Are there people who unironically like Hillary and other neoliberals or is this just a corporate media meme?

Are there people who unironically like Hillary and other neoliberals or is this just a corporate media meme?

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It is a meme. People only support Hilary because they are scared of the right.

My aunt does.
She believes the Russian conspiracy stuff too.
It makes me upset, because otherwise I love her and she's great, but she has a very rudimentary understanding of politics.

So does the entire intelligence community of the United States. Let me guess, they all work for Hillary Clinton?

Actually the US intelligence community refuses to release any concrete evidence on the matter. They would rather use their proxies in the "former intelligence officer" community to spread innuendo and rumors.

Ok, and?

is this the same intelligence community that actively worked to destroy all left-wing movements during the cold war and overthrew democratically elected governments in south america?

I think she is hot for some reason

No that was just the CIA. This is the entire USIC agreeing that Russia interfered in the election. You have to be a tin foil Alex Jones tier loon to call it a fake conspiracy.

But see the CIA et al. aren't simply saying that Russia tried to influence the election. They are claiming/heavily implying (without any actual facts) that they hacked the results. They are trying to delegitimize Clinton's failure. This cannot be allowed.

I work with someone who's support in admiration for Hillary has been deteriorating since the election. I'd like to think my incessant anger towards neoliberals played even a small role.

That's kind of a big deal if you care about, you know, evidence…

The entire IC believes USG is legitimate. Discrediting

I know a person who unironically calls himself a neoliberal and told me that Bernie and Trump were "basically the same and the only difference between them is who you blame for your own problems." Fucking idiot

Yes, you dumb fucker, because not only do their interests coincide, but, Congresspeople like Hillary and the party which she heads control their budgets choose who runs them and how. International aggression, either fomenting it or intercepting it, is their bread and butter, you massive retard, and aside from all of that they have vested interests in pretending that American "democracy" functions, that it represents the popular will, and in obfuscating all of the shit that wikileaks exposed–
–but the massive clusterfuck that the Email investigation was,

I've already read that.
Most of it is them bitching about RT and making claims without backing them up.
I've yet to see anyone conclusively link any of the leaks to the Russian government.

Not too mention, it's only 25 pages long.
That's some really lazy disinfo

I know some old people who liked Hilary

My sister does lmao but she's pretty politically illiterate so she just buys into the "most qualified person to ever run" meme

I hate liberals and viewing the presidency as a resume type deal. I hate that they all think politicians are intelligent Machiavellian masterminds like Frank Underwood

Hillarys the party president

GODDAMN fleamarketsocialist you are getting good at this

Even better. Remember when Holla Forums caught the CIA redhanded abusing unvetted internet gossip as intelligence, by feeding Holla Forums memes directly into the infamous "golden showers" dossier?

This entire Russia farce is embarrassingly amateur from start to finish.


Isn't this normally a warning sign?

fucking neo-liberals

I take it you're fortunate beings who never laid eyes on Twitter.

Then again, it's possible that any of these is a shill. I wish it was possible to have an guesstimate of the proportion of shills compared to real users, like with bots. I wouldn't be surprised if shills outnumbered real users by now. Didn't Gramsci say something about the ruling elite's """""intellectuals""""" flooding public discourse with propaganda?


haha kill yourself any time my man

It fucking hurts.
Americans would call it "cringe comedy", but I fail to see anything funny in these.

I confess I can't detect irony in these anymore. Weird Twitter has broken the irony barrier in their rabid defense of socjus. Now the wavestate never collapses, and everything is ironic and unironic at the same time.


Oh, the problems with the Russia "investigation" don't stop there:

It's ShareBlue now, isn't it? I think I've seen them a few times on Leddit's front page.

The fuck are you even talking about?

I don't know if it was ever confirmed, but the infamous golden shower smearjob might have originated with a cuck/pol/yp trolling a Hillary campaign insider by pretending to be part of the intel community. Then again, it's not like the campaign insider had to believe it to run with it anyway.



Fucking what? She never had to deal with hardship that the name implies.
She's had numerous scandals and every time she opens her mouth her approval ratins go down.
Are you fucking shitting me? After being one of the last liberals to get on board with legalizing gay marriage?

Although tbh Danaerys is not that bad an analogue because she's also a megalomaniace who tromps around foreign lands playing mighty whitey and destabilizing regions while showing perfunctory concern for the people affected.

Unintentionally accurate.

Tfw when Hillary Clinton will never make a casting deal with 60PlusMilfs or LustyGrandmas

That pic is being ludicrously generous with her weight.

You prefer the chubbier ones, user?

No I finder her disgusting regardless. I was just pointing out how absurd it is to show her as less than obese. Yours looks closer to reality but it's a bit of an odd angle. Her ass doesn't look as big as the real life version.

I legitimately have been baffled by the amount of people that seemed to have turned into gibbering Clinton cultists after she lost. It's like a collective delusion of infallibility + hero worship of an undeserving figure

The Steele document was floating around long before Buzzfeed published it. The rest of the press chose to pass on it for months beforehand. Certainly, 4/pol/ tried to push a 'it was a 4chan hoax' hoax, but it was and is taken seriously in Washington.

As of right now the house has subpoenaed the FBI for potential documents confirming parts of the report but the FBI has missed the deadline.

The pee tapes are only a small part of the report, it was mostly about Russian ties.

I dont get it


watch that movie

I don't get that reference at all.

Here's Wikipedia's run down, if you have some problem with the daily caller.–Russia_dossier

I actually think Clinton has a much better personality than Sanders does. However fake it might be.

However, her record and her policies were just as slimy as the other Democrats I don't vote for, so I went with Sanders.

I hope this is bait.

I spent many hours going door to door during the 2016 campaign season, so I can tell you with certainty there are many people who unironically loved Hillary Clinton.
Most are white women over 40.

Fuckable mouth

There certainly are. A friend of mine is a centrist who is the embodiment of every stereotype we make about them and is super salty about all the "Berniebros who cost Hillary the election because they were too dumb to realize they had basically the same platform."

[ Russian Federation Hymn ]

Twitter isn't a great example, since a lot of those "supporters" aren't real people, but propaganda like CTR.

How? I can't even stand to listen to her.

I just don't believe it to be honest. All the sources are newspapers and it was """independently corroborated""" but no evidence produced. The only thing that exists is everyone's insistence that it exists. Do you trust the media and intelligence community? They're practically joined at the hip.

political astroturfing is incredibly scary
I wish the average normie could know the shit CTR was up to last cycle

The Russia investigation is still active, so of course none of the evidence, if it exists, has been made public. Once Muller wraps up his inquiry we'll be able to more accurately judge the Steele report. inquiry
Sounds like a load of bullshit.

Geriatric feminists, yep. Oh, my 60 year old mom, too.

Someone here doesn't adore The Dore.

Why should I trust the intelligence community?

There is a cult of personality stuff around her, but it's because of a corporate media meme. Most people believe in the RUSHAN HAKK stuff too.

They exist and they outnumber us and the nazis actually.

Have it your way.
Although in the last few hours we found out that the IRS is now involved.
More WH officials are being interviewed.
And Russian connections keep turning up.

Most American oligarchs have russian connections. This is because Russia is also run by oligarchs and wealthy people are internationalists (even when they claim otherwise.)

Sure. It'll all come down to how legal those connections are.


Globalists. Not internationalists.


Yes, they exist. You haven't lived until you've had to deal with some of the loathsome narcissists in charge of local Democratic Parties.

Which "intelligence community" are we speaking of here?