i don't know much about this guy
all i know is that he was a dictator but it smells of us propaganda
who is he and what happened?

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America attacking innocents happened

Typical puppet dictator who was disposed of when there was no more use for him.

Brutal despot, possibly /ourguy/

A generally uninspiring dictator who decided to fuck with the petrodollar and got killed for it.

A warlord/dictator given free reign to do whatever he wanted to do till he stepped on America's toes and had to die for it. Sorta like Saddam Hussein.

Arming the IRA was pretty fucking baller.

Was going to create a gold backed currency that would undermine anglo hegemony. Likewise Saddam with an oil backed currency.

pretty good dictator, an enigma

He dindu nuffin. He good boy. Just needed mo money for them North African programs

Keep in mind one of Gadafi's sons is friends with

We came, we saw, he died!

socialism without vanguard
well intended but with predictable outcome
victim of repeated imperialist aggression that didn't take the lesson and tried to keep up positive relationships with the imperialists
even proposed having party elections according to the will of western forces and having them supervised despite this being against the principles of jamahiriya, way early in the war - which was immediatly denied because french wanted the situation to escalate.
kinda like Allende type of guy.

forgot the shitposting flag

His country was literally just succdem with a dictator.

Extremely interesting dictator with an extremely interesting past. Early Libya genuinely had direct democratic councils, if I remember right, but Gadaffi had veto rights over them and stopped listening to them after an attempted coup. They gradually became means of spying on the populace. He also tried to implement Yugoslav style self-management, but doubled back on the decision when it was too unprofitable for the state.


as much of a dictator as any other bourgeoise representative.
does not negate the liberties that were already established and that in origin it was an anti-party peoples council ideology. pretty much anarchism with cult of personality. and still better than what the US proxy "rebels" would bring.
your comment is void of meaning.
it was an initial socialist project that necessarily failed because it didn't follow principles of ML.

Not only were any early socialist policies abandoned when Gadafi realized he could become more powerful by abolishing them. But all of the succdem shit that soon became the standard for his country was funded with oil. He also worked with western intelligence after 9/11.

He just proves how authoritarian socialism like you M-Ls want ruins everything.

Gaddafi was a Baathist which is Arab NutSac. Saddam Hussein was a Baathist. Assad is also a Baathist. Check out the aesthetics.




Also listen to the episode of Chapo that Adam Curtis afterwards as it serves as a fantastic epilogue to HyperNormalisation

he was a liberal, an anarkiddy at heart
of course he'd fuck it up
you can pretend otherwise all you want but every single time when it comes down to it you guys shill for social democrats in the western world, from SYRIZA to Sanders. zizek or chomsky, whomever you anarkiddy libshits obsess about, it's what you'll always end up doing just to pretend you're fooling anyone when you go back to denial after you yet again miserably failed

he broke with baathism as he pulled the green book out of his ass

Gaddafi wasn't Baathist, he was pan-Africanist.

He didn't play by the rules set out by western capitalists, though he did agree to disarm to some degree after they froze Libya's global assets.

That was a mistake on his part.