The new trend

What if we started cultural/musical movement highly associated with communism In the same way punk was associated with anarchism. Before punk anarchists were mostly academics and some sects of unionists that were in decay along with other leftist ideologies. With punk anarchists gained an army of annarkiddies who created black bloc and, made activist groups such as food not bombs and are revitalizing antifa.
It is true that the average anarkiddie is a theorylet but so was your regular union joe or bolshevik. We are talking quantity no quality here.
Is this even possible?
How do you envision this movement's style and sound.

I mean, the hippies did this too before punk, but really leftist Dada thing is probably a better/more successful example.

Yeah, I'd be down. I already record stuff for ya'll.

It should be gothic/deathrock, tho. Or like deathrock screeches and gothic arpeggios via vaporwave instruments.

Also, if any of ya'll are college kiddies, maybe get a handle of the radio. These sad college radio fucks don't play my shit, and from previous experience I suspect it's about production value - my stuff is lo-fi. Those glossy values ought to burn.


i would't place my bets on gothic or deathrock.
All past major leftist movements were either new: hippies with prog/psych/hard rock ,punks with punk/hardcore. Or widelly accepted like unionist folk music.

As i said most punks are theorylets. But anarchism is as of late the best preserved far left ideology. If 1/100 teenagers who draws an A in the back of his shitty ripped shirt decides to read a book or stick with some activist group they are better off then most communist ideologies.

When punk died, it took anarchism with it.

Not OP but why not entertain the thought? I think OP is being rather respectful here and making a point. You sound like you're a real shit person to be around tbh.

The punk movement didn't contribute much to actual, political anarchism tho. It didn't contribute anything, in fact.

That said, if you do come up with magnificent aesthetics for a new far left movement, I'll pay you, I don't know, some Steam game codes and shit.


Yes let's make leftists look even more weird

it didn't contribute with theory or any major political activity but it sure did keep it slightly alive when most other ideologies are rotting. Which is quite impressive considering anarchism is usually seen as the most utopic of leftist ideologies.

krautrock was great and u should listen to it

No, fuck off asshole. The last thing Leftism needs is to be associated with even more weird subcultures and trends.

Literally "symbolic culture conflict" the "movement". Got subsumed by capital and commodified because it mearly built itself up on a negetive.

If by "weird" you mean fun.

When the USSR collapsed, it took communism with it.

*commercializes your trend with tshirts and mugs*
heh nuffin personel leftists

punk did more harm than good to anarchism

fuck u i wont do what u tell me

This was exactly the thesis of Chilean communists (though not the ex-Third Intl. revisionists, but of emergent revolutionary groups) back in the late 90s/early 2000s, but rather than create a musical movement from nothing they did political work amongst gangsta rappers. The result is that even to this day, Chilean street rap is heavily associated with the left or at least with some sort of social critique, and there's a bunch of good MCs such as Portavoz, Godinez, Subverso etc etc

pic related is an album that marked a big foundational moment back in 2001. You can look it up in YouTube though it's not terribly good - the individual MCs certainly got better and more widely recognized with time.