Rosa Luxemburg:

Rosa Luxemburg:
Why is this defeatism and call to inaction so revered on leftypol. Now I believe in revolution, but surely if there is no possible revolutionary option, you must at least reform, if only in order that the state pushing back your attempting reform will agitate the proletariat? This is after all how most actual revolution have taken place, the defence of dual power. Pic not really all that related just need a pic

this alludes to using populism, whats so hard to understand?

Why is that a refutation of what I said?

In all honesty Rosa is one of the most overrated communist theoreticians for at least 3 reasons:
1. she's a woman, so she gets studied as a historical curiosity (similar: Emma Goldman);
2. the victim mythology or the "who killed rosa?" game (her own fault and compliance in it is completely diminished);
3. her earlier texts got dug up that criticize the soviets (something she later changed her mind on considerably, but faggots just want to find ways to justify their own historical narratives: "the evil, despotic Russian commies fucked up, and this innocent, perfect Polish/German waifu would have totally succeeded if it weren't for faults of others!")

In any case. Lenin BTFO's Rosa in several of his texts. And I mean, seriously BTFO's her. pic related

meant to say: bolsheviks

Maybe you should actually read the people you're attempting to criticize.

Maybe, just maybe, I can read people AND disagree with them. Do you automatically agree with everything you read?


I can photograph all the notes I took as well would you like that?

Your reading comprehension must be shit. Rosa clearly states that reform can be instrumental in developing class consciousness but in and of itself is ineffective at building socialism.

When disproven Becomes
I bet this is a left-com post

Your reading comprehension must be shit. Read my post again, your statement is not an answer to it

Lmao how is this "defeatism" you inbred. Reported btw.

I'm not sure what you're having trouble with.

the question was, when there is no revolutionary option, then surely reform is the only option and should be carried out, in and of itself, the last part "you must at least reform, if only in order that the state pushing back your attempting reform will agitate the proletariat" was incidental.

reported for fucking what?

it means you post revolution every day until they like it.

is it bait or are you literally autistic?

Reform makes the state softer better for me tbqh. I'm able to gather the materials, the THINGS I need for Autonomy, so I can fuck off for my own benefit later on.

Revolution can have several results most of the time it's a better one, it's bloody though & nobody wants to die but Violence makes things happen fast.

Depends on what you want. Personally I don't see a revolution happening but if it does I'm participating with my comrades of course. What I see through is a SocDem USA. Better than the current piece of shit, as I said. Softer to doing me harm, it's convenient but not my favorite scenario.


Here's how it works:
1. do a coup
2. on the anniversary do a reenactment like it was a popular uprising instead of a small elite grabbing the power
3. make a movie based on the reenactment
4. ????
5. people think you had a revolution

Luxemburg was a defeatist shill who would shriek against EVERYTHING that wasn't her perfect imaginary strand of socialism. It's a good thing for history, and for the worldwide socialist movement at the time, that the stupid LARPing extremist ate lead.

Leftcoms are anti-socialists.

nah. SocDems are spooked af capitalists "mixed-economy" at best. But you know what SocDem shit is better way better than USA's Republicanism.

I will fuck off as soon as I gather the wealth I need for autonomy. I'm not loyal to anyone other than myself whoever wants to join me in maximum personal liberation feel free to do so. I'm no authority/state/hierarchist.


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