Japanese Prime Minister announces snap election


Will the Japanese Communist Party gain seats?
Also, are the JCP /ourguys/?

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aren't they just socdems
I like their flag though, good to know communism is atleast somewhat popular in japan

lol. Waste of time tbh. There is more chance to see corbyn go full lenin and europe become a second URSS in the next six months than seeing a communist party gain seats and popularity in east asia in our lifetime
Yep, the head is corbyn tier

Not succdems but demsoc. Corbyn style

so socdem

More ambitious socdems, yes.

What do they actually want to do?

corbyn is 100% socdem

彼の名前は山口 二矢。

Abolish capitalism slowly through reforms and re-establish national sovereignty basically destroying the alliance pact with the US.

People in another thread told me that he called himself a democratic socialist and that he has legit marxist in his cabinet

How does dissolving parliament make more seats. What is Japan?



John "We're Comin' Bucko" McDonnell is a open and legitimate marxist. Pic related.

Probably not. The only reason Abe even called for a snap election is because he has received a bump in opinion polls lately due to the ongoing situation with the DPRK. The JCP's numbers have remained pretty much the same, on the other hand.

Yeah I figured some Holla Forumstard would come in this thread with this

The JCP question is a difficult one. I freely admit that I'm not the most knowledgeable of Japanese party politics post 1994, but I think they are well worth our support.
Post 60s they resisted both Soviet and Chinese control while bullying the much more prominent JSP to keep a leftist line. Now that JSP has completely collapsed, JCP is the only party on the left in Japanese politics. This has made them shift towards the middle and tempered their ideological purity, but made them the only real political alternative to LDP and DPJ, who are both rightwing with different foci. Their ideological relationship is similar to the parties of American two-party system. These days the Japanese (and especially the youth, who generally are where communist movements draw their power) are notoriously apolitical, so I doubt JCP is going to make too many gains. There have even been reports of growth in the Japanese economy for the first time in three decades or so - there would have to be quite the crisis for any serious JCP challenge to happen.

Notably for weebs JCP was the only real party that sided with authors against censorship in the numerous attempts to ban and censor drawn pornography by local and national conservative institutions. That support of liberty alone indicates to me that they are better than your typical turbo-tankie coldwar relic communist party.

based af

Aren't some of the weird Hikikomori guys anti-capitalists? Or am I misremembering.
Really, its incredibly sad that the left in Japan (and S.Korea I guess) isn't more prominent. Japan is one of the most alienated societies in the world, and an anti-capitalists left should be there to challenge the depressing hierarchies and alienation.

There are two communist boards on 2ch I think called /poverty/ and /poverlution/. More of them are Holla Forums-tier though.

Eh what I meant here is that most hikikomori channers in Japan are Holla Forums-tier, not that the people on the 2 boards I mentioned are.

well, in South Korea the leftists got killed during the military dictatorship
In Japan JSP was excluded from power (partly by an unconstitutional electoral system) and thus from the pork-barrel politics of Japan. It was also hindered by JCP splitting the vote and Komeito undercutting their support in some urban constituences.

the thread ended here

JCP are normie and hardly more than social democrats but they're still a major force for good within Japanese politics and offer an OK model for spearheading radical policies through very wealthy first world nations.

JCP gained seats last election and I expect they'll continue to do so thanks to declining economic conditions. But they're so small and Japanese politics are so dominated by the Liberal Democrats at all levels that a major parliamentary victory a la Corbyn isn't really possible.

Anyway here's Les Rallizes Denudes

good taste

Replace capitalism with socialism.

Anybody know what they actually mean by socialism though? Do the JCP seek the abolition of private property and commodity production?

Wikipedia says they are "neocommunist". Wtf is that?

No they aren’t sucdems. There Eurocommunist.

wtf I hate CPJ now

Eurocommunism. Basically achieving communism through winning a bourie election.

so socdem

The only party that is set to gain any real amount of seats is the bloody LDP.

That depends on your tolerance of useless soc-dems that will never hold office.

Honestly, the situation with Japanese politics is quite depressing.
The combination of massive national debt and a population crash is set to not only send Japan back to a 3rd world nation, but its crash will tank not only the regional pacific economy, but the wider world economy.

Yet, none of the political parties have workable policies to getting out of/mitigating the impending crisis.
All of the left wing parties are unelectable soc-dems with polices that only aim to treat the symptoms of Japans problems.
And the fucking right wing parties are all in favour of polices that are the exact opposite of what Japan should be doing.

Say what you will about the damn Taisei Yokusankai, at-least they were capable of holding some political positions that benefited the people of Japan.

I see revolutionary potential in japan in some decades.

Japan must crash and serve as a symbol of the imcompetence and harm capitalism does.

t. pedo in denial akaanglo

Question: What's going on with Japan?

Marxist: An entire history of isolationism, 4 decades of hyper-capitalism and a work-yourself-to-death culture rendering having a family both literally unaffordable and undesirable, and having 1/3 the population of the United States on 1/1000 of the land mass.


the fascism followed up by complete imperial domination didn't help either tbh

LOL who cares?
There won't even be a "Japan" in a few decades.

seriously, Nazis who praise Japan for being an ethno-state while they don't breed or even talk to each other are hilarious.

Even Tony Blair (technically) called himself a Democratic Socialist. It's what Labour's constitution was revised to call the party. (swapping a concrete commitment to nationalisation to an abstract one about being democratic socialists "for the many not the few")

Though I mean, I'd hold that even Tony Benn with his AES basically amounted to social democracy in one country with some co-ops.

what are the sources on this image

Japan is classcucked solely because of their cul-

*blocks your path*

The left in South Korea is permanently stunted so long as North Korea still exists, as there's a fine line between being legal and being pro-North Korean and getting shut down.
Japan is just politically apathetic in general, which has allowed the LDP to corrupt politics so much they've been almost undefeatable since WW2, although their grip on power has been severely weakened over the last decade.

the LDP has a super majority at the moment, they are definitely going to lose seats but Abe is betting his improved approval ratings will allow them to retain a majority. The real wild card is Koike's new party though, if she can rerun the Tokyo election at a national level, at least enough to deprive the LDP of their majority, then shit will go wild.
On the other hand there's a good chance she'll attract protest voters who voted for the Communist party as they were still pissed at the DPJ (or whatever the fuck they are now) but who now have another option

That kid was a total cuck, too bad he killed the man who could have saved japan

Shit, are we all part of some fictional setting where the author throws one diabolus ex machina after another just to keep the story grimdark?

Im glad some of these parties use the moderate leftist thing as a way to appeal to the masses, something ML parties fail to do

It's almost ridiculous, and even when we succeed theres always a way to fuck it up

Read social reform or revolution, kiddy.

You can argue the effectiveness of reformist socialists, but to call them socdems is in bad faith.

At the very least reforms, have to be offered so you can later have casus belli for revolution. Bolsevicks understood this, CNT understood this, literally every successful and organic revolution in history understands this.

Gotta offer people demsoc, when it inevitably fails then you bust out the guillotines and red flags.

fake news, we literally reclaimed a whole province out of the sea, we can handle some sea level increases

They're reformists and controlled opposition and don't even know it, and they're still the only Japanese party worth a damn because they truly and genuinely mean well, which is more than can be said about… any other left non-revolutionary party, really. It's a bit disturbing how shit jap politics. If the JCP disbanded, the remaining parties could just as well merge into the Yakuza Party.

Is there a site tracking this? Maybe with parliamentary votes and shit?

Are you serious with this or are you just throwing the phrase around?

No idea, you could prob ask 2ch if you can moonrune. I'm just going off what I remember of political contests when Ishihara and his progeny ruled over Tokyo back in the day when I was a more active weeb.

Okay, controlled isn't the right term here I suppose, as they're not directly controlled. What I mean is, they're the only big party which lays outside of the post-WW2 mealy-mouthed consensus, the only political alternative. My Yakuza comment means that barring the JCP, all the bigger jap parties are nearly indistinguishable. Sadly, just by existing, the JCP lends legitimacy to the farce of Japanese democracy.

I'd say that the modern system is post-1994 rather than post-WWII
This is a good thing, as long as some crisis or whatever causes political consciousness to rise in Japan.
True, in the olden days DPJ would have been just a faction within LDP. Komeito shoudn't even be a party - East Asian socieites and religious cults in politics.
Welcome to bourgeois parliamentary politics.