What causes this?

What causes this?

Avocado toast

Bitterness when the times they are a changing.

Old people don't understand things have changed, and instead attribute the sad state of young people to personal failings

death throws of the dominant society

The baby boomers didn't get the unrealistic future they were promised, and so, they have become angry

The opposite of cultural revolution, the only thing that stops it… Is cultural revolution

Not understanding BASIC ECONOMICS or fuck even mathematics.

boomer scum like this get the bullet.

Haha, does this guy do this a lot? It's hilarious.

What future is that?

We would be in space, we would have this or that, it would be like 2001 by now, economic prosperity promised by the Reagan era, and let's be honest earlier.

They can't blame the system of what they bought into, because that means that the people they feared the most in the 20th century were right. They have to blame the next generation for not making their perpetual prosperity possible instead. Despite how ridiculous that sounds.

a future where capitalism works

The weirdest part is how 4/pol/ just seems to go along with this. You would think they'd dislike the idea of the media trying to guilt them into being a self-hating cuck.

What causes this retardation in capitalists and pundits? I thought these people at least understood "basic economics"?

Da joos hating the future of the white race

Next gen hate is justified. Only millennials think they should be except from it.

Generation X got nowhere near the level of hate as Millenials, reconsider yourself.



It's almost as if most of these articles are using millennial like news anchors say "vibrant youths" when they don't want to say black kids.

It's more like these article titles are generated by some sort of fucking algorithm their so ridiculous sounding.

Gen X caused a satanic panic and the government passed laws on art n' shit kek.

So you're not allowed to point out the ridiculousness of the material conditions that allowed this because "every generation gets hate, and for some obscure reason you shouldn't point out this is silly click bait shit because you deserve it"

I don't think that's how it works.



We really need a millennial schlomo knockoff. I've noticed avocado has become a bit of a meme mocking boomers.

This Millennial headline is my favorite.

comrade millennials! the fedora is bourgeois!

Young people that can't afford things are at fault for not buying things, nothing else.

Generation X was born prior to peak conventional oil production in the US. American society was on the tail-end of the post-WWII boom and things were still looking up economically for the country, which isn't the case anymore, which I suspect leads to some animosity between the generations (millennials think the boomers sucked the plants resources dry and left them nothing, Boomers think millennials are lazy and entitled, etc.).

Generation X was also born well before the internet and the ubiquity of the digital - which causes a pretty big culture gap felt between the Millennials/GenZ and the older generations.

I only know a handful of Gen Xers, but they seem to mostly be 80s kids at heart. I don't think they got the hate that millennials get today, but keep in mind the material reality of the American situation has changed a lot from how it was in the 80s. I think they're also a smaller generation, and one that was ideologically and socially more similar to the Boomers than they are to millennials.



don't millennials crowdfund a lot? it's bossip so it's probably a garbage hot take

I'm assuming that's meant to say "crowdfunding", and if so, I honestly wonder how, because it's something relatively recent.

Neoliberal ideologists that can't understand how they economically fucked over an entire generation.

They were self-hating from the beginning.