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Shit is getting hot. I still believe it is all just banter but at this point it could easily translate into something drastic. The US may try to take out their missile facilities. Possible answer of the DPRK could be to nuke Guam or some other military base, if they don't have time to launch their missiles in case the USA does a surprise attack, they may respond with an attack on South Korea.

Another option for the Pentagon would be to try to kill Kim Jong Un but I have no idea how this could be possible since the DPRK can't be infiltrated.

Is this implying the DPRK is a one man show and Kimmy boy is running it all and no one else wants to attack America?

There could be a situation where they'd be more inclined to stand down if that happened. I think the main issue with Kim not wanting to relinquish any power is 1) the whole familiar dictatorship thing and 2) he would be executed immediately if he did.

His underlings could just pin everything bad they did on him.

No, but that's the American logic. Look at all the US interventions they did in the last years, the Pentagon always applies some Hollywood logic to geopolitics, thinking that when you terminate the supervillian everybody will become freedom-loving burgerslaves. Of course behind that is obviously the idea of stopping a certain policy which is usually associated with a certain individual (like Gaddafi wanting to to fuck with the petrodollar).

Holy shit man, stop watching CNN

I'm not saying I believe all the propaganda but I could easily see them being charged with crimes against humanity regardless of whether it's true or not and they know that.

Oh god, please don't destroy NK PLEASE


Not only petrodollar, but also because he turned down the contract with the French energy companies for some energy infractructure. This was because apparently the french were rude and inconsiderate. Or that is what is the rumor.

That is why the French were the ones to start bombing Libya.

One could wager that the misunderstanding about the Kims is the same as about Stalin.

The logic of Stalin was not that he was some supreme dictator. He was a supreme servant of the people. The western ideologues put this upside down.

OP here, posted a thread on Holla Forums, shit's going wild. I used to use Holla Forums so I know how do disguise well, but I mostly just lurk. Anyways here is the thread.

Why disguise? Face them and discuss them in their safe spaces, maybe it gets them off the Alt-right ride

I wonder if anyone has actually stopped believing in strongly held convictions like the JQ because some leftist shitposted on Holla Forums.

I doubt it's very many.

Already tried that multiple times comrade, these people will fabricate evidence and use shit like "autistic screeching" and "helikoptur rides xDDDD" as counter arguments, you can't discuss anything with these people apart from their backwards ideologies.

Yeah, I thought maybe we could do something, looked into it and all I saw was JOOS, Gummunissi is bad :—-DD and no sign of knowledge of communism. Are they a lost cause?

It's hilarious how quick Holla Forums goes from "fuck liberal warhawks and the military-industrial complex, we're anti war" to run-of-the-mill neocons

Holla Forums is basically a feels over reals board.

Fascists are feels over reals people because they have to be. The ideology is just far to self conflicting and weak.

None of the "before/after" faces look like each other
Inability to recognise faces is a common symptom of autism

Top left a qt


When you do not stand on the same ground that the person you talk with, it is very hard to find a common ground.

Knowing the person you talk to a bit better will give you an opportunity to be more in agreement.

Take for example your average Holla Forumsyp. The levels of alienation he must be living with are a great starting point. Also knowing that right-wing ideas make the believer feel safe, even though they are ultimately against his material interests (economic exploitation).

If anyone of you browsed r9k, then you have way too much ideas on how to approach these people IRL and have a pleasant conversation.

A last remark on getting them on the "materialism vs. idealism", use examples on how various middle class ethnicities view poor and homeless of various ethnicities.

Do the upper middle class whites view the poor and homeless whites as the same people as them? Or do they see them as white trash? Do they even care about the human trash living in poverty? How about upper middle class hispanics, blacks or jews. Surely they as upper middle class are not proprietied class, only the most wealthy servants of the bourgeoisie, but this upper middle class example shows that skin color or ethnicity does not matter in face of socio-economic class.

Using Socratic method of dialogue to make them reach a contradiction of the white supremacy in face of the reality of class society is easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Can someone tell me what cities north korea would target? I'm getting seriously cold war anxiety over here in Portland

i'd imagine the vast majority of millennials that become leftist still look the same.

gotta play up that cultural marxist boogeyman tho

I would argue that the ideology is not weak, just very vaguely defined on purpose.

Mussolini was the kind of guy who went from Jacobin to Royalist to "Republican" again while still following his tenants

Fascism is defined by action rather than theory. "Theory" is just some hand-waving, an enemy to define, an Utopia to dream and a national story. It makes sense, since it's a very Romantic movement in its essence.
Even the most extensive theorician of Fascism - Asser - is terribly non-rigorous and talks about Marxism with clearly having not a clue about it.

And tattoos ! My gosh !

I've argued peacefully with a neolib, a few apolitical and a very "classical right-wing" friend. Knowing them personally and exchanging jobs about our respective ideologies make it easier.
Am succdem with conservative leanings on some irrelevant stuff

L.A. most likely, aswell San Francisco, any major cities on the far west coast, but that comes to question as the tests the DPRK made could barely go over Japan, maybe Japan and South Korea could get fucked.

Also, most likely a missile launch in 2-9h, pic related

Fucking americans, america needs to get destroyed first

Top kek
I don't believe it, it could go everywhere in the world

Keep in mind it could also be a non happening, we all know this has been going on for years.

I meant one very core aspect of it, and that the fascist declaration that they are powerful, and that the enemies of fascism are weak and degenerate. And the persecution cult that fascist need to spread at the same time as their first assertion to mobilize proles


I'm not saying I believe that nonsense, it's a core part of fascist recruiting to say that their enemies are weak and that the fascist are already poised for victory, but need your help. This hides the fact that a lot of their idelas and practices are either self defeating or hard to synthesize

I'm making reference to umberto eco 14 identifiers of fascism number eight, "the enemies of fascism are both strong and weak, i the eyes of fascists.

Was meant to reply to>>2105111

The Norks are threatening grorious Nippon and you tards are surprised 4chans userbase disapproves?

no, after north corea will become libya2.0 :
that action will cause a wave of migrants to china and probably ppl will make war at each other to take power