Spectre Rouge Introduction and Release

Hi Holla Forums, we're getting close to the release date for Spectre Rouge, the successor to Bunkermag. We have some great articles on the way, and Catgirl Drawfriend drew this fantastic cover for us. Some of the articles for the first edition include a riff off Angela Nagle's Kill All Normies about the politics of loneliness, a detailed look at the reactionary politics and power of pizza chain owners, an analysis of the increasing spectacle that is the US foreign policy and the bankruptcy of both sides of the Korean Crisis as well as many more.

I also wanted your feedback on this introduction to the first issue.

Also, there is still time to submit if you have something. We'll be putting shit up on the website starting October 10th if all goes according to plan.

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Almost forgot, if you do have something to submit, email it to me at [email protected]

So what is the again?

Online journal kinda meant as an outlet for the Holla Forums community, a re-imagining of a similar project called bunkermag


Rachel does great work when she puts the effort in.
Oh good, a bit more time.

How many newfags don't remember Bunkermag, you think?

Love the cover. It has a bunch of this fin de siècle (1890s) Parisian ad poster aesthetic that looks really cool and is very fitting of the title.

Cool shit

All of them.




Other than the new look, how will this differ from Bunkermag?

lets see it

A more focused editorial line, higher standards, and periodic issues instead of a running blog.


I said I'd have something put together for this and fucking hell I'm gonna do it. Hope y'all like my shitty attempt at manga when I can get things scanned.

We'll appreciate whatever ya got fam

Please, it was shit and never caught on.

Sounds cool OP. Looking forward to reading it

I don't have it on my computer anymore and scanning it again will be a hassle

I've got it, give me a sec and I'll post it. It wasn't bad fam, pretty good actually. But rachel had professional quality stuff and I couldn't really pass that up.


Ok I'm extremely interested not just because I'm a lonely incel myself I want to see what it says, how it approaches the problem. Hopefully it's the first step in a positive politics of loneliness rather than one of anger, ridicule, and hate

What is this even about?

That will be my article actually, that's what I set out to do, hopefully I'll have accomplished it. I did get some positive feedback on the first draft.



Pretty cool I'm going to steal it for my edgy nihilist zine

I don't think an skeleton with a budenovka fits a nihilist zine.

What are you looking at for word limit?

At least 1500 words, there's no hard upper limit. Use 3500 as an upper guideline if you like

I'm kind of dumb, but I will try to contribute something.

we'll appreciate whatever ya got fam.

keep up the good work

My autism for Papa John and Herman Cain has been vindicated. Can't wait. One of my first class conscious epiphanies came when Papa John looked directly into the camera and said: "Obamacare will cost me 15 cents a pizza."

As for your intro: I think you have something special with the ghost theme. A bit more polish would really bring it out, I think it resonates perfectly with the experience of our generation (sorry oldfags), born after the "end of history".

A few nitpicks would be to take out the silent film paragraph, which is cool but doesn't flow with the narrative, clarify what "global environment" means (climate change or international production?) and replace "far left and far right" with "radical left and radical right". Only part I think is weak is the "write novels" passage (existentialist fiction written after a real leftist movement reemerges?) and the Twilight Zone metaphor (not familiar with the series, didn't get the metaphor and had to look up the word "stochastic").

I appreciate the critique. I'd really like to keep the section on the silent film, I was kinda hoping to connect it to the tragic tale of leftism in the 20th century, perhaps I could make it more explicit?

I watched the silent film. The lead skeleton character looks badass and definitely fits with the iconography you've shown so far for the mag, I can tell why you want him in. Other than him, there's several minutes of special effects shots and the ending twist - the evil tyrant is vanquished by good, but good gets corrupted by the tyrant's magic cape of power. Obviously you can tie this to the Bolshevik Revolution, which was betrayed, because of (insert analysis here). Hard to fill that out without taking a sectarian stand that could alienate contributors. If you want something we can all agree with you could link it to Perestroika/Dengism I guess.

Actually, I think I have a better idea than that. Instead of focusing on the "plot", use all the surreal projection effects the magician conjures up - the imagery of people within picture frames and piles of blocks - as a metaphor. The skeleton is the Spectre of Communism, and the imagery he conjures is the ghostly history of leftism. You read the history of leftist movements, and find that they once mobilized millions of members, with discourse in party newspapers and even in state parliaments. You see the photos of the mass strikes and protests, thousands strong, some even taking place in your own university. You read the theory and are inspired with revolutionary fervor that the year 2000 will mark the Millennium of Socialism (I think LeFargue). But it's not. You turn on the TV set and see pundits celebrating the 70th anniversary of the CIA, in between PR ads for investment banks and defense contractors. You go to a history class and get taught that socialism is when the government does stuff, and communism is when the government does all the stuff, but for fear of your reputation, you stay silent. The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles. On Christmas day, 1991, the end of history was pronounced. The Bolshevik Revolution had died, but its ghost stays with us. Too tired to think of a catchy ending line.

accidental essay, hopefully there's some good stuff for you

Good shit can't wait. Wish I could write better and had a good topic to write about

Yeah, I think the imagery approach probably fits a lot better, thanks user! I'll edit it before it goes up on the site.

I'm trying to write something, but I'm not sure if it will be done on time. Please give a 24 hour notice for when you will stop accepting papers.

Getting tired of this shit, what other dead horses are you going to beat

There are some visages of that period visible in the current age as well. I think we may be in a similar situation, societally and ideologically.

Autistic mercury is better

I been juggling ideas for articles after the one I wrote.
Do you have a limit on how much can a single author contribute? If not I'll start providing stuff for the next issue

No limit, don't worry.

The 9th of October is the absolute last day we will be accepting submissions for the 1st issue.

said the lair.

Granted she goes over some pretty basic stuff, but it's important that it was seriously codified so that you can cite it and be taken seriously whereas otherwise you'd get laughed out of town.

Looks cool, also bump

Are you doing anything to shill this outside of Holla Forums? Maybe you can get some youtubers to help.