North Korea says Donald Trump's latest comments are 'clearly a declaration of war'

North Korea says Donald Trump's latest comments are 'clearly a declaration of war'

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I do wonder to what extent NK is baiting a US response, I still really doubt they intend to start anything.

I don't know how I'd feel about WW3 being kicked off because a wrinkly orange made a twitter comment. This is my fucking life now. This is all of our lives. Somehow this is the timeline we ended up in.

It's fine. We're all depressed here. At least we have each other.

My speculation is they want to make the US do something stupid and get the rest of the world pissed off.

Slightly disappointed the norks don't have ICBM ready nukes yet. Could potentially derail the whole plot arc but it does add to suspense.

Maybe we're about to approach the sharp end of "you live in the most absurd world because all other possibilities have been destroyed"

It's not a speculation. It's the truth. They want to reunificate the korean peninsula because they won't last much longer like this. They want the us out of their way tho. Truth be told is china that doesn't want us influence in that peninsula. It's a proxy cold war. Reminder that the korean peninsula is one of the best strategic points in the world

North Korea somehow nukes Japan and get destroyed by everyone, that would be the best.

Japan would get excuse to re-militarize again.

How is this "the best".

Even without the nukes a Korean War 2 would be messy as fuck. Despite air superiority, North Korea, shocking as it may sound, legitimately has more fucking tanks than the United States. The US has somewhere around the ball park of 2,000+ tanks.

North Korea? 3,000+. Not to mention the universe of mines that they have surrounding their nation, and they have at their disposal. Not to mention the fact they could go to the mountains like they did in the first war.

And let's not even start about their army, becauuse it's not like Iraq or Libya, it's fucking enormous as well.

Anyone who thinks, even without the nuclear capabilities this is a good ass plan, here's another fucking dimension: Who takes over after Kim.

North Korea has no real ethnic tensions, but it does have regional tensions. After all the dead Koreans, in simulations about 20,000 dead for each day the war goes on, you would have different regions in North Korea scrambling to get to power. The end result could be anything from constant internal strife for a very long time, or AN EVEN FURTHER BALKANIZATION OF KOREA, as different tiny regions of North Korea declare themselves autonomous.

Either way, this ends in more dead Koreans then the first Korean War. And the first Korean War was basically a genocide.



This is Holla Forums-tier psychotic LARPing

It's not shocking that NK has more of a type of vehicle that the US no longer gives much of a fuck about.

America's peepee is threatened by anyone who doesn't worship it.

Don't you all know that this is just spectacle?

God bless you Josef Stalin, your legacy is intact!

The only way to wake the sleeping dragon is to poke it.

There are nearly 10 million living in Seoul which is within shelling distance of the DPRK so millions is a foregone conclusion.

This is gonna be so Iraq war 2 so it hurts.

Yeah, m8, these thousands of tank saved Saddam.

Still, with the amount of tanks North Korea has, the amount of mines, the sheer size of the army.

Ground War becomes an impossibility going in without aircraft to deploy troops into, it would be a massacre for both sides of the war.

So what I'm getting at is even if America wants to risk the third nuclear weapon used in actuality in the history of all our civilizations, we still have an impossible route of actually getting in. It's tanks and troops and mines would mow anyone down.

So, why? Why prep about a war you would suffer heavy losses from.

Are you fucking kidding? you think the anti-air of DPRK can stop US Air force and US Navy?

but think of the profits to be made for the war contractors! and there's the whole exterminism/thinning the herd argument. what are we supposed to do with all these obsolete workers?

Not forever, no. But losses on both sides would be significant, yes. That is what I'm saying. What people underestimate is just how well prepared North Korea is at going to war at any point in time.

I mean, I forgot to mention that North Korea also has a sizable amount of military submarines.

Saddam has the world's 3rd or 4th biggest army at the time when Bush was invading.

And that army was actually better funded than NK one.

A North Korea war would be a massacre, for the Norks.

Which will sink the 7th fleet I presume?

The difference is size and region. North Korea is unlike Iraq, because Iraq is sizable, North Korea is not. And in the first war, they retreated into the mountains. Which made spotting them near impossible. True we have drones now, but an army of drones trying to sift all the mountains in the area would be practically ridiculous.

I'm not pulling all of this out of my ass here, I'm going on current simulations on what a North Korean war would look like. And the simulations do show heavy losses for anyone going in.

Iraq and North Korea are completely fucking different.

The US will probably fuck up in their nation building attempt, sure, but the conventional will be a massacre for the norks.

They are surrounded by enemies (America, S. Korea, Japan and Australia) and and unwilling allies (China, Russia), this is actually a worse situation than Saddam was in.

The fact Iraq is sizeable was an advantage for Saddam, btw, all those hills and closed up valleys mean thousands of tanks being wortheless.

Which isn't even calculating the losses of surrounding regions North Korea would attack because they're basically holding them as collateral damage/revenge for anyone attacking them.


Which will make everyone else angrier because it's not the military of USA, Japan and S. Korea that will be suffering damages, but the city people.

It will create a rallying cry for the right wingers "those damn commies finally gun and did it!"

Yes, I never denied that. But it would be a massacre for anyone going in as well. The amount of mines concentrated in the area is larger than any one place on Earth, you think they won't use that to their advantage? The only way forward is Naval battle, and then they could just go back to what they did and go into the mountains, which would require air support. And the North Koreans are fully capable of shooting down planes, drones, etc.

There's a reason the first Korean War lasted two years. Do you honestly think the US military is prepared to go in and save the day just like that?

Like I said, all the simulations show that anyone on the offensive of a North Korean war would suffer heavy casualties, not even considering nukes.

If America attacks first, there's willing to be debate about it. Just like the Iraq War.

IF America attacks first.

If Kim decides to get smart and gets baited by Trump to attack, well…

You have a point with the mines, but honestly, mines have never stopped any advance in modern warfare, only delay it.

And if the norks want to play hide and seek in the mountain, let them, as long as America controls their city and farmland, the norks can eat dirt and starve themselves out.

Or at least this is how I go, modern America military has some really shitty humantanarian policy, they will probably allow Doctors without borders or some NGO to take care of injured norks.

I don't think Kim is confident enough to attack first. Because even though they have a strategic advantage over an offensive, it still wouldn't last forever, and consolidating power would be near impossible as regional conflicts that have always existed rip North Korea apart.

Portland Oregon isn't a nuclear target, r-right guys? I don't wanna get norked because of a fucking tweet

Kim is probably insane if he thinks he has any advantage at all save for a complete destruction of Seoul for a first strike.

Still, the guy thinks Trump is declaring war via Twitter, if he takes that seriously, he plays into Trump's hands.

Which is my point. All simulations of war with North Korea show a catastrophic loss of life. This isn't a tiny military, North Korea has 1.2 million soldiers in its military, and 200,000 "special operations" troops. Getting to the point of even occupying would be messy.

You're not understanding how messy this would be.

Nork and China lack ability to hit anywhere that is not mainland Asia or Japan.

Well, the Pacific Islands.

The thing is catastrophic loss of life for who?

The americans can have their burgers transported from Japan/S. Korea or the 7th fleet by noon.

The average nork soldier has to go farm by himself if he wants to play hide and seek in the mountain.

I don't think attacking Seoul is really an end-goal for NK. From what I understand they view the South Koreans as their imperially enslaved/brainwashed brethren. Doesn't mean that NK wouldn't target military bases in SK, but I don't see them shelling their kinfolk if they can avoid it.

Japan on the other hand would be a primary target.

I'm saying both. Any offensive military willing to go in, and North Korea. That's why I said "messy".

I wonder what will happen to Japan's Communist party when this happens? Will they be like the socialist parties in Europe in 1914 and capitulate to nationalism?

Seoul is probably the safest target due to all the guns already point to it.

The norks can nuke Tokyo, but very unlikely if that's possible.

And shelling the military bases in S. Korea and Japan require them to mobilize their guns elsewhere before they strike, and everyone can notice their movement clear as day.

Saddam barely armed his military, and afaik had way fewer tanks. They didn't even employ the chemical weapons they supposedly had, let alone ever test any nukes. Iraq couldn't even beat Iran in the '80s, and by the 2000s their forces were depleted.

Why do people still buy this? NK can clearly now strike the west coast.


Their missiles barely shoot out Japan.

Because the number of anti nuke counter measures the US has, our cruise missles not being visible to North Korea etc. The amount of cruise missiles at disposal. If they want to hit a military port city like San Diego, they would have to fire multiple nukes, and wasting nukes isn't an option for them.

Well, pic says it all, look at the casualties.

This should be good. What counter measures?

Supposedly, anti-nuke missile shield.

It wouldn't have worked when the SU has hundreds to thousands of nukes.

But one or two is definitely in the scope.

I just said. Cruise missiles. Shooting large chunks of debris into orbit to prematurely detonate the ICBM. Anti-ballistic missile technology already exists en masse. Vandenberg could probably intercept multiple.

It would play right into the right winters hands, I would say.

Abe himself is a right wing nut disguised as a neoliberal, so this is a god bless to him.

Probably. I see a lot of the developed nations around the world inching closer to nationalism every day - and let's be real, Japan has always been a country where nationalism/cultural heritage is celebrated. The constant, daily threat (or just perceived threat) of being nuked/attacked by NK will be all the fear-engine that a strong military nationalist party needs to get into power, and if they agree to buy enough American weapons I find it unlikely that NATO/world powers would be upset by their increased militarization. Good for business all around. Heck maybe they'll finally start up Gehirn in earnest.

It's like poetry

Japan already produces their own weapons, heck they sell weapons to Vietnam.

NK's biggest oversight is probably underestimating Japan, which has always been more right wing than S. Korea.

you do know they can barely hit their own target missles during tests in which they know where it will be ahead of time??

That shows that they cannot hit ALL targets and project a complete defense, not that they cannot hit any target at all.

Unlikely, it's more like he's going to become the new shogun and rallies the people from Kyoto, Osaka, Nagasaki and Kyushu…

You know the other populated areas of Japan that aren't Tokyo.

Abe's a reactionary but I doubt he would try to restore feudalism. Have Japanese fascists ever really looked on the last days of the Tokugawa Shogunate with anything but contempt? After all it was the Shogunate that sold the Japanese out to Western exploitation post Perry.

The shogun is just a standing for the supreme military commander.

This position has only been ousted when the americans come in, and even then it's more like the americans replace the shogun, not destroy the position altogether.

The emperor, historically, have never made much decision regarding military matter.

I feel like they could easily just disavow the shogunate as being degenerated. A lot of the fascists internalize Spenglerian views of the world as cyclically decaying and rebirthing. I don't know if many japanese read Spengler, but I'd imagine they see their own rise and fall and potential rise again as intuitively cyclical.

Also makes me think of Russian reactionaries during 1917 who acknowledged that the tsar was incompetent, but still wanted a new tsar anyways. The faith in the institution of authority supersedes any of its historical failures.

I understand it literally means "general" but the is the position after almost a millennia not inexorably tied to the Feudal social order and production?

Yeah, that fits with an army as ill-equipped as Iraq's whose last military victory was against a country with pretty much no defense.

Tojo was the shogun despite not being called one, as an example.

You guys place too much importance on word, and not the equivalence in their history.

Come on, not like North Korea did better in their war.

They only kept their land through the help of the chinks.

It would be great if that translated into a meaningful defense.

Before UN intervention the norks roflstomped the south

The amount of armchair generals in this thread is hilarious. Are people seriously comparing a potential Second Korean War with the Gulf War? Seriously the only problem the DPRK may have is a fuel shortage. They are constantly depended on Chinese oil. The DPRK is a small mountainous country with almost a third of their population under arms, with lots of chokepoints, they can't be rushed like Saddam.

Also, they will never nuke Seoul as that goes against Juche ideology.

they wont have to if we nuke it first


And also note that in the period before China intervened, the Norks had been fighting SK, the US, and UN forces and winning. The UN eventually turned the tables, but were screwed as soon as China came in - which didn't take much longer, because the US had (in hilarious incompetence) been ignoring them and accidentally bombing their stuff.

This is so predictable. No one reads baudrillard WHY???

Technically they've been at war for over 50 years though, right?

You are right.

The best case scenario would be to nuke Yellowstone and every other super volcano in the world at the same time.


THAAD is the hot new piece of DARPA shit that the US has been installing everywhere. For the past decade (or more?) they've been installing THAAD missile shields in Poland, the Baltic, and South Korea (off the top of my head, I'm sure there are more), pissing off Russia and China immensely.

Putin here mentions a missile system in Romania, and elaborates a little on the international nuclear situation. The way he describes it, the US has developed mid-range nuclear-capable missile systems that can function automatically, launching interceptors on detection, then immediately launching a nuclear response with miniaturized warheads that can be fit to Tomahawk cruise missiles. As he puts it, basically any cruise-missile capable platform can now be a nuclear platform, and even if the American missile defense systems don't work now, if or when they do function, their global missile shield basically renders every other nuclear power inert because the US can just shoot the missiles down before they reach the relative safety of the edge of the atmosphere.

This is taking him at face value, but it seems to me that the anxiety produced in Moscow and Beijing by the existence and proximity of these installations speaks to some kind of operational efficacy. IMO, Washington agrees, and I would speculate that it's due at least in part to the "asymmetric response" that Putin mentions, which I believe are the supersonic cruise missiles Russia and China are both working on to take out these systems and platforms directly rather than try and create expensive new ICBMs to counteract them.

Not that I'm an expert, but this is what I've seen and read.

fukk bois. i can't wait for the party to start!

can't wait to see this guy's response

wtf are you talking about. North Korea’s basically landlocked by Japanese territorial waters.

It's geographically contiguous with both Russia and China. Traveling by road from Dandong NK to Beijing would take less than ten hours, and it's less than a two-hour trip between Pyongyang and Beijing. Having an unified Korea allied with the US would pose a serious existential threat for China. I would imagine that the air fields in SK are capable or could be made capable of servicing and launching B-52s, so just imagine a flight of those arriving over Beijing in two hours or less, with any one packing enough explosives on its own to devastate the city. That's to say nothing of the damage they could do all along China's coast, where a majority of their population and infrastructure are.


I was talking about a strategic position. Not mineral reserves.


Posadas was right, this better happen

It doesn't matter. North Korea won't attack first because they aren't crazy enough to do so, and the US won't attack first because they aren't willing to fight China. It's literally just two fat autists flinging shit at each other.

business as usual

theyre totally gonna do it this time guys, no really this time is totally different from all of the other times!

plus people forget the fact that there are no tensions in the dprk like there were in iraq (shia-sunni) for the us to take advantage of



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is that where its from? I pulled it off 420chan years ago

What's the farthest they can throw an actual nuke tho? The missiles that can reach the West Coast sure as fuck can't deliver.


he's a big guy

The Japs used Korea as an entry point into Manchuria in the 30's. If the Americans controlled it they'd have an easier time invading China.

Rape of Nanking 2.0 is now called liberation of Nanking.

this is just more saber rattling so they can quietly dump another 700Bn$ on the Defence industry, come on, stop getting baited by neocons of all people

Nah it'll probably have a retarded codename like Operation Forthcoming Maelstrom