Is Batko finally going to make his dramatic reading of Roo's memoir or no?

Is Batko finally going to make his dramatic reading of Roo's memoir or no?

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🎶I get my news from Unruhe…🎶

🎶I will be coming for you…🎶

🎶You damn imperialist…🎶

🎶Eat my fist!🎶

You would.


I guess he isn't ascetic. tell me, /r/socialism, is your ideology one that makes buying a $35 bottle of liquor or another equivalently priced luxury item a revolutionary act?

jason pls go

Jesus, he looks like a serial rapist version of Ned Flanders in that pic.

Jesus christ, why is Holla Forums such a torture chamber. This always happens, every time Jason Unruhe makes a post, you always say "Jason go away" even though literally anyone could've made these posts.

Unruhe must be stopped.


Go away Jason.

FUCK OFF, once I get into shape, I'm going to run into Assam and join the naxalites and go on an expedition to kill YPG imperialists.



There is no ethical consumption under capitalism.

Jason I would prefer to know that you avoid drinking, lose some weight and get in good shape, but any way take care.



I meant a reading of the "bad" paragraphs, the one where Roo says he'd kill everyone.


Can't damage the Caden

Osama bin Caden

Jason did 9/11 confirmed



Have Jason and Osama ever been seen together in the same room? It really makes you think 🤔

That tweet isn't wrong. Also that "agender anarchist" was flipping out at Jason for referring to it as a "he." These people aren't well.

Agreed. It kind of sucks Anarchopac has such a boner for Idpol. He seems well read in Anarchist thought

That was bad, even for Roo.


I'll get to it when I have time. In the mean time I've got fuckin' UNI.

Godspeed, comrade Batko.

Hey I remember you were going to do an anthem of Anti-Anglo Gang before polyps shut down your jewtube account. What went with it?

It wasn't Holla Forums but actual cancerous 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Naztrots🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 that pretty much sperged out about the ant-Anglo video.
I swear Thotskyists are the real Jews of the left

It was made but it got flagged.