No matter what you think about this country, whether you think they are socialist or not, revisionist or not...

No matter what you think about this country, whether you think they are socialist or not, revisionist or not, oppressive or whatever: You can not deny that this country has the biggest balls made out of fucking steel in the world. Just by existing they trigger the living hell out of the US, but it doesn't stop there, they laughing into the face of the biggest imperialist superpower in history and make casual death threats against it causing the US president to REEEE at them during nocturnal Twitter sessions.

Everybody was laughing at them how their rockets wouldn't make 50 meters, how Kim's haircut looked funny, but guess what: They just keep going, their economy is growing more than South Korea, their living standard rises and now they even have functional fucking ICBMs.

Next year I'm in China with a friend and I'm so gonna travel to this bordertown and walk in one of their official merchandise stores there, buying myself a dozen posters.

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This. I always supported north korea, and I will continue doing it

It is true that with every year and every phony nuclear scare my respect for the Norks increases

Escalating war to own the libs.

i like the twitter shitposting but i don't want a war thanks

It's true. The people who think it's some oppressive hellhole have swallowed too much burger media.

Good job, you're now pol with "X did nothing wrong" position. Current day lolitics, not even once.

is this the first time you've seen a tankie or what

You sound like a Republican talking about Israel, fam.

What is it with tankies and infantile disorders?

I'll always support them in their anti-imperial struggle and I don't buy in liberal propaganda but I don't like the tankie fetishizing either. NK has better living standards than a lot of other asian countries but I wouldn't call Juche a model to follow.

We can't about the DPRK in-depth, this is a shitpost, just trying to get some appreciation for the good work the DPRK and its people is doing under unbelievable circumstances. They also haven't abandoned socialism, have a highly cooperative society and a somewhat democratic workplace, but I know this is stuff that many users here don't want to here.

Yeah that's totally a fair comparison, I bet you have interesting thoughts on a regular basis


I have a hard time not fetishizing them when I see the natural beauty of North Korean girls. They are legitimately the prettiest Asian women - compare that to the plastic chicks of South Korea, and there is a good reason to abandon capitalism.

lmao, are tankies just weaboos for NK?


by definition

Can a Korean be a weaboo?

Kim is entirely right though. After what happened to Gaddafi it is clear your need nukes protect yourself from US imperialism.

Anyway, I like them politicially primarily. But when you already appreciating them formally infatuation with other stuff is normal. I like that they also evolve their futuristic socialist architecture, their science centers look like starfleet academy. Two other pic related are drafts for long-term future projects.

Yea, they sure are cute with their pug noses, shitty teeth and dough ball looking heads.

Many people call all goods commodities. What a stupid picture.

Told ya ya became pol.

I also hope to visit the DPRK someday in the coming years. I hear it's easy to organize here from Sweden. There's a organization of crazy Juche people who organize trips there with the help of the Korean embassy, and some companies that also organize trips.

Well, in German the word "Ware" pretty much refers to all goods and products. Marx was creating a terminus technicus when he described the "Warenform".

Tankies get the bullet too.

Quit allowing your fetish of their political symbolism and culture to define your views on foreign policy.

tankies and green-anarchists are to blame for muh horseshoe

I can cherrypick too

the Annoying Orange doesn't represent most of us shouldn't his lowest-ever approval rating give that away?

lmao earlier in this thread a made some comments on their polticial/economic system to which I got no responses. Also, even vulgar anti-imperialism has theory mate.

This but unironically

He is a fat, narcissistic, fast food eating pile of mediocrity and the people who are really just like him but with less money are at least 20% of the US population total

Are you picking 5/10 cherries on purpose to prove a point?

It's a fucking dictatorship. No balls are required when you don't give a shit about your own citizens and are happy to watch them be wiped out in a useless war or starve to death under foreign sanctions.

and then we wonder why society at large is so afraid of us and equates communism to authoritarianism and gulags.
praising these shit countries does no favors.

i'm sick of this "don't believe ANYTHING a western imperialist says about glorious NK!" it's funny as a joke but people who actually abide by this 100% exist and are way too similar to Nazis with their lugenpresse.

redpill me on north korea, no mustaches pls. do the kims have as much power as everyone says they do? is everyone starving? are there labour camps with 3 generational sentences? is everyone scared of dying in north korea? i need answers pls.

They actually like Kim and their system. Even polls amongst defectors prove this. They aren't all having a gun put against their head, that's ridiculous, this would never work. They have grassroot democratic councils. Stop believing in the liberal dichotomy of parliamentarianism and dictatorship. We are living in the dictatorship of capital.

This Holla Forums which is hosted on a Siberian throat singing board. I don't go arround in downtown praising the eternal writings of Kimilsung-Kimjongilism.

They are still being somewhat controlled by the Workers Party of Korea. Their government gets elected by the Supreme People's Assembly. To make a statement about the inner proceedings within the North Korean government is obviously impossible and can only be speculated. I think in Juche the great leader is more of a symbol.

No, they were starving in the 90s due to the stop of fertilizer and pesticide imports from the USSR but they aren't starving anymore, although their diet especially on the countryside might not be glorious, due to sanctions. But nobody is starving.
Probably not

Maybe because of US nukes

In general, I advice you to look into this:
From a western perspective:

38 North states that NK commits human rights violations all the time, wtf. Also a wordpress blog is as good as a youtube video proving the jewish conspiracy.

source? i dont not believe you but its good to have sources from both sides.

nvm forget what i said, misread your statement.

I only read 38North for economic and polticial data. I don't give a shit about what NGO whines about human rights but is completely silent when a US drone strikes a wedding. At least 38North don't perpetuate this "Kim feeds people to the dogs" shit.
It's just a bunch of other links man, calm down.

whataboutism with a Stalin image, classic


how do you justify being this stupid in real life

"Whataboutism" is not an argument when you want to make a moral statement. Remember that I wasn't the one who started the liberal moral olympics. A moral statement can only hold value in a comparison; when the Bible says "an eye for an eye" this isn't barbaric considering that the established code before was "a head for an eye". Is that whataboutism too? Your outrage would hold value when you prove to me that the DPRK human right violations are significantly worse than the ones of the US, and that's already a stretch, actually you'd have to prove that they are worse than the ones committed by similar developing countries with a similar GDP.

They don't even say that you moron. There was a defector claiming this about camp 13 only to completely admit later that he was making it up. I love how you guys are believing the dumbest shit but not provide a single shroud of evidence while condemning the sources I provided, including a comparison to a Nazi conspiracy. You should consider going back to reddit.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

the source you provided that wasn't a huffpost-tier aggregate blog literally states there are concentration camps in NK. you went from outright denying it in this thread to "well okay but the US does worse!" Pick one.

The reason you guys get compared to Nazis is because they do the same thing, they'll deny the Holocaust as a cabal smear against Germany then back down and say "Well, Dresden got bombed! Soviets raped people in Poland!"

Why do they have to be "worse"? Why isn't the fact that they exist at all - especially in a state that is generally, for better or worse, used as an example of "socialism" - cause for criticism? I mean, what, are you implying that because other states do bad shit the DPRK is immune to criticism? Are you saying we have to choose between the violations of the DPRK and the violations of the US?

wew lad

Actually, those are just things architects came up with when given free reign to design stuff. They're not actual plans for anything.

what a shitty strawman

Based mods.

Not an argument, just appeal to authority. The Rhizzone article is carefully researched and develops an interesting narrative, but you don't care about that. But thanks for lowering the bar so much that we can simply attack the messenger now, everytime someone quotes some stuff at me I simply disregard it in reference to you.
I guess the "literal Hitler" thing had to come up at some point. First, prove to me where they say that cause I haven't seen it because I already said I read it for economic data and political news. Secondly, did you ever learn how to read texts academically? So far as I can tell 38North isn't a hivemind, there are lots of conservative/liberal types writing for it, I did a little bit of research about one of them a month ago only to find out that one guy was associated with some military think tank and posted die hard zionism on his Twitter and blamed Corbyn for being antisemitic. So that should ring an alarm bell. Then look at what is actually said, what evidence is presented. Is it just a satellite image? What can we conclude from that? Can these things be deducted from thay or is that the authors opinion?

Lastly, you claimed they "worked people to death". You know what that means? That's what the Nazis and the Japanese did in WWII. Don't tell me at any point now that treating people roughly during prison labor is the same as working people to death because that is a pretty fucking significant difference, so please provide evidence. And stop with the argumentum ad hitlerum, it's embarrassing really.(USER WAS BANNED FOR EVADING)

"Good or bad" isn't disconnected from historical reality. That's very - dare I say - undialectical. There are two layers I went about this 1) the alleged human rights violation are by far not as extreme as it is claimed and 2) the ones which exist are a result of the extreme isolation the DPRK is suffering under and the economic chokehold they are under but are in no way sufficient to denounce the DPRK from a moral perspective.

You either make a moral statement, or you make a materialist statement. Once you finally go for the latter, let me ask you how you personally would go about to lead the DPRK on the righteous path of socialism without any repression.

Kim knows he can say whatever he wants because he's protected by China, and the US isn't willing to fight China over North Korea.


This confirms it. Holla Forums is dead and it is because the Ultras/liberals have taken over. We should have never allowed Reddit on here. Based Tankie calls someone a moron and triggered libshits couldn't handle it, so they ban him in return. It's over.