Reading the Right

Someone did an amazingly well-narrated documentary on the origins of the contemporary right's conspiratorial pathology. Well worth a watch.

the absolute state

I know right. This is one of the most well-researched videos on this stuff I've seen so far.

This guy has a tic i assume, I m just 6mins in.

Watch the first one, it is well done.

Thanks for the rec., OP.

Oh, damn, click the 'show more' button for more recourses.

*you know what I meant

46 minutes in
he's mainly just debunking a Libertarian's racist bullshit "Science" book that Nazis circlejerk over as proof that "blacks r dumb XDDD"

I unironically propose to use bots to boost the views of the first video. I'm tired of bell curve fags.

No shit the title of the vid is "The Bell Curve"

Ends by wading into the protest and free speech debate.

I wish the video were 10 min. shorter.

the absolute madman

does this guy know leftypol exists?

shit videos tbh

shit post

I*Q is bs but can I still tell right wingers they have a lower I*Q?

Do you have a transcript of this? Asking for a deaf friend.

almost done the first one and damn is it good

Turn on subtitles

tbh I don't think that you can write something constructive besides "Good video", when there's silent there's agreement.

needs a bump tho

Right off the bat ForeverJameses demonstrates he doesn't know what he's talking about. Heritability is the chance that a trait in a POPULATION will be due to genetics as opposed to another factor. He's mixing it up with inheritance, which is the probability an individual received traits from their parents. For example Flint, Michigan's heritability of intelligence is much lower than the heritability of intelligence for the entire US, since we know they have high levels of lead in their water which has known negative affects on intelligence. It doesn't mean that an individual can't inherit better/worse genes for intelligence, but that it's canceled out due to their brain being filled with heavy metals.

Not going to watch an hour rant about a book that is over his head (even if the book is full for shit) in the first few pages.

deleted original post because my edits made no sense

still don't

Nice. Pretty sure the lQ hereditarians watching this video ain't too pleased. They click on these race and lQ videos thinking the uploader already agrees with everything they believe cuz YouTube's that much of a crypto-fascist torture chamber these days.

Inheritance and heritability are two distinct things. The video conflates them.

And populations are composed of individuals so what difference does it make? A heritability of 80% would mean intelligence is mostly due genetics for the average person. This is just a nitpick. It doesn't invalidate everything he says.

I love what he says at the end about how the idpolers and antifa are only making things worse when they shut down every attempt by right to publicly express their views, instead of engaging then with the facts (which are on our side).

Excellent videos agreed

But maybe give people more than 5 minutes to watch them?

Maybe we need one big showdown debate. Like that evolution debate with Bill Nye and whoever the other guy was.

explain it for us non-autistics

Are there any good criticisms of The Bell Curve that don't boil down to "IQ doesn't mean anything", "Racism/environmental influences", or "We shouldn't discuss this"?

The guy who makes these videos should do a video on Kevin Macdonald next.


the first two are p big reasons why the bell curve is nonsense, friendo

Once you really get down the race/iq rabbit hole you realize that either side could be correct, but we just don't know because most of the studies have flawed methodologies, small datasets, or focus on early childhood(when I.Q is almost all environmental)

Minnesota, Moore, Eyferth, and the rest are all shit.

Transcendent brain: It doesn't even matter because there's nothing you can do about it in non-LARP terms and the most you can hope for is to successfully cooperate with other races

It does though. If the reactionaries are correct, we would expect that some difference in outcomes would continue to exist even if institutional prejudice and proximity to capital were conquered.

Except you can't get rid of the other races.

They get trigger if you tell them they have low Autism Levels and they get even more triggered if you tell them you're black.

I did . If you don't know the difference between them then maybe you shouldn't be trying to school Holla Forums on genetics because you don't know enough about it yourself.

Both sides can be correct depending on the individual situation and the argument being made. Genetics plays a huge role in intelligence, and it's conceivable that a semi-isolated population of humans could get shit/good intelligence genes. Jews have a higher rate of Crohn's Disease than the rest of the world, europeans have a higher rate of lactose tolerance than the rest of the world. There's no reason why intelligence is suddenly exempt from diversity. Now, whether or not that diversity is large enough that it makes a significant impact on social status and achievement is a different story, and combine that with historical and current oppression any study is hard pressed to truly isolate all factors and find out how much innate intelligence really plays a part. And even if you could prove that it did, it still wouldn't matter as much as Holla Forums wants it to mean, because there are still plenty of idiot whites and intelligent blacks. If you were to not let anyone with a low Autism Level breed or exterminate them, it would include quite a bit of their own board's population, which is why they always have to add some sort of racial element to it so they can exempt themselves from their own mediocrity.

I.Q is not BS, and you can tell them that

well it certainly isn't a perfect indicator of intillegnce yet alone the absolute determine of human worth.

That quibble suggests you don't really know anything about this subject and you are just regurgitating snarky retorts from arguments you have read.

Kraut and Tea got dogpiled and character assassinated for debunking The Bell Curve.(he deserved it tbh for allying himself with stormfags to take down "le evil sjws".) I wonder if ForeverJameses will get the same response.

his video on cultural marxism is purty good

Debates are a yelling contest