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t. tankies

Yeah I don't get it either, SDF territory now encompasses more than just kurd-majority areas and they give each place municipal democracy. Tankies make it seem like there's some undemocratic centralized ethno-nationalist state which puts arabs in concentration camps.
if they'd actually do that, tankies would defend them

Yeah, I just don't get it either. Sure they're making a dash to steal Syrian oil, and host bases from the world's most powerful imperialist country, but they got that municipal democracy going on.

Why doesn't Assad just give his oil away for free?


yeah, cause assad dindu nuffin he a good boy
dismantling the welfare state and going full neoliberal and thus causing unrest is ok
if I remember correctly the unrest in syria started cause the government dropped bread subsidies
kropotkin was right once again, it's all about bread

I usually don't care about nonsense like this, but Kurds are supported by Israel. Leftists do not and should not support Israel. And so we should strongly question whether the creation of a Kurdish state (under these conditions) is legitimate and worthy of support.

It's not, the YPG doesn't think so.

Israel wants to keep the Kurds around because they trigger other muslim groups. They just want meat shields.


No because Assad


Yeah, Assad is much better, he only hosts bases and troops from the second (arguably third) most powerful imperialist power on the planet!



I know Phil Greaves is a meme here, but I actually get kinda spooked by how correct his positions are, especially in the long-term. I started following him when I was still a liberal. Now I've been learning about Marxism for about two to three years, and I'm appreciating him more and more…
t. totally not a tankie


WTF I love neoconservatism now

The ypg and pkk support Palestine I think. Öcalan was captured with help from the idf


Guys if you support Lenin then you support German imperialism. We need to stand with the Tsar!

Mmm true this is actually a really tough one, I would 100% support the creation of a Kurdish state if they didn't have their unsavory ties and also if Iran/Turkey/Iraq weren't going to wage non stop war to prevent it.