What level of pure ideology is this?

What level of pure ideology is this?

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if leftists can gain sympathy from soldiers then maybe we can actually use this to our advantage some how

train workers to properly defend themselves and what not

I don't know but I would accept it if I were dating him.

He has combat badges, which means he has probably killed people in Iraq or Afghanistan in the name of American imperialism.

Not a tankie, but he will never be my comrade.

God he's so fucking hot. Unf.

Who's that? Sauce please.

You would literally never see a cop doing something like this. The Democratic Cops of America should take note.

It's probably COINTELPRO


not all US troops are evil, just a lot of them

I look basically identical to this guy. post your pics and I might let you suck my dick.



Couldn't this bring him problems?
Aren't there states with effective anti-communist laws to this day in america?

pretty based that a westpoint graduate is a commie
che shirts will always be cringy though

How can i beat him up

He apparently violated some Westpoint rule about making political statements or some shit.

Militaryfags please don't do this. Keep your powerlevel low until the time is ripe for a coup. Don't out yourself for social media points.

You guys are retarded, past leftists have always worked with soldiers, and the American army is overwhelmingly drawn from the ranks of the proletariat. Not to mention the long tradition of activist veterans.

It's just the anarkiddies. Don't mind them.

this. posters against this are fucking stupid.

this, we're going to need him for the revolution

Agreed, winning the military/ies over would reduce the amount of unnecessary bloodshed during a/the revolution greatly.


Seems pretty supportive of it honestly.

Most militaryfags are beta as fuck and marry the first girl that fucks them at the local dive bar. Only a 14 year old virgin would think they were gods of masculinity just because they work out a lot (and that's only because they literally have nothing else to do.)

fucking pussy

He's a DemCop so almost certainly.


You know without the echo chamber Holla Forums posting comes off as pretty pathetic.

Holla Forums is losing their shit over this.

Why is this image being posted so much

Everyone appreciates a hot commie.

US Communist military coup when?

Guys I'm worried that Holla Forums will try to get him kicked out for this. From what I understand they can only discharge you if you openly associate with anti-government groups. Simply believing in communism won't get him in trouble right?
Also he's so hot it hurts.

I like the principal here, but how does one hold oneself accountable when gunning under Uncle Sam's command?

What does this even mean? Being a revolutionary is not like being a Christian/Muslim or something. You don't need to "stay pure." You just need to wait until the time is right. Then you stick the knife in Uncle Sam's back and turn it.

As in, how does one hold oneself accountable for one's actions.
It's the idea of fulfilling orders that border on the inhuman for the sake of remaining undetected that gets to me.

This may have been true in the days of the draft, but our volunteer military is generally highly conservative and reactionary and mostly draws recruits from republicans 2 to 1 compared to democrats:


The American military is conservative because its general goal is one of empire. It's like expecting the british military in the 1800s to be pro-worker. It's not going to happen until the empire is gone or at least greatly diminished.

cause of course people don't change ever
can you really blame him for his actions when he's been indoctrinated since birth to believe that the US are the world police and that killing brown people is good and just? it's not fair to place the blame for those killed by war squarely on the dude who pulled the trigger

It's tankies opposed to amerikka you retard, at least one of the anarchists actually was in the military.


He looks like a lanky teenager though.

Have any of you guys thought that, maybe, just maybe, encouraging people to NOT join the military might be the best praxis?

We need people with military training and connections though.

You can get better training outside the military. And connections with who exactly? Defense contractors and "consultants"?

Yeah but you have to pay for it.

I'm not saying that everybody should go out and join the military, or that soldiers aren't culpable for anything they do in service of imperialism. However the fact is that most of them are brainwashed proles who enter the military due to a combination of propaganda and desperation. We all know about the predatory recruitment practices of the American military, they go into the ghettoes and trailer parks, deliberately lie, pander to young kids propagandized view of the world and offer them false hope of an escape from poverty and meaninglessness. They are offered opportunities and respect, but all they do is suffer and die to make the parasites richer, and many of them quickly realize this or can be made to realize this. The revolutionary potential of soldiers is huge.

Not to mention all the brownie points you get with normies if you have veterans backing your cause.

Just a warning for everyone shilling for the guy. He's a democrat whore, that's all. Not a revolutionist.

It's like clockwork.

If you're not an autistic fuck (being generous given where we are) and you can actually make points without alienating every single person in your vicinity, there's absolutely no reason to be a little bitch and "hide your powerlevel" until the mythical coup moment where you will end up getting dragged by the with mob mentality of everyone else because you've successfully kept your mouth shut for years.


B-But leftypol told me that the Democratic Cops of America was some hyper radical organization that's really going to make a difference


They probably got it from ar15.

The wordfilter makes you look especially retarded in this case.

West Point graduates aren't soilders, they're officers, they're the porkiest of porkies in the military.

We will need some officers to help with the revolution. However seeing as he is a socdem he will probably be working with the other side to put any revolution down.

Literally how?

I don't think he's gay, user.

10/10 would throw polish women into canal with

This post makes you look even more retarded.

That's not fucking funny.

Incredible arguments there. How will I ever recover?

Someone is still paying, it's just that it comes from money that could be used for actually useful stuff. Ike infrastructure. Or education. And lets not forget about the brown people in the middle east who have to pay the ultimate price for your "training".

It's not an argument you idiot, I'm saying that your reply makes little sense and is made amusing because of the fact it's demonstrably false due to their org name being wordfiltered.

You're not that hot, Muke, but yeah, you do look like him

Only in those tired as fuck eyes. Have you ever been a paratrooper, muke? Staying awake on energy drinks all night is nowhere near as cool. Also you have a weak jawline.

I used to be in the Navy.
Almost everyone there was a covert leftist.


Listen, scumbag, these niggers ain't shit until they command their first platoon at least, and even then, they are butterbar faggots. Not saying these guys aren't the future officers of tomorrow, but come on. Let's not get our hopes up.

Lol, just looked at the picture, CIB, Air Assault, and Airborne prior enlisted E5. Looks good to go, lads.

wew lad
You really think you need to command a platoon to be able to teach military tactics?
From my experience, most sergeants are dumb as fuck

why the fuck are navys historically always the most leftist branch of the military?

I'm completely ignorant on the subject but I'd guess because it's got the furthest disconnect from the actual shit. In the navy you're likely to just be doing some task on the ship that would aid in it's killing, whereas in the army you'd have a higher chance of being the one to directly blow some viet cong farmers head off.
Thats a complete guess though so correct me if I'm wrong

maybe you are just simply more cosmopolitan and subject to more new ideas since yout ravel the world

also the isolated nature of a ship might be fertile ground for experiments in direct democracy



Because all those tech on board requires a certain amount of brain activity from you, including the ability to read manuals.
If you have the stamina to read manuals, you can also muster up the same stamina on reading books.

t. Bourgeois moralist

Soldiers need to be won over

Holy shit, this is some next level entryism.


How can you win over an active soldier fighting for Capitalism? When they do a patrol in a hostile area they still have to do their job otherwise they risk their own life and that of their friends, in the name of Donald Trump.

Communists have always viewed the working class as the political subject, not leftists nor liberals. A working class republican in the army is worth more of your time than a democrat lawyer.



Damn breh, hot take. Idpolers nanny state idiots are not socialist. Don't side then with the great allende.

Are you going to address my question or just mock me?

You aren't honestly asking that question though, you're just trying to tell us not to get people in the armed forces on side because it hurts your sensitivities.

I asked a question followed by a remark on why I don't see it as a viable use of resources.
So far you have no counter argument to my claim and I am going to assume you agree with me.

I think he might get punished for this. IDK if getting kicked out is a regular punishment for this, but it might be for this case because of how reactionary the military is.

Besides that tho I think it's a good idea for some comerades to serve in the military. The more people with military experience when the revolution comes, the better. Plus the military is filled with plenty of people who just joined because they got swindled in by some recruiter and really barely have any political beliefs of their own that could be shown the light. How about next time tho someone would be more subtle and not violate the rules.

You do whatever makes you feel happy because it has zero impact on me and I doubt you have much impact on anything yourself.

He will likely be dishonorably discharged and possibly face some military prison time.
When you sign up to the US armed forces one of the first things you do is sign waivers and contracts, one of those is a statement that you do not / have not / will not engage in any communist ideologies, practices or groups.
He will either be taken away quietly or Trump will tweet about it.

I will do what makes me happy and you have no idea who I am or what I do with whom.
I just thought since you were mocking me you might have had some kind of thought behind it but it seems you're barely skin deep.


Skin deep is the autistic idea that you get to pick the people you interact with in day to day life and that therefore each interaction should be managed like a resource in an RTS.

The Democratic Cops of America isn't communist.

While the core organization itself is not communist, there are members that are admitted communists.

meant for


Just pointing out, Holla Forumsyps will track him down and try to ruin his life now, or at the very least shower him in false flags so he thinks other gommies hate him for being in the military.

A bit of red-signalling is harmless, you faggot.

All he has to do is say that he was being "ironic" and then accuse everyone of not being able to take a joke.

All members of the military are /ourguys/. They can say whatever they want, but the fact is they fight for fascism. They fight for white supremacy. And they are our comrades. The fact that useful idiot leftists like him for signalling makes it even better.

Almost all military people are sympathetic towards fascism I wouldn't trust that fucking pig.

So true…


Switch out white supremacy for capital and you're right.

Only a matter of time before the CIA recruits him, if they haven't already.

There are FEDERAL anti communist laws.
We're literally deprived of the rights of other citizens.


just like in 1932
first as a tragedy, then as a farce


So much for the freedom loving america.

Freedom is a length or rope that the average pleb hangs himself with.

Feels good



It's the exact mistake that cost the alt-kike everything.

So much for free speech for all


Read a book, nigger.

One day, fam, you'll learn that there's no such thing as free speech

I was taking the piss out of people like you, retard.

Take note non-amerifats. Shit like this is why even social democracy is something that is completely outside of America's reach.

lol stay mad burgercuck

Maybe the asspained Americans constantly complaining about the Democratic Cops of America should take note.

I dunno how it is in the rest of the world (but I suspect it's similar) , but when you join the US military you specifically sign away some of your rights, free speech being one of them.
Also, I'm pretty sure this violates his oath to "defend the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic".
Should have kept that power level hidden.
Social media really is a cancer.

More mocking all the anti-communist laws on the books and still in effect in some areas than actually under the illusion free speech in America is a real thing. America's limited speech laws practically make the second amendment null and void.

It's the first amendment, fam. Second amendment is guns

I think you need some experience doing the job in order to teach the job, yes.

Like most soldiers, but NCOs are the ones that actually conduct training even for young LTs. I'd much rather have a PSG on my side than some 2LT fresh out of the academy.

Yeah, guns to overthrow the government with, the speaking of which is a crime.

Communism isn't a threat to America anymore though. The Cold War is over.

what fucking bullshit is this

When is the NRA gonna start firing at stuff like Trump, Goldman Sachs & Lockheed Martin to defend our freedom? Haha oh right.

Yes, I'm sure soldiers love getting blown up for oil money they don't get

Why not working at mcdonald's then?
Fuck If we start justifing soldiers we should give cops a pass too,

Somehow, I doubt his superiors will feel that way though.

Try talking to a Marine and then tell me how class conscious they are.

They don't give free education. Or free food.

This not a fucking excuse, what the fuck?
I'm not saying that every single one of them it's an asshole, but jesus. You do porky dirty work and kill arabs for "muh free education or food", if you are so far up your own ass how could I ever trust you in a revolution scenario?

Fam, you'd have to be the biggest fucking LARPer not to pick the second option

Yeah, that or not even remotely politically conscious until after signing up, which I hear a lot of armed forces say is the case.

This is totally justified

I wouldn't pick the second option even if the alternative was prison tbh

Right, too bad most regular people can't live up to the moral purity of Mr Stalinstache

Dude, not everyone is a sociopath.

You can be working class and still be totally reactionary. Secondly, most aren't even working class and are thoroughly middle class bourgeoisie, especially those in combat arms. Officers even more so.


Fuck off with your petite bourgeois moral faggotry

The Russian revolution literally happened because of military disillusionment. The only tankies against this kind of thing would have to be full on retard

Lmao, this board is slipping

Military service is not compulsory. The moment a soldier achieves class consciousness he or she should discharge from the military, not stay and post retarded pictures on social media for easy brownie points from Left Twitter.

The navy has more gays than the other branches. More gays means more leftism.
inb4 gays are fascist

you can't be a good communist and a member of the us military anymore than you can be a good communist and a cop. if this guy is serious he should try to get discharged asap, but from the looks of it he's actually proud of being in the military, meaning he's a moron and totally lacks self-awareness.

I think because being on a ship encourages a cosmopolitan and collectivist attitude.

Since when is communism a religion? This ultra left purity garbage is what makes you a "bad communist."

This stunt itself prompted a statement from Westpoint. He may get discharged for this itself.

That said, getting military training is a good idea, and it's stupid to insist that everyone live up to their philosophy in every decision when the alternative means more trained and armed leftists.

The problem with it is the brainwashing - but that goes for every effective military.

This stunt itself prompted a statement from Westpoint. He may get discharged for this itself.

That said, getting military training is a good idea, and it's stupid to insist that everyone live up to their philosophy in every decision when the alternative means more trained and armed leftists.

The problem with it is the brainwashing - but that goes for every effective military…

He's going to get sent to prison. I don't think most of you realize how strict the military is about this sort of thing. The guy was a fucking moron for even having a social media account while serving.

if a communist works as an enforcer for capital then their "communism" is little more than a fashion statement

okay but you don't need to enlist to get it

Yeah, cool, too bad he is going to get kicked from the military and flip burgers for a living but hey, at least he got some likes on Facebook or whatever
Btw, nothing wrong with fighting for your country

the proletariat has no nation you fuck
go die for porky's oil dollars if you wish but take that flag off
no war but class war


Great comment, considering Yugoslavia was one of the most nationalist of the past socialist republics

if you can't tell the difference between socialist patriotism and participation in nationalist-bourgeois wars
if you don't understand the class nature of states
you should be reading books instead of shitposting on Holla Forums
class traitors like yourself were the reason for the 1914 travesty

Most are.

This is like blaming the bourgeoisie for being the bourgeoisie in a system that rewards you for becoming one. Agency doesn't exist, your not free, no one is outside the system.

the tsarist army was a peasant conscript army. it has no similarity to the post-vietnam us military.

Holla Forums wants him dead


Damn this dude fine.

top tier banter

Does he have a girlfriend?

Lol no.
Lenin's top priority of his party's activity was to infiltrate Russian military. Most of the Red Guard officers were Imperial officers.

I'm black and gay, I want him dead too.

a larper but a good one . Tankies HATE him

lol fuck off Mugabe

Comrade Cadet is making waves.


Is that profile pic in the bottom KingOfPol?

Hand-wringing about "voluntarism" is literally ancap memery


Wait is this guy from pittsburgh? Seems like the terrible towel is more doxxy than anything else in that post?

Blocked indeed.

The Navy is pretty much the only branch in the military where just about everything that is uniquely "naval" (even a ship's guns) require a whole team of people to operate it; Even with a chain of command/hierarchy, the Navy is mutual aid at work, at all times.

Closeted reactionaries are all about those "everyone I don't like is gay"-type conspiracies aren't they?

If you voluntarily side with imperialism you are not a comrade. You will be shot along with politicians and police officers.

Then why didn't the red army do that?

So is this guy getting kicked out or some shit?

Also where are all those lawyers we say we have? Leftists used to get away with murder, you're telling me this ugly lank can't get away with taking a cheeky selfie?

The ACLU doesn't defend communists.

But they defend nazis. RMYT.

Phil Greaves is right (again). Why do all these overnight leftist "celebrities" have previous connections with the clique of Chapo, Greenwald, Kriss, PissPig, Norton etc.

When you put that many names down it's just pure fucking retardation.

Petty-booj Yank/ViceVerso/Chapo/DSA/ teen clerk demands servility to NATO-Isreal's Goebbelian propaganda and dismisses all critique that exposes the Zionist myths.

How many times are we expected to believe 'good' troops like Manning, Belden, Prysner, Snowden, and now Rapone stumble into the spectacle by accident. FUCK OFF

fuckin christ those comments

kek, 10/10 impression of greaves

Is that an actual picture of Greaves?

Yeah, he looked a lot younger before he was shot by Fanny Kaplan and had a stroke.

The red army's mistakes will not be made twice.

Literally military life, or at least in the Navy