Reminder that cites should be abolished.

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You go first.

Personally, I prefer the kibbutz or small polycentric village of less than 7000 people model.

Polycentric, because the villages themselves are quite centralized. In rural France, for instance, every village out in the countryside has its own centralized well for water, schools, etc. But villages depend on each other too.

But yes, small rural communes are the way to go. And fuck technology.

raze the cities
remove urbanites
agrarian socialism now

integrated brutalist garden communes are the future

da fuck is this shit? gardens where gladiators massacre each other or something?

Iunno, if I was the benevolent dictator of Utopia, I'd enact a law forbidding any given land area from going past a to-be-determined population density.


read rafiq. "nature" should be abolished.

I like cities.

Stop being dumb friendo.

Serious question: have his posts ever been collected somewhere? Or is Ismail the supposedly smart one?

I like cities tho


Without cities, overpopulation would be a serious issue, because in one city building with a small base-size, you can house 1,000+ people.

They do have such laws.

tired and lame

Nigger, without nature you'd be dead.

t. brainlet

If I'm the real brainlet, then at least tell me why your counterview is any better.

these are the posts i'm referring to btw:


You understand that alienating people isn’t a good thing, and hat people have mental needs, in addition to material ones. In the article I posted in OP It showed that those who live simpler lives with LESS wealth then they otherwise would have live happier lives.

Wait what where?

really user lurk more, we have a brutalist thread every week

this is honestly something i've been thinking about, that the distinction between what is and isn't natural is often arbitrary and should be reconsidered.
Is that was Rafiq believes?

Happiness is a spook.

I live in a rural area

It is fucking HELL

Granted this is America but still

I mean maybe it's for you but leave some cities for the rest of us

have you even read the book.


stop posting this trash

Disgusting. My whole country would be a suburb this way. Rather have actual cities and countryside.

Go back to bed cherry boy

I'm gonna resist the urge to just call you brainlet and leave and instead inform you it's a mid-20th century architectural style.

I had a bunch of good pics of brutalist architecture with gardes but it seems I deleted it. Sorry.


Im no Communalist, but read Bookchin.

stop posting and read bordiga

I’d prefer to keep my intelligence.

I live in a little village and I'm not feeling very happy.



Mao was actually talking about school children endlessly cramming and memorizing, he wasn't saying you shouldn't read for enjoyment or knowledge.

So Bordigaism.

it's bordigism

Rural communities are just as isolating if not worse than cities

But there’s a tight-knit community.

…come on user. Seriously?

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