Kurdish Independence Referendum

Looks like the independence referendum in Northern Iraq will succeed. Thoughts?

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Fuck Israel and fuck zionist backed ethnonationalism.

It's literally nothing but a victory for the Zionist Entity to keep dividing the Arab World. So-called "Iraqi Kurdistan" will lead to more terror attacks by the Zionist YPG against the legitimate government of Syria and possibly destroy Iran.


I only support these dudes

peshmerga is not particularly good


The Kurds earn it and this fuckers have been oppressed for years but Kurdistan will be an anglo-zionist proxy state and what Bibi and Trump plan to do next is agitate the Kurds in Iran to generate a war in there. Kurdistan could last a decade if that.

It's hard to say. Basure going for independence might cause even more Kurdish indepdenence sentiments in Iran and Turkey, which may further revolutionary goals for the PKK. On the other hand, Barzani may be using the current gains of the PKK to his advantage. One thing Ocalan talks about is encouraging the collaborationist Kurds to work within the democratic confederalist system, and I think this will be important going forward. Also, keep an eye on movements like Gorran.

Kill yourself

Imperialism is the primary contradiction, and in the case of the Muslim World it's Palestine. Of course we need to support anything anti-Zionist.

The point is that "Zionist Entity" is a anti-Semitic dogwhistle. If you're serious you should learn to criticize imperailism and Zionism without restoring to anti-Semitic tropes

Not him but its straight up fact that the KRG is quite pro Israel, we aren't talking about the YPG or PKK here



can we ban the obvious false-flagging Holla Forumslack again?

for as much as tankies cry about how the kurds are US puppets they seem to forget that the US literally opposed kurdish independence here, even though the Iraqi kurds are some of the most pro-US people in the middle east

uhhhhhh actually independent kurdistan is still bad because it justifies anarchism even though that's a different part of kurdistan


Independent Kurdistan isn't anarchist. I don't know where this meme comes from.


Israel is an illegitimate state, and even using the word "Israel" is an insult to Palestine.

I don't care because the Iraqi Kurdish government is a de-facto dictatorship.

Even assuming the retarded idea that anarchism being justified by working in practice is bad, you need to stop being such a brainlet and take that flag off.

Not most of the oil, only some of it.


I'm all for independent Kurdistan, and I don't even need to like Iraqi Kurds for that.

Hate on ethnostates all you want, but they are much better ways of dividing peoples than arbitrary colonial borders. Our world is based around nationalism and tribalism anyway, we've got to minimize harm.

That article was fucking cringe. Literally lifestylism.