The Ignorant Schoolmaster

Can somebody explain this book to me? I can't understand it.

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You have to read Nyden and Hegel first.

Nyden? And why?


this sounds like the name of a Dwarf Fortress legend

Bump of interest




Will we ever find out who Nyden is?

This has got to be trollin. There are no prerequisites for this book.

Anyyway, tl;dr: the education system stultifies the youth, you can learn much better on your own, this is proven by several examples.

Recommended for 'how to into theory? folk.


If you read it and don't see how Hegel would aid with comprehension then you didn't understand what you were reading.

Rancière's sentences alone are necessary to understand Rancière's sentences and to express what one has understood about them.

If you can't even understand this book then I think you should just go back and learn English.

You could say that about most of the philosophers. "You haven't read Capital? Well, then I'm not shocked to see that you didn't understand what you are missing reading this book." My point: this is a very beginner friendly book, it is written that way.

Read Hegel you morons

Found this on youtube:

Jacques Rancière's The Ignorant Schoolmaster

I'm not sure if it's any good but how much can you fuck up a book report? I can't have audio now, but will watch it later today, and if there are good parts I'll webm them.

Kek, ironic considering that the book postulates that education is organic and not a "step by step" ridged structure, where you have to have X amount of knowledge to 'know' Y.

Ok. Keep to your autism. I'm not sure that Ranciére is that keen on Hegel, btw. Out of the three Lacanians (Zizek, Badiou, Ranci) he seems the least enthused by him. (But I might be wrong here.)

thank you.

This is a "no stultifying" area, please leave us be.


gotta check this

Is this picture a concise summary of universal teaching?

No, not really, as far as Ranciere is concerned, no…

Also from this channel: Beethoven was black:

(kill me)


Hannibal was Asian, AMA

Now what makes you say that? Sakurako encloses our intelligence with her command, she's clearly an emancipatory master. Knowing her character from the anime she's also ignorant. Her confidence in that merely thinking hard is enough to come up with a good idea echoes Jacotot's claim that all inequality is in the manifestation of intelligence and not the capacity, that is, the difference between the genius and the imbecile is the attention given to the task, the will exerted.


He attacks the idea of explication in the book. Which makes this thread quite ironic.

That's the joke, fam

It's a critique of the idea that a central body (be it a party, an intelligentsia, a state) is the true holder/arbiter of knowledge and that said knowledge should be regulated and then transferred from subject to subject. He says all learning is self-learning and that one only learns through struggle. Or some shit like that.

Same with "I can't" and "understand." It was deliberate.

So what's up with the last two chapters?

Let's learn Esperanto! Repeat after me: "La", "La riĉaĵo", "La riĉaĵo de", "La riĉaĵo de la", "La riĉaĵo de la socioj…"

More seriously, did any of you ever use the exercises described in the book? Have you ever improvised? Wrote an essay about art using random passages from SICP and Landau's Mechanics? Improve the unity of feeling of a painting?



Nobody? :(