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Theres this one right-wing guy who Holla Forums can milk LOADS of lulz from, but he isnt hurting anyone so I wont say who it is.



Boy, cops sure aren't very good at being funny, are they?

Officially so, just look at the name.

I like how they will worship millionaire ingrates unless they disrespect "the troops". The "HATE AMERICA" thing is the only thing that makes them bring up how rich they are, like they know that people naturally despise the rich but you only need to invoke that when they do something that triggers you.


I'm Jewish and a Linkin Park fan and I have no idea what she's trying to say.

Cloyd Rivers would be such an easy target to shit on if anyone wanted to. I live in the middle of nowhere and see bootlickers share his posts all the time.

An all time classic:

Just.. Fuck me



I do like a fair amount of NSBM but most of it is the most cringy shit ever

I still have to understand what alison mean by that. She probably had a fit, poor thing




this guy is a terrible actor, you know his fat ass was salivating at the thought of eating those

What's funny is they'll say @punkproletariat deserves to be thrown in jail or shot for sedition for posting

Web 2.0 was a mistake


These people in charge would be a godsend to American socialists, they're fucking idiots

veterans are some of the most retarded people alive

But milo is gay?

people who play call of duty and couldn't get in the military much more so

broke: communists are stupid
woke: paratroopers are cowards

I really gotta organize my lefty memes.

that account is possibly the worst on twitter, just like the most unfathomable amount of political illiteracy that they just mask behind "oh yeah just good ol fashioned murica"


why they keep believing this goddammit

Because you can believe almost anything if you don't read.


was this supposed to be insightful or deep?

this is a fucking great thread

Holy fuck the comments on this video are a fucking goldmine

A long and unbroken chain of mistakes is what took mankind to where it is today.

I'm pretty sure this is a bot but I can't stop laughing at it

To be perfectly honest, a progressive-stacked organ waiting line sounds exactly like the kind of thing that SJWs would hail as a brilliant and revolutionary idea.

This sounds extremely dumb, yet I confess I don't understand what he means.

Sweden was all about mushrooms back in the sixties, you should have seen it.

quality post

pick one

A classic


Can't you fags ever zoom in before you screencap these text walls

I don't understand why street cars are making a resurgence? The video states the reason why they were phased out was because streetcars require much more infrastructure and are confined to per-determined routes, making buses superior.

Tbh the civil war is the only period in American history where I would have been fanatically patriotic.

John Brown's body lies a' moldin' in the grave!

I think hes talking about penises


I'd go with Michelle Catlin.

You can't, cause it's a fucking spook.
Sex on the other hand…