Now get fucked. You didn't even read the whole post you bitch.

I would seriously prefer if Hoochie were here instead of you.

No stigma exists if you have enough capital you fucking mongoloid, if you ever bothered to look outside you'd notice we're trapped in a cappy world, fucker.

behead thyself hastily

Everything is an industry under global capitalism. This isn't a fucking contest to see who can participate the least in capitalism. We aren't ascetic monks.

Why don't we just post Sasha instead?

The fact that you can make money in porn doesn't mean it isn't heavily stigmatized outside of that industry.


What the fuck i'm saying you motherfucker? That's the point. It's not the porn industry that makes the stigma goes away, It's the money. But she "the leftist" is saying that is the industry that liberates you. Again we are not even stating different things here.

It's not an opinion jesus. It's a fact. One thing is not partecipate, one thing is activly being the poster girl

Yeah it's true. Because capital it's the buy out. So if I got succeful I got liberated, If not I get shitted on. But it's always the succeful one that get attention and coverage that's my point

look, if it wasn´t her somebody else would shill for an industry, tha´ts just how the world works, if she wasn´t there it would be any other pornstar, and you most likely won´t become famous in a first world country if you don´t participate
BUT she is using that little bit of leverage that her role gives her for our thing, and a shill that uses some of his influence to promote reading zizek is worth a lot more than one that does fuck all

I've got the feeling more people have started reading Zizek because of her than because of Stacheposter.

If anything the hapa has turned people off reading socialist authors.

She didn't get capital. She was paid a wage.
How's the trashcan working out for you homie?

She could talk about the porn industry in a communist prespective tbh. Still I'm not saying she should be shot and teaching zizek is not good. Plus yeah it's true that anyone could take her place, but I expect a bit more from someone who read ledt literature

Are you saying that is not true under capitalism? You think that the liberation came from licking toilets? That why the other who did that and are less popular are not liberated at all?

Yes. I dunno about you but that's kinda why I'm a communist.

She is a retired celeb doing a dip in political activism. none of them are anyone's boys or girls, just some narcissistic cunts.

Get some reading comprehension lad, she doesn't applaud the industry in any way. Is she just supposed to pretend it didn't happen? Are you really begrudging her her own narrative because of trashcan opinions?

Yeah my reason too. What's you problem here? We are saying the same fucking thing. The difference is that i consider someone so vocal and popular from that industry is dangerous because she's not aware of this and think that it's because of the extreme porn she did and not because she got rich

It's almost like she got rich doing extreme porn or something.

I prended that if she call herself leftist she should know better than acting like he didn't bought her liberation with capital and never attacks the industry

We definitely aren't saying the same thing.

Jesus christ. No shit? That's what i'm saying. The difference is that she says or other like her say that it wasn't capital but just the extreme porn who bought her liberation

Smh moorstash

Then what the fuck are you saying?

Pic related is you.

But where's the quote?

Then what you are saying is that pornstars should work for free and how much you are worth doesn't influence your social status? So a billionare is the same thing as a polish janitor because they are both girls?

It's a meme you dip

She's not saying, but she's rappresenting that. I'm pretty sure that if she ever mentioned her status post porn she wouldn' attribute her social position on how much she made

So you're putting words into her mouth and arguing against them.
I see.

No. You fucking moron. I'm saying there is no meaningful liberation under capitalism.


I'm not even gonna bother anymore, you're obviously too drunk to understand or remember anything I said.

Why didn't you save her, Holla Forums?

from what, user? she is alive and well, and young enough to actually do something useful in her lifetime

I understand your point. She doesn't activley shill for the industry, the industry used her as poster girl so it's not her fault. But then why she doesn't critique the industry? If she's such a leftist she should.

we´re all just sluts in the brothel called capitalism
only question is if porky or the money is the pimp

Both tbh.

What is with your obsession with the phrase "poster girl/boy"? It's like anything anyone does makes them a de facto poster child for something they're involved with.

Zizek needs to write a full book on porn.

No it doesn't. She's the story the industry want us to be told tho and she, that should be /ourgirl/ doesn't do shit to distance her self from this. If sasha wouldn't act all smuggy with a zizek book in her hand i would hate her less, but if she's a comrade and does nothing against the industry exploitation or the fact that she's used as an example of how good it is, then I she's not that useful. Also she doesn't support nor URSS and Maduro, so she's basically useless, She's basically a red liberal

God save those who save themselves.

Is she though? Since it looks like all you've done all thread is pull shit out your ass.

She gets media coverage or not idiot?

What's the URSS?

'Unione delle Repubbliche Socialiste Sovietiche . That's the italian way of saying USSR.

Yeah, it's the same in French, (Union des Républiques Socialistes Soviétiques), and probably in all Latin languages (Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian)

More like Sasha GAY

Is licking toilets good praxis?

in germany it´s UdSSR (Union der Sozilistischen Sovietrepublik)
only difference is that der wich is the equivalent of delle is part of the abbreviation and that Repubbichle Sovietiche is one word

When? Where? For what? Is this just more shit you're making up?

Wich is spelled which in English.

whoops always get that one wrong and of all the spelling errors it get´s noticed the most
is there a reason for that or do i literally only get only that one wrong in my posts?

well can´t be the second case since i just wrote get´s instead of gets

Ah c'mon go fuck yourself. Every one know sasha gray, even if they don't watch porn


Yeah I think you've got it wrong a few times. Not noticed any others, wasn't even sure if English was your second language until the last few posts and just found it odd someone with English as a first language couldn't spell which.

These things are not the same.

first two must be true*

Of course she's is. She's a glorified prostitute who did the nastiest, most extreme shit possible for millions of people to see. Anyone seeking to have her as an "/ourgirl/" show what desperate little men they are.

But that's wrong

It's not though. Go look at her shit. It's disgusting. interracial. Facial abuse type shit. All sorts of anal. Pretty sure she did piss stuff. If you're Antifa tier there's no "extreme" to you though. You guys like getting shit on, being tied up and pegged etc. But from a normal person's perspective she's absolutely fucking disgusting and certainly extreme.

Gave me a kek

well it´s sometimes strange when englisch is your second language and you can read it just as well as your first (i´m studying music science and philosophy and i´d say 30% of the material i read is in englisch) but at the same time only write it on international forums where a lot of the other posters aren´t native speakers either

200% spooked

Back to Holla Forums. Dropped a dime on yourself my dude.

You call this "the nastiest, most extreme shit possible"? My gott!


I didn't say this. I'm saying that she's a great publicity to the porn industry no matter if it's the same porn industry who promotes her or if she's doing it alone
Yes she does. Fuck even italian radio interview her

It's up there. Once your pass a certain tier it's all about the same. Sure, scat stuff beats it all, but that's something only a tiny, tiny fringe do. Antifa, for example.

You don't watch much porn, do you?

Are you roleplaying as a projecting Holla Forumsyp for our entertainment or are you being serious? I can't even tell any more.

cmon Holla Forums you could at least try

All sorts of anal.

Really says more about you tbh


well if girls didn´t have so many assholes there wouldn´t be a need for so many anals ^)

She has never even done double anal ffs

then you should know this is a Christian board, if you want to discuss depravity like interracial you must go on
>>>Holla Forums


Too much spooks


He's pretty ugly in that picture

She tried to start her own production company. The only reason she isn't a porky now is because it failed. Sasha Grey is an attention whore that likes people to think she is "deep" and "alternative". She is neither.
Posted for funs

Fucking hell, why did I even get out of bed today.

Go lool at her own website, retard. She hadn't made it a secret.

Wow, you are retarded.

Just want to point out the hilarity of Maddox saying this, a guy who lost his main gig on a podcast for pocketing merch money.

Who's maddox? google shows nothing


A clown, but a clown that often gets it right.


Stalin is right

I just want to say that I appreciate Stalin poster for not pandering to liberal shit.

Appreciated man. History will absolve me and my posts one day. For now I'll live with the Stalin burden.

Money is the pimp. Porky is the john.

This is highschool shit my lad.

Daily reminder that her Autism Level is literally 140+

You sir, lack creativity.

We are gonna fall for the autism level contest now? How's that any different from Holla Forums?

ur the winner every time


Literally wot?

Yeah It's pretty high. Seriously tho, quoting Autism Level is really a Holla Forums thing to do

What did he mean by this?

hello newfriend, have you read the FAQ?

That reminds me of a certain chick that used to pander to Holla Forums on youtube.


jesus christ this place is filled with retards

what did he mean by this?

But Sasha is actually hot though.

You can help fix it by getting on the bus back to reddit.

anyone but the nazbol girl

said the internet leftist who hasn't organized 1 hour of his life irl. eat a dick, american "lefties" on this board are all closet liberals and its become fucking disgusting lately

Being on the CTR team isn't organizing m8

We got a connoisseur of porn here ffs. Guess she's enigmatic after all.

Not entirely related but what does Holla Forums think of hiring hookers?

Its been like 2 years for me and Im kind of losing my shit

It's to be expected. Most of them normally are.

my almonds are activating

also wasn´t there an autistic kirkegaard trip that used the book flag?

Disgusting. Being a john is supporting the condition of these girls and helping them destroying their self

i organize with an actual communist party you armchair communist fuck

you are a dumb american who can't tell pseudoprogressive liberalism from actual emancipation. this whole thread stinks of tumblr petty-bourg liberalism

I never understood why Stalin stache has the hots for rageafterstorm.

Revolutionary theory on leftypol, you saw it here first

You stink of a pseud.

you stink of liberalism. bet you voted bernie too, cause he's such a cool socialist and all

I have, and unlike you when I organize I don't invite the Golden Dawn in to speak with striking workers.
You're an edgy socdem that thinks giving your stembux to a larpcrew is revolutionary. How about you do us all a favor and off yourself.

Which book do you want me to read, witty comebacks for the mentally impaired?

This thread is severely lacking in porn.

I don't currently have any of Sasha. Should remedy that.

Look faggot. You can't say sex workers are exploited as other workers. Lots of prostitutes are literal slaves. Their were probably stole from their shitty east european country and shipped in america or everywhere were theyfirst get abused and raped daily, to cope with this most of. Them are addicts. No, you shouldn't support sexual slavery, make pimps rich and support drug trade. You are an idiot.
But again I'm just the spooked stalinstache you are superior and certanly will come up with something like "LIKE EVRY INDUSTRY UNDERCAPILISM" even marx made a fucking difference. I don't agree with it, but whatever. Find user nice excuse and help criminals getting rich because you need to get your dick wet

ah you're that retard

start with the capital

Stash, I…

Can I have your mentally impaired edition? I want to see what pictures they use in it.

That wouldn't even be a problem if prostitution was legal.

This is my primary concern.
I know some of these girls are self employed but its difficult to tell which.

"NEW GIRLS IN FROM EUROPE" Ads are obviously into some horrific shit.

I dunno. Its not even about the sex. Porn is fine for that urge.
I just want to feel close to someone. And my ex really did a number on me.

Still no argument. Go get on your knees and suck Golden Dawn dick like the good little socdem you are.

why dont you read it non-ironically, then come back and we can discuss your thesis on how women whose profession is being professionally degraded are a symbol for the revolutionary emancipation of women.

i don't know where to begin with you. i don't even know where you get that golden dawn garbage, care to provide some sources or will you continue smearing like the e-leftist you are?

How that Madonna Whore complex working out for you?

I didn't say that. It will continue to exist no matter what under capitalism, it's not an excuse. You should avoid contributing to that industry as much as possible

Lie. Germany and denmark has the same problem and the same fucking thing, just with taxes.

Breh. Don't think you'll feel connection. They are professional there to make you feel connection, but it's not true. If the illusion brakes, then everything comes down. Don't do it, i'll make you feel worse.

wowy fam

It's unsurprising you would not know how to talk to a prole, you flabby larper.
Though I suppose you will say the anarkkkists faked the video and your collaboration with the cops in order to smear an impotent party chiefly concerned with larping.

If your work involves sucking cocks for money, then yes it's degrading

the sex that they sell in porn is degrating yes. they spit on the women, call them whores, hit them, choke them, the degradation itself is the fetish. it's not the sex you have with your girlfriend, it's commodity fetishism at it's peak.

what's there to discuss mate? you believe being a sex worker is emancipatory? do you have any idea how anti-marxist that position is? i know you don't, and i know you haven't actually read marx because you'd know why what you're saying is extremely anti-marxist. or do you want to discuss the smear garbage the above retard posts about the greek vanguard party? i asked for a source to humor him, still waiting. it's ridiculous to think that someone would smear a party with a long revolutionary history, while his own revolutionary contributions include having read the article on marxism on wikipedia and shitposting on an anime forum


Yeah no, fuck this. This is american tier. If they are there giving you support they are there giving you support no matter what they belive in

Just come out of the closet already you cuck.

first of all i am not the user you argued with, i only made this post so far criticising that fact that you have contributed literally nothing of substance to this thread so far
second of all well duh porn industry is exploitive but a) not more or less than any other industry and all this talk about "degrading" is spooked bullshit and b) this thread was about her political views and not her previous profession until our friend stalin stache brainlet brought it up

that video was posted by golden-dawn, and cropped to make it sound like pame applauded them. since you don't know enough greek to research this properly, i'll tell you the whole story

there was a strike in the steel industry, where the majority of the workers are right-wingers. pame organized the strike, golden dawn condemned it and those texts are on their website. then on the 10th day, they showed up in groups and demanded to speak inside. what you don't realize is that the golden dawn operates in a paramilitary fashion, and they always carry knives and weapons on them. pame couldn't stop them, partly because they themselves aren't armed and partly because most of the workers asked for golden dawn to be allowed to speak. you post a propaganda video golden dawn themselves made, and present it as evidence without knowing enough greek to do any research on the subject. if you did, you'd know that during the golden dawn trials many of the witnesses were people from the kke that got attacked, and were essential in convicting many of its members.

ye try reading it first then tell me what it justifies. the funny thing here is you haven't actually read it, all your rebuttals are meaningless since i'm right in the assessment that you're illiterate

Stay mad kiddo, you know you've got nothing.

all industries exploit, the sex work industry's own existence however stems of commodity fetishism seeping on the most basic of human relations. it relies on the twisted nature of interpersonal relationships in capitalism, and along with unemployment forces girls into a life where their only productive outlet will be selling their body for money

how is it "spooked bullshit" user? when you get hit on, spit on on camera, called a worthless whore on camera, and you know this illusion is exactly what you're selling to people, how is it "spooked bullshit"?

she is a run-of-the-mill liberal, the thing that i find ridiculous is how liberal the people posting here under the pretext of "leftism" are. s about her political views

nothing except for the fact that i'm actually right and you haven't actually read any leftist theory.

Ah so your party did not roll out the red carpet for Golden Dawn, they were merely incapable of standing up to them and got run over. That you got cucked into submission makes you faggots look even worse than if you had invited them to speak. Perhaps instead of siccing the cops on the anarchists, you could emulate them and start killing the Golden Dawn off.

Newfag, how do you know how long he's been here

If I'm there to support workers, I'm there to support workers. I won't turn everything into street violence shitfest because you value lifestylism over actual worker struggle. Fascism is a reaction to communism, is a tool of porky, if fascist are supporting us then they are not fascist but workers. I side with workers, always. If that moment they value our struggle and support us, then I'm ok with it.

your level is showing

you do know anarchists in greece are 50% undercover cops, used by the government as a way to blame the left for extremism right? they break windows, cause damages, then the government blames the whole left for it. what is more efficient, throwing rocks at what you dont like like a baby or participating in their trial and actually getting them branded as a criminal organization like the kke did?

the kke always acts in a strategic way, not out of feels. you can easily read history and see who foughts the nazis in ww2 in greece, and who called for communists not to fight the nazis because they are our "class brothers".

you should really stop being so opinionated and hotheaded on matters you don't know a lot about. your mode of thinking is on par with a Holla Forumstards, emotional and always thinking you're right while you actually haven't done much research yourself. you remind me 5 years ago, but that attitude will get you nowhere

as if any other form of labour isn´t selling your body
take for example a coal miner: not only is he selling his body as a tool but he also destroys his health wich is way worth than having a piece of meat stuck into a piece of your meat
all these arguments about porn being unethic stem from thousands of years of repressed sexuality due to christianity or whatever the main culture in your country was
spit doesn´t hurt you, being called something that is literally just a job doesn´t hurt you, it´s just a big spooked created by christianity/islam/pastafarism whatevs
see, you literally admitted that it´s just an illusion, and don´t try to give me that hurr spook =/= illusion because stirner literally calls it an illusion (at least in german wich was probably how it´s supposed to be understood)
well duh but hey at least she reads zizek

they didn't do that move to support workers struggle user, they condemned the strike from the get-go. it was a calculated propaganda move to cause further split in the left, they showed up out of nowhere and heavily armed. never for a second believe that fascists are with the workers, even though workers themselves can be reactionary the fascist organization will never actually have their interests in mind

Remember when the Nazis worked with the unions up to the point they didn't need the unions anymore and then turned on them

Fascists are not friends of the worker quisling

Fascists don't support the workers you fuck, they only exploit workers to their own ends before discarding them at best or killing them for being a threat at worst

fuckin tankies

That all you can muster is middle aged men while the Golden Dawn is able to field 20 year olds says a lot about your organizational capacity and membership.
Which they will be doing anyways, regardless if smashies break a window or not.
Throwing rocks or shooting them. If you honestly think criminalization will stop the reactionaries, especially ones with a good amount of police support, you will be in for a rude awakening.
Your tactics got you cucked, and indeed cucked is appropriate, at your own strike by the workers you were trying to help. It isn't feels to look at your current situation and realize you are not in a good position.

You are so fucking spooked.

Well I wasn't well informed on this before reading you posts. If they ever to support workes (which is strange and impossible) I'd welcome them. But we know that most of the time they are actively anti workers, that's why if there was ever a case in history I'd welcome them

That's the problem though, they've pretended to be allies before and it turned out they actually didn't give a shit and murdered union leaders to bring the unions s to heel

You can't give them the benefit of the doubt, ever, because while they may claim to support the worker their actual beliefs are antithetical to the people's struggle

This is true. My bad

I just want to be held by someone,

You're worse than the Holla Forums posters

There's more than one faction within the Venezuelan opposition, dumbshit.

The opposition is anti chavez and I doubt that she supports an ML party (that i'm not even sure it exist) seen how she dislikes the URSS

I concur

Not a connoisseur but a lonely autist loser.

And not once did bookfag make a single argument.