What went wrong ?

what went wrong ?(You)

everything possible

e-celebs and redditfugees


Just socialism in general really

ex-Holla Forumsacks came over, couple with edgy redditors. They all turned into tankies, which on it's own is bad enough, but the ex-Holla Forumsacks on top of that retained their traditionalist and nationalist tenancies, turning us into a red Holla Forums.

Of course, the mods sticking to their roots in dealing with this board and doing well, nothing, sat back and let us become the shitfest we are today - edgy tankies who use anti-idpol to thinly veil their legitimate hatreds and retardation.

Idk if it can be saved by this point.

muke and contra points

The site it's hosted on.

gorilla posters

the edgy leftcoms that have a superiority complex are worse than tankies tbh

less theory threads

you forgot to mention the redditors from places like /r/ultra-left with a superiority complex

The burger election.



at least the nazbol meme died

it wasn't real communism

it's going fine tbh

trust me I've seen boards die and this isn't it

Leftcoms. They have a smugness about them that’s makes then supper annoying. Also fuck Rafiq.

It hasn’t though.

Strong disagree.


Fuck off you know that both has nothing to do with the infestation of outright racist retards who literally cannot read we have plus that they make up a tiny fraction of the board

General smugness from people who read books has existed from the very very start.

Hoochie Minh left (again).

it's humorous that you despise him seemingly through guilt by association with ===leftcom gang===

This. Most critically, we've lost that veneer of consummate intellectualism - not that this would ward off Holla Forumsyps; however, they seem next to completely unable to respond coherently to theory prompts. So, excluding that it may be particularly difficult, integrating theory discussion into threads could add an additional barrier for those who would seek to easily derail

That which is undead will never die

She didn't leave before. Last I checked she has been posting as user a lot more.

Lmao tfw the mods are butthurt

those guys get it

We are really in need of more pedagogical theory threads. Its always a shitstorm when someone ask about the Law of Value.

Not centering resistance around the most marginalized people and failing to adopt an intersecttional analysis

Needs moar Bookchin

shitposting threads replaced philosophy, lit, and news thread.
Massive amounts of bait threads.
Most of the old fags left after reddit came

/lit/ is pure cancer though. Bookclub leftism is what kills all orgs, online or off.

fuck off and read a book.

How long have you guys been here? A few months? This board has been a lot worse in the past. Please get over yourselves.

go fuck yourselves

How do people take this guy seriously.

Most of the racist who come here end up reading then lose the racism.

what a stupid post.

Nothing, it’s perfect.

This. The people complaining are most often the newfags who came under a content spike and now expect people to deliver the same content whilst contributing none themselves. The Hoxha wars, the tripfag and eceleb bullshit when the board had around 300 posters and the situations where we could not adequately moderate the board have all been lower points.

This is also false, newfags have been saying Holla Forums is some shining mystical lighthouse of theory for years, when it has never actually been the case and all theory-bookclub threads have died off due to disinterest. If you want to discuss theory, you need to draw people in with a premise that will make them actually discuss, "I just read Capital shit was so cash" does nothing. The Communism v Communalism, Cybernetic Planning and Empirical Marxism threads are good examples of this, though the first has been overshadowed by the latter two.

miss those



the ultraleft redditors are worse than the ex-Holla Forumsacks. At least the fact that the Holla Forumsacks are here means we are doing our job of converting reactionaries, the redditors however are a lost cause.

Honestly I've seen very little traditionalism lately. There was a time when we used to have "economically socialist but socially conservative" threads, but I haven't seen one in a long time.

The bigger problem has actually been unironic feminists shitposting everywhere and getting into stupid flamewars with incels and r9k faggots.

there was briefly a period where accusations were hurled at meme-addled shitposters like this that were unable of being anything above Holla Forumsyp psyops

This. The only remnant of the thinly veiled ex-nazi tankies is that one Stalinposter who acts the same way they used to. I've seen a lot more incelshit and retards taking the bait and blowing up incelshit to perpetual top of the catalogue spot.

you have a stroke halfway through that sentence?

There quite a few sites that are devoted to navel gazing and theory discussion. I suggest you leave and go to one of those sites instead.

do you not have any reading comprehension or do you just pretend to be a dumbass so that you can undermine any discussion that is actually leftist in content?

No, we should build up ===leftcom gang===


Convert ultras to what, exactly?

People really just don't know about how many shit threads A.W. Yui Poster, Rebel, Hoochi, etc. had. The constant pol raids and bait threads. It used to be a lot worse than this.

Yep this too.

Things were worse before but they should be a whole lot better than they are now.

this guy

Hoochie didn't start a lot of threads. She derailed them most of the time, but to be fair she has gotten a lot better about not derailing and has been posting more as an user. Hate to say it, but I like having her around to fuck with Holla Forums if nothing else.

AW and Yui actually know a bit of theory(though they go full pseud at times), but are just fucking awful. I still follow them on twitter and somehow in that brand based format they blend in with the rest of the insufferable unfunny faggots quite well. Makes me hate them somewhat less. Tripfags in general are cancer.

Things definitely are worse, but anyone saying it was good before is full of shit. This board has had issues from the beginning, but I guess by nature of being better than other leftist forums Holla Forums gets a lot of undeserved praise.

People stopped reading, get too obsessed with idpol and Holla Forums, and are too skeptic of succdems to actually do anything.

you're telling me that yelling at everyone less authoritarian than stalin for not being pure enough and completely throwing out actual activism is bad???????????????

Not enough Stirner posting

not him but he's right that that post was unintelligible, please try harder leftcom-kun

Ever thought it was just one no-life who makes a dozen threads a day?

Anarchists or Tankies.

We still exist here. We’re just less open about are beliefs because of the moderators.

only redditors use the term racist you nigger



If only you'd take the hint and fuck off forever you worthless piece of shit.

It didn't die. They just got banned and came back with Stalin-staches while posting the exact same views.


Leftypol isn't an org, not should it aim to be. The best it can do is promote the dissemination and discussion of theory

Fuck off. They are the best.

A thin layer was all it ever was

This. Except BO is slowly going insane with rulecuckery, which may eventually destroy the board if it progresses too far.