Lavinia Woodward: Oxford student 'too bright' for prison is spared jail for stabbing boyfriend

Lavinia Woodward: Oxford student 'too bright' for prison is spared jail for stabbing boyfriend

An Oxford medical student “too bright” to be given a prison sentence has been allowed to walk free from court - despite the judge acknowledging that she broke her bail conditions.

Lavinia Woodward, 24, who stabbed her Cambridge University boyfriend in the leg with a bread knife, was spared jail yesterday as she was commended for her “strong and unwavering determination” to address her drug addiction.

As she left the courtroom, Woodward was seen mouthing the words “thank you” to the judge as she was ushered out of the dock in tears by her family.

The decision was last night criticised by criminal justice campaigners, who said that the lenient ruling would deter men who had fallen victim to domestic abuse from coming forward.

It comes four months after Judge Ian Pringle QC described Woodward, an aspiring heart surgeon, as an “extraordinarily able young lady”, whose talents meant that a prison sentence would be “too severe”.

Standing trial in May, Woodward pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding, after she punched and stabbed Cambridge student Thomas Fairclough whilst under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

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Bruh at least give her a couple months rehab or community service christ

There's a serious unwritten tendency in the "criminal justice" system that young, relatively well-off students who go to elite universities are exempt from punishment.

Why is UK justice system so lenient? Seems fucked up honestly.

It's not lenient for the working poor, I can tell you that much right now.

She should be put in jail.


Lol another "affluenza" case. Criminal justice is a joke.

It's lenient on the rich and wealthy. Poor people get thrown in jail all the time for much lesser offences.

It's too bad Ted Kaczynski wasn't born in the UK. He too is too bright for prison.

Good. Putting ppl in jail should be a last resort.

Does anybody have that screenshot of the homeless guy getting tossed in jail for like 2 years after stealing 100 dollars and then confessing and turning himself in, right underneath someboby white collar stealing thousands of dollars and getting off scott free? I might be getting the details of that all mixed up but it was pretty fucked either way.

But he wasn't a rich white girl so it still wouldn't work.

the UK is worse than the US in so many ways

It's not just the UK everywhere is like this when it comes to bourgie fucks.
It's pretty clear that in capitalism rich people belong to another caste of people.
If there is muh privilege in society it is being rich muh privilege, everything else is bullshit muh privilege.

She's too qt for jail.

This is the right decision for the wrong reasons, though.

Non-violent criminals should not be imprisoned. However violent criminals belong in jail.

I would let her stab me all day long

Not an unreasonable opinion at this point in time (where we're not even close to abolition), but I think history and substance abuse should play into that.

uh she's pretty basic bro.

Can any brit comrades do something, for Marx's sake!

Basic + surgeon + crazy makes this girl the ideal serial killer gf/partner I always wanted


I wonder if SJWs will condemn this mockery of justice.

This is a reality show waiting to happen

Also is it just me or does she look creepy as shit, dead behind the eyes and what not?

It's not a meme when people say that most surgeon are psychopaths.
Would still fuck tho. I think the killer element is something sexy in a girl

I'm in Oxford on a semi-regular basis. If I bump into Porky's little girl next time I'm there she's getting the metaphorical meat hook.

Socialism, one a but this has rather two AAs.

Did you even read the article?

This is like a form of justice made up in the head by some dumb teenager criticizing utilitarianism

Myself I have benefited of a justice system where the police let me go because I was "a bright young kid". Was a relief at first but when I realized they actually sort of meant it I felt disgusting. They are pretty much admitting to having a several tier justice system openly. The more white, female, skinny, polite, the better your vocabulary is, the more symphatetic you subject of study is, hell the more cuter you look, the more lenient your sentence will be

I fucking hate this


yeah jails are evil of course, however comparatively this person seems more dangerous than like 90% of the other inmates

a heart surgeon who uses violence and has substance abuse problems

seems like the origins story of a modern feminist version of Hannibal Lecter

You know that surgeons are more like butchers on a conveyor belt once they have a certain influx do you? Accessing your data while you are on the chopping block. "hey xy, i need the data for patient ab" "hold on a second dont worry". A little bit like your spelling mistakes, doesnt look pretty but the meaning isnt lost.

black people with european accents are uncanny valley af



This probably has more to do with her being an attractive young woman than with her being wealthy and ambitious. Sentencing on women is much lighter and sentencing for injuring men rather than women is much lighter, put the two together and cute girls can maim dozens of men at almost no personal cost.

I would go with "all of the above".

Why do qt's have to be fucking psychos?

I was a young, relatively well off (nothing like Lavinia, just normal middle class)student. They threw the book at me for defending myself from an abusive girlfriend. Make no mistake, her vagina got her off. Cash too, but mostly her vagina. Although obviously i am unable to look at this case objectively so it was probably mostly cash

An attractive, poor girl going to a regular university would definitely get a sentence. Go back to /r9k/.

I will go to england and kick ur ass

kek because probably true

At least put her in a clinic, fucking hell. This girl has some real issues that need to be treated, or she's gonna have to say bye bye to her future as a surgeon anyway.

There's your problem.

Get real now, leftypol

Too qt for prison, you mean

1) I already know
2) I'm really not so sure. The police were doggedly unwilling to even investigate the claims against my ex made by 5 different people at different times.. they never did investigate them. They came round to my flat two different times while she was in the process of attacking me and neither time was she arrested, detained, charged or even cautioned, they gave her a lift home and told her not to go back to my flat. Its quite shocking the difference in treatment when you see it in practice.

Porkies can be qt too
BTW don't google "qt porky". Bad idea

Sometimes I get the feeling this shit is done intentional to rile up the right against the liberals with the left in the crossfire.

I snatched something for my /u/ folder.

Nothing wrong with lenient sentences, as long as there is some alternative for a (long) prison sentence that actually does a proper job at rehabilitating the condemned.
In this case, she's obviously got multiple mental health issues, so she should be treated for those things.
Don't fall for the 'tough on crime'-meme.

He should have been allowed to stab her wherever he wanted to twice as punishment.

So much for the reasonable leftcoms

I've stolen the leftcom flag, it now stands for anarcho pragmaticism


She's kind of hot. Also look at her boyfriend, it's clear that he can't handle this qt

Dat PVC, clearly she pegs him. Also, those eyes, she is clearly a sociopath. All in all an extremely arousing package. Plz do not let her near scalpels tho


The fact that she wants to be a surgeon is pretty much a give away. I don't think a sane person could ever do that job

Sociopath and psychopath are not the same thing.

10 quid she's into whips

You are right. She's a psychopath.

she's underweight but sucking in her stomach, it's a huge tell.

Only 2% of surgeons are estimated to be psychopathic.

If a man had done this, you wouldn't be saying that.

*If a man had done this to a woman

Nah, it would just be extra-special bad if it was a woman. It would be regular bad if it was done only to a man.

Are you actually pretending that there is institutional racism in FAVOUR of Whites?

Nah, I have two mates and one stabbed the other in the leg when they were on drink and drugs, and it was like
"Fuck, why did you do that!?"
"I don't even know, I'm fucking ruined."
I think he got a stab back to make it fair but I honestly can't remember since it was years ago.

t. American

I don't think you understand my post

Did anyone call the police though? (was my context)

How delightfully prejudiced of you. #notallamericans.

T. British

Nobody called the police, but clearly the problem is Cambridge man is too much of a batty crease to take a little stab in the leg between people high on drink and drugs, and now he'll always be a grass and never get his butt fucked by his PVC wearing sociopath gf again just because he couldn't handle the banter.

She has that psycho look.

i wonder how many people in the uk have jacked off to that pvc photo today, probably a lot

You are right. The difference is a sociopath exists and psychopath is hollywood tier TV buzzword

Heh, I drink and do drugs sometimes, a bit more in the past and while I certainly acted up once or twice (usually come downs), I never actually hit or stabbed anyone I liked. Some close calls though come to think of it with my girlfriend, but she was definitely the crazy element.
Basically, I've done enough drugs to know that a lot of peoples bad behaviour is coming from them, not the drugs. I'm typically fine, even on cocaine.

Rich girls seem to be a little more insane than the usual female.

Wouldn't want this girl operating on me.

There's something really really creepy about her face and expression, especially in that picture with her boyfriend(?). Looks like a scene from a movie about crazy rich people.

In italy too, I can only garantee for one tho

Little bit off topic, but in America if they were to get a sentence it would probably be far less. It isn't that uncommon for American gangs to use woman to commit crimes or take the fall knowing that the either the police won't suspect them or the judge will give them a more lenient sentence.

Holy shit that's just like the "if women make 77 cents on the dollar then companies should just hire more women" argument but for real.

Daily reminder that weebs have been jailed for having loli Hentai in the U.K. I've never seen a nation (besides bugerstan) with a greater level of double standards.

You agree with the absurdity of the "women automatically earn less" argument?

If you believe in "justice" you are a reactionary and not a leftist

Its fucked cause gang memebers will literally hand the gun over to the woman in the vehicle during a drive by because they know from experience they'll get off better then a guy would. The interview also has some pretty messed up liberal undertones to it as well as in sometimes the interviewer phrases some of her comments in a "Women can be gang members TOO" instead of "Women can be gang members too" kind of way

Not sure what you're asking, but for the most part women and men get equal pay for equal work. The whole wage gap issue mostly comes down to differences in what fields/positions men and women work in (which pay differently) and doing different amounts of work. It's really barely worth addressing given that wages in and of themselves need to get gone.

Hollywood wants to jump on the opportunity to make cash grab movies about femme fatales in modern gangs who get off scot free because of the woman card.

I guess I didn't write the question clearly but you gave me the answer I was looking for anyway.
You're actually anarcho-communist?
If so, how common is that view among your lot? I personally agree and know from experience that the pay gap is just dodgy logic, deliberately or accidentally, but I'm a right winger so..



Not common enough. Most people who identify as either communist or (especially) anarchist are just red liberals who want to be edgy.

One thing that right wingers (in the sense I expect you mean - what I'd call far-right) are good at is pointing out flaws in liberal ideology. That sort of thing gets deliberately associated with things that most people don't like as a way of making people turn their brains off when they hear the criticism. BTW I'm far from alone when I say that I think "conservatives" tend to have more in common with leftists than liberals do. Liberals tend to buy into the status quo while righties tend to at least recognize that something is wrong with it.

I didn't meant it that sense. I meant it in a sense of favour (or favor if you are a sub-anglo) in a racial way. You know, the fact that you guys throw in jail black with longer senteces. So I thought he was american

Tha fuck?…. her ass also appears to have been soundly whipped too.
Wtf is wrong with these people?

Sex isn't edgy, it's civilian as fuck.

I meant the view that the pay gap is basically nonsense. Is that particularly common among anarcho-communists?

So would I be correct in saying that the liberals are kind of a "pseudo-left" in the eyes of the real left?
From my experience, a lot of these "liberals"(for lack of better words), don't actually even believe in their own "arguments" and that perhaps the inconsistencies in their stances is a result of convenience and finding pretexts for their nasty selfish behaviour. When pressed, these people are definitely not "leftist", most of the time. (fixation with identity politics, calling everyone they don't like a retard while maintaining an opposition to human accountability etc).

I think it was largely an accident or maybe one walked into the knife. Anyway if it was too much for him he should have just said the safe word :^)

On leftypol the gender pay gap is largely disregarded and mocked, elsewhere it's taken more seriously. This is largely due to male feminists trying to get laid.

what is this

Beat me to it.
Liberals aren't regarded as leftists and like stealing our branding because they love shitting on the right when they're just a watered down soppy version of them. Honestly a lot of "leftists" are pseudo-leftists since they entirely exist in liberal politics with red and black flags thrown in.


I know what you meant. Most people flying this flag are basically just liberals but it's sometimes hard to tell and there's a continuum so I'm not going to just outright say "anyone who buys into liberal identity politics isn't a real ancom." Among that group, no it's not common.

We'd call the "the left wing of capital." Or the left wing of the right wing. Left being defined by opposition to the establishment/society as it exists and promotion of the "next step."
I and plenty of other people contend that most liberals and "lefty" liberals are right wingers in denial and try to overcompensate for their ideas/tendencies that are racist or what have you. They know they feel a certain way and know that society says it's wrong so they try to reconcile their beliefs with what's expected of them by playing out their beliefs in a bizarre inverse performance.
Yeah, liberals tend to be the first to turn fascist when the actual Nazis goose step into power. My view is that they're more concerned with conforming to what's broadly "acceptable" than anything like a principle, value, or reasoned position. They're people who above all else want to be on the winning team and will gladly switch in pursuit of that goal.

Pull up. This is gonna be you after I give you these hands.

The gender wage gap, like global warming denial, is something propagated solely on headlines.
Not even the people in the gender studies department who did the research that's being cited believe them, they just get journalists to distort the actual information that they gathered and let outraged normies spread the lies around.

Harry Potter's father.


That's surprising, but I suppose pretty good too. It personally annoys the fuck out of me just because of how very off target it is.

I see. That's the impression I get. Their current formation and fixation with identity politics, ironically, sometimes puts them to the furthest right of me…
Don't get me wrong, I think race/ethnicity can be a significant part of a persons identity, and that people often tribalise along racial/ethnic/cultural lines etc, but, the individual ultimately comes first. So it's a component of the individual, that is significant.
For them…the ethnicity/race clearly comes first, the individual is eclipsed. Whites can ONLY be represented by Whites and ONLY represent Whites.
(while they promote diversity and tolerance…)
Couldn't be further from the proletarian solidarity thing they are supposed to believe in.

Strange buggers.

I didn't figure the pay-gay criticism would be that wide spread, but that it's there at all is interesting.
As for identity politics, I can see it from a means unto an end, perspective. Revolutionary material or something, as a means to break up power structures but never with the intention of creating new ethnostates in the wake of revolution…but, a lot of these "leftists" clearly believe in full blown identity politics and blood and spoil etc. Their anti-imperial arguments for example are thoroughly rooted in the belief of ethno-racial collective ownership of land (whilst encouraging mass immigration into Europe etc…).

So left but not in a way that is genuinely revolutionary?
I've theorised that there is a messianic/narcissistic element to these people which drives their interest in the "downtrodden", because they are otherwise complete elitists despite their egalitarian act…

Yeah that sounds about right. "you can't be reverse-racist because " etc etc. Even other "liberals" I know, are starting to get annoyed with that one.

Like hipsters, in a sense?
I get the feeling that they just engage in hierarchical social climbing behaviour and superficially adhere to whatever the culture/tastes of the age are. Knowing everything but not understanding. Trying to out do others etc.
With the current right wing resurgence, I expect more of them will migrate over to our neck of the woods, boosting the paper number, but fundamentally, these people are vampires. There won't be any "Aryan solidarity" with this lot, that's for sure.

Not even the people in the gender studies department who did the research that's being cited believe them

You sure about this? I've always got the impression that they just don't really understand what it is they are studying. For example "average" doesn't mean "normal" as it does in the colloquial sense, but to those who don't know this the "average woman" making less money (or whatever) may be a startling discovery until it is properly contextualised.

Ancom here too comrade, wage gap is a joke.


Those tend to be the "tankies", people who fetishize Marxism-Leninism (read: Stalinism) and its derivatives. They're basically caught up in slave morality and picked past state commie aesthetics to focus on. Not to say that imperialism isn't a problem, just that the people who talk about it the way you describe tend to be these chucklefucks.

No - liberals are not left. Period. The idea that they're left only makes sense if you don't look beyond the right wing. They support capitalism, nation-states, etc. making them part of the right wing, but they advocate for a "soft" version of those, making them the left side of the right wing. To us, they're center-right. Some people have a mix of liberal and leftist ideas, but that's more just having internal contradictions. Those people tend to wind up becoming liberals and remembering their "radical phase."
Liberal ideology has its roots firmly in Christian belief so that's accurate enough.


Hipsters are generally liberals, from what I know of them so I figure that hipsterdom is just another expression of liberal ideology.
Pretty much. But that's not just liberalism. You see that shit in all ideologies. It's borderline human nature but really that's what people are going to do when they're within a hierarchical system. Since their wellbeing depends on their position in the hierarchy they sacrifice pretty much everything else in order to secure the best position they can.
It's funny that you use this exact word. Here's a read from a lefty who got fed up with the liberal identity politics infesting the left.

I would suggest this is a pretty classic example of Marx's concept of alienation from the product of your labor. These people all contribute work to a body of literature but because they're all so compartmentalized and focused on the part that they're individually responsible for, they don't see the larger picture. Whether you're laboring to build a car or to do social science or to act as a "journalist" (blogger) talking about culture, the fundamentals are there.

Well there some muh privileged if I've ever seen it.

My goodness…

Not sure what to make of all this, but it's been interesting to say the least. It seems that my suspicions about there being a "false left" that are known and quite hated by a real left are very much true.
I canned through the Vampire Castle. It's interesting stuff so far, especially because it's from a genuinely left wing perspective that criticises in a stricter accordance with an ideology rather than the willy nilly bullshit of liberals/progressives/whateverthefucktheyactuallyare.

I'll read more of it tomorrow. It's bed time now.

See ya round tomorrow maybe.