Okay, Jokes Over Rebel You got us

Now come out of retirement please

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I want Rebel's boipussy.

More like substitutive childhood that is.

Rebel wanted to dox users from Holla Forums for "fun" - the guy is unstable. Pic related.

When I did this with contrapoints or when roo did this with anarcopac hypocrites called us reactionary.

He wanted to do it because he was butthurt that the board wasn't giving him enough attention, just like all of his suicide threads and piss poor raid attempts. He was a faggot of ebin proportions.

To be clear, you said you were against trans people. Which, no matter what you meant by it, came off very badly even on here.

So Rebel and Yuiposter both became crossdressers and "pinkpilled" and are hardly communists anymore?

Rebel and Yui changed their beliefs literally weekly, I don't know why people expected any different.

I don't know what the fuck you guys are on about in regards to yui - he is and always has been both a crossdresser and a Hegelian.

I imagine it was probably more traumatic for Rebel, who came off as more-or-less an orthodox Christian.

Yep. That sounded pretty bad.

I hate to break it too you but Soren Kierkegaard died in 1855.

He was never religious.

oh wait this is about some youtube guy

So he became a girl. A sad girl is cute, a sad guy is just sad.

Rebel isn't really a christian. He's in constant self-doubt, kierkegaards leap of faith provided him with something to latch onto.

Pretty much this. Rebel was never actually a communist. He didn't read any theory at all, just Kierkegaard.

Is that right? I honestly never got that impression that he was not Christian.

Is Kierkegaard worth reading? Is he leftist at all?

Not to my knowledge.

Zizek likes him though.

He was a christian, reading scripture and such, talking fondly about Jesus and shitting on muslims.

Don't know, it was hard to get any actual information on Kirkergård out of Rebel, except "le leap of faith"

If you're into general philosophy then apparently, it won't be useful for leftist though.

What the actual fuck is wrong with Roo.
Do you have any links about this?

It's just friendly banter m8.

It's on his twitter. He misgendered the guy. Roo did nothing wrong this time imho

Wasn't Rebel gangbanged by some guys in public

What kind of Christian does that

Yes, and he tried turning around and saying it was rape afterwards.

I have a hard time believing any of this actually happened.

Anarchopac talks in their videos about being abused by their homophobic father for not being straight, who they are still forced to live with due to economic disability and the fact that Anarchopac has a physical disability. Do you not think that there could in fact be severe and crippling consequences to them being doxxed? Like them being kicked out of his house or being physically beaten by their father? Put this in the context of Roo misgendering Anarchopac on twitter.
Do you think Roo stopped to think about the implications of his actions beyond his own little masturbatory simulacrum world?
No because him and people like him only care about people in the abstract and in a way which allows them to justify their own feelings of self-worth.

But its just friendly banter amirite lmao. lol look at this triggered idpol feminist first-worlder writing a paragraph in response to greentext.

I think it's true. It was around that time that he started talking in this kind of babytalk on twitter and the girls whom I know who do that have all been abused.

Why are people who take their trap fetish to real life always the most mentally unstable people out there?

Rebel absurdity was always super depressed and an alcoholic and everyone thought it was kind of cute so nobody cared.

nope. Kierkegaard himself said he didn't give a shit about Communists. "Lol, who cares about Politics LMAO, lets just wear dresses and masturbate all day" ~ Kierkegaard, speaking to the king of Denmark.

Well he said it did, you can probably still find it on his curiouscat, but he said he went out with the intention to get raped to prove he could withstand anything, and he got raped, and then he felt sad.

Rebel doesn't post here, I'm pretty sure he got permabanned after he threatened to rape catgirldrawfag.

Whether or not he was explicitly leftist doesn't make him not worth reading your fucking illiterate ideologues.

I just looked up "pinkpill" and it's literally just clinically depressed reddit/tumblr irony "commies" who buy into the flip side of the r/incel bullshit, as in they're so tied up in their depression that they want to "become the GF" and force everyone to be "pinkpilled" as well. Autogynophilia is fucking legit, these people aren't trannies in any way, they're emotionally scarred young adults who, from years of obsessing over trap porn now want to permanently feminize themselves because they see no other way out of their depression (which ofc continues into their new womanhood)
TL;DR It's peak fucking alienation

Whoa really made me think. I'm just gonna stop being trans now lol

Jesus christ, they told me he was crazy… But holy shit I didn't think this levels of crazy

I'm pretty sure the "pinkpill" is just HRT

It is. This is just hyperbolic concern trolling.

Once a girl in the street said hi to him and he just turned and ran as fast as he could.

Is this actually Rebel?

I saw pictures of Rebel before he turned gril, and I'm almost sure that's him

You have to go back

Oh come on…

being this gullible in 2017


But I'm mentally ill! The trap porn has damaged my impressionable degenerate mind and I must now go seek conversion therapy for being a spooked degenerate!(USER WAS BANNED FOR BEING A DEGENERATE)

Who's this?

It's Rebel

Seriously though if you post on #pinkpill that's quite the obvious case

Holy shit. He's good looking. He got gangbanged in public before or after becoming a trap?

Whoa, owned

Getting gangbanged made him look like that. Chicken and egg thing.

So many levels to this. So he was gay, not Autogynephiliac

That is one good looking babilitat.

It's not really rebel, friends. I'm just trolling.

But all trans people are actually just super gay dudes, amirite fellow leftists?

No shit. People on this board are as gullible as ever.

It is, newfriend

where can i find his old videos?


wow that hormone therapy worked really fast

Well it's kind of a super gay thing to become a woman. You don't need to understand gender dysphoria at academic levels to be a leftist.

No, but you should try to understand it before making stupid assumptions.

It sure is super gay to change your gender and not necessarily even be attracted to the same sex amirite fellow leftists?

LOL epic trole xD

muke knows way more Marxism than rebel ever did these days


Rebel never claimed to be a Marxist.

Are you high?

I'm pretty sure he's right. I think he was one of the Hegelian types. He was a market socialist type and then a post-keynesian.

back in the before times when rebel first started posting here he made a youtube video where he called himself a luxemburgist.

He's definitely never read any Hegel.

He was originally a Marxist, then had a brief phase as an anarchist, then back to Marxist again, then took a pretentious "I'm better than all of it" position until the downfall.

Strangely enough, quite a few leftists were influenced in some way by him in some way (Adorno probably the most well known and sorta for Sartre). Most of the time the bad rap he gets here is due to his association with Rebel.

Why are you so defensive about this? I've seen him, I know it's him.

What is a Hegelian type?

He wasn't Marxist, just a huge Camus fanboy

Since when left means being a faggot? Yes it's super gay

This. Also, some cool leftists like Camus and Raoul Vaneigem like him, so I guess he is worth reading if you have the necessary background (Hegel)

I meant it in the sense that he wasnt really a Marxist, but liked talking in terms of "dialectic" "contradiction", and other Hegelian buzzwords.

after reading all of this i just want to give him a hug or be supportive in some way atleast, just wish i knew how.

j.w if you're reading this please don't be afraid, i won't tell anyone. i'll try keeping an eye out for you, please get help if you really were raped

U should become reb's bf m8


user 16 Apr
shit you've been raped? I'm sorry for you
I kind of went out with the purpose of it though, I guess I wanted to prove I could go through anything and have it not traumatise me, and I was right. It was a dark period in my life.

user 16 Apr
How many sexual partners have you had?
does rape count?

user 4 May
Whats your most degenerate kink?
u mean other than rape?¿ It depends how far you´re willing to go… my limit is my eyeballs being damaged

user 16 Apr
rape doesn't count
then, 5

but it's more than likely he made up everything for attention,

now that whole fiasco with catgirl makes more sense. He was just flirting.


So ok, he got raped intentionally, to prove a point. And was so traumatized that he became Autogynephiliac as a result of this experience?
Jesus that's fucked up on so many levels I can't fucking count. Also how can a man get raped so easily? In the us if I walk in a park at night I will get raped?

isn't rebel a 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧proto-yank🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧?

No, he became autogynephiliac because his parents preferred his abusive sister.


maybe you should go out and intentionally get raped to prove to yourself how easy it is.

we really need a resident Freudfag to walk us through these living balls of pathology 8ch seems to attract

So basically they raped him when she was already a trap? That ugly, she looked cute

I often sleep on park benches when I'm drunk during summer. Never got raped.

Rebel is an Englishmen. So full blown Anglo.

Kinda looks like him, but I don't think it's him. I won't believe it untill I see a timestamp. Knowing his ego and attention whoring he would timestamp too.

I guess you answered your question.

Why tho

the english = proto-yanks

Rebel would lie a lot too. I don't think he was raped, that just sounds like a story he made up for attention tbqh.

I'm probably one of the few people who actually misses him and found his shitposts kind of funny. Yeah, that whole drama with xexizy was kind of ridiculous and he had some pretty big issues, but I just wish he would have talked to a shrink more than anything.

What a little slut.

Doesn't Rebel come from a line of rich French aristocrats who then fled to England? I remember him saying it

Need a recap


I remember he found and read some nobody that supposedly overcame Stirner, just to feel special

What a cunt

Would bang tho

Prob another lie tbh.

Muke made the "ur fat" meme and Rebel lost his mind. Jesus, I forgot what a baby he was. Classic old drama.

I just hope he's alright and feels nice.
i care about you rebel

Fuck , Kawoshin melts my heart

They use to be friends.
Then Rebel came on Holla Forums, called him a pseud who couldn't read, and publicly shat on him. Then Xexizy showed up with his Lenin hat flag, and was like, "I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS". Rebel whispered, "No….".
Then they had a war of words on twitter, and I think they told each other kill themselves a couple times. About a month later, each pretended they never had any feelings for the other, and they always thought the other was a phony. It was all very dramatic and almost resembled a lovers spat.

It's pretty clear that muke was in love with him

Rebel was a piece of garbage and I'm quite disappointed with everyone in this thread for thinking that he was anything other then garbage.

~90% of his posts were irrelevant rubbish, often involving Kierkegaard or killing himself.
Worse yet, the bastard dragged this issues into the otherwise peaceful IRC.
If the damn attention whore was not threatening to kill himself, he was bragging about all the men that supposedly wanted to fuck him and when he was not doing that, he was saying some creepy shit about wanting to rape and murder that cat-girl draw-fag that used to come here.
He is much better off now, selling his body cheap to make rent and not bothering us here.

Yui and Ismail are the only two trig-fags that used to frequent this board anyone here should miss.

There is literally nothing wrong with that, friend.


There legit was a flirt between them, not just from Muke.

Holy fuck she's hot. Women are obsolete in 2017. Just LOL if you spend money on a biological woman.

you need feminism my negro

Every time.

I don't agree with the tank engine but come on nigger you can be a communist without having to understand or care about LGBT shit.

tfw Rebble once sent me pics of him cutting himself

Did you save it?

I might have the link in my IRC logs but I didn't save them at the time.

This seems like a relevant time to dig through them.

fellas, we gotta end alienation

I miss Yui

illegalize homosexuality


Sometimes I feel if it was empirically proven that some cases of dysphoria are caused by alienation they wouldn't give a shit about it.

Talking about him honestly makes me depressed.
When I was but a young user proto-leftist surfing the inter webs, he, along with the original Holla Forums cadre where the ones who led me here. From the stand point of a dumb kid, he seemed so smart an eloquent, he became a real standout individual for me. I never got to see him post on Holla Forums, because by the time I started to brave this place he was already in the lower half of his decent, so I only knew him from you-tube.

I get he could be full of shit at some points, but I still feel melancholic when I hear comrades lash into him so bitterly. It's shit enough when your leftist sense goes full CWC on you.
I only wish I could meet him in person and get to know the real him, not this horrid internet being. I wish I could thank him, or whats left of "him", for sending me off on this ordeal.

Leftists Gone Wrong

does it make me a poser if I like reading Kierkegaard despite being a materialist?

No because you should act like God exists while knowing he doesn't exist. It all about ethics friendo.



Can someone confirm whether or not this is actually rebel/nasu?

Yui's active on twitter, follow him there

Is Rebel actually Nasu?
I never got clarification on that.

What's his twitter handle?


Rebel nowadays

Most realistic post in this thread. Honestly leftypol has been trending downwards and if I'd have to say the biggest reason it'd be because of the e-celebs. The only real utility of this board is the introduction, disbursement and discussion of theory, and how we should approach current challenges in relation to the theoretical lessons learnt from history. Now I know this board was never hundred percent committed to that, which is all fine, but the e-celeb stuff appears to be a big distraction. When I first came on here about 2 years ago, before muke and rebel started in earnest, this place used to have not just more theory threads, but nmore theory threads with productive discussion. At least with past tripfags, whilst still having a tendency to attention-whore, didn't appear to do so on so many platforms, and actually had a fairly decent grasp on which topic or the other they tended to pop up into. If leftypol were an actual movement (and thank God it isn't), xexizy and rebel would be the biggest opportunists, knowing very little, but taking upon themselves the authority of representing things they neither know about nor believe in.

he was literally just an annoying tripfag that made some ok youtube videos

he was literally just someone who was mildly more smart than muke and that's really saying much

The wokest take ITT

Way to go guys, next time you'll make Howard stick his dick in a power socket I hope

This. Rebel was a gigantic fucking faggot, though I'm not sure Yui had any redeemable qualities.

Yeah, he kept saying that, but then about a month before he left, he tweeted about how he imagined that actual Stirnerist weren't sociopaths and nice people, and that he saw some similarities with Kierkegaard. As for what he meant by that, damned if I know.

When I first came to Holla Forums, I thought Yui was one of the genius posters here because he wrote long posts with big words and referenced Hegel a lot. Don't remember what he posted about though.

Rebel had a lot of problems, but I genuinely thought he knew what we has talking about wrt Kierkegaard.

I just remembered Yui made some really embarrassing post about similarities between Stirner and Zizek, got called out by Freud poster and he basically lost any respect I had for him after that.

Generally speaking, namefags like Yui and Rebel did make some good posts, sometimes, but they were also massive faggots. By naming themselves both their shortcomings and their talents were on display.

And after looking through numerous post histories, people that write some expansive, elucidating posts in one thread, go right on to shitpost like brain dead retards in another.