Can alienation contribute to gender dysphoria?

Can alienation contribute to gender dysphoria?
If it can, then is it really gender dysphoria?

I say we purge both reactionaries and degenerates and call it a day. not worth thinking about this stuff, you know?

Yes and Yes. Alienation also contributes to physical cancer. That doesn't mean cancer wouldn't exist without capitalism

I agree with this guy.

Another stalinstache, another bad post.

Centrism wins again.

I'm strictly talking about cases of "gender dysphoria" caused mostly by alienation, not all cases of gender dysphoria.

Trannies (at least the ones in nerd circles) are in the desperation wing of the virgin scale (Alt-right being rage). And both are effectively caused by alienation.

How can you distinguish them?

We can't, at the moment. Just assume we can for the sake of the discussion.

I'm not seeing how alienation would directly cause gender dysphoria. It could exacerbate it, but in the same way that alienation exacerbates every mental condition.

It also contributes to metaphorical cancer


Alienation on the far left: #pinkpill, irony bros.
Alienation on the far right: closeted gay nazis, Kekistan.

I agree, fuck idpol.and its suffocating moralism that drowns out any talk of class struggle.

This doesn't capture the hands

Maybe. Part of why traps are so popular on the image boards is cuz posters think trannies are the closest they can get to finding a girl that loves them. I've read this a lot on this board and once you get past how funny that sounds you think to yourself how alienated a guy's gotta be to flirt with the thought of homosexuality just not to end up lonely.

It's pretty fucked up, man and capitalism's prolly got a lot to do with it.

Yes, everything should be subordinate to class, but you can walk and chew gum. I believe in you, user.

calm down nerds

Alienation is essentially just a form of stress, which can cause all kinds of mental and bodily weirdness.

I wouldn't say that stress is the only cause of gender dysphoria though.

And like others in the thread have said, this isn't really worth the time to talk about. Everything is secondary to class struggle. At a time when global capitalism is reaching its crisis point we need to come together in spite of our mutual alienation and build something real. Stand up for the people that have been hurt and abused by this system, user. Strive to make the world a better place for everyone, but especially for those that suffer.





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The two genders meme is dumb af. Men and women dont exist

I concur. These transfaggots dominate every other sphere of leftist activity. They are psychopaths who want to control everyone's opinions.


Anyone with a kek flag should be shot tbh fam

Made me smile. Have a (You)

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