Anti-racist but anti-femminist

Can I get an example of racism in the modern world? because I can make plenty of examples of sexism. Why is being racist and "misgendering" is considered, on this board, worse than sexism? That btw is a real world problem. It's a legit question because I hear a lot of people here being anti-idpol but then defending everything that isn't femminism. I want to understand the trend being openly femminist but not giving a fuck about the rest. Femminism btw not in the tumblr third wave sense. You really can't say that this is because i'm white or something like that being a "minority" my self. Pic not related.

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Uh, well black burgers are more likely to get fucked at every step of the legal system, from first interception with cops to chances of parole for good behavior.
Ok, so why didn't you?
Depends on the example of sexism. You should be comparing like to like.
What do you mean by this?
I thought you just said the trend here is the opposite? Or do you mean the wider trend in the left?

I honestly don't know what you're asking OP.


Black Americans receive 10-20% longer prison sentences for similar crimes committed under similar circumstances compared to other ethnic groups.

men also get much harsher prison sentences but nobody calls that sexism

The trend here is: No femminism, yes the rest. I'm the exact opposite.
In italy we get two cases of femicide every day
I hate the word but it's the only one I can come up with.
Germany has even more if i'm not wrong.
And this is europe. The middle east or the third world in general is not even worth mentioning because you already know.
Plus you guys know what return of the kings and the roosh forum is? Go take a look.
Plus rapes are still high as fuck everywere in the world.
well black burgers are more likely to get fucked at every step of the legal system, from first interception with cops to chances of parole for good behavior.
Maybe then it's a problem only of your country?


What are you trying to say?

It probably is sexism tho

Why this board is so anti-femminism, but pro everything else when it comes to idpol? Because if femminism is idpol than geneder struggles, racism and everything like that is idpol, but that is ok. Femminism is a nono


We're almost all against retarded supremacy shit like African Nationalism or Woman Nationalism (a lot of feminism). I think most of us who are against feminism in general think that the less overtly shitty feminism has good intentions but starts from faulty premises, where they see the bad things that are specific to women but ignore the bad things that are specific to men (or worse incorporate them into a theory of why men have it better) and construct a belief system where men are the equivalent of the bourgeoisie exploiting women.

You are a faggot. It's funny that female homicide is femicide in italy but male homicide is not malecide
Let's see, male homicidebis like 4 times higher. Those males get killed for I don't know stuff like crime? So end mugger priviledge? End drug dealer priviledge? You see how fucking retarded the le femicide Xd stuff is?

Well people still didn't answer me, so it's pretty fucking legit. Women hate threads are ok, post about how women are sluts are ok, post with pic of a rape story from reddit with replies that say she deserved it is ok. But misgendering a trap or calling him/her sick in the head it's not ok. Why? It's pretty much a fact that traps and transexual are mentally ill, plus most of the time they are fucking disgusting. I'm not saying we should shoot them, i'm just pointing out the fact that alcholic are mentally ill too but they don't get a pride parade for some reason. Same goes with racism: casual racism outside of image boards culture is Holla Forums, and often only when it comes to blacks, but calling girls sluts is ok. Fuck mild pedophilia is even ok . But if you call a black guy something bad your thread gets anchored. Idpol sucks, but you can't hate on idpol only when it comes to femminism and accept as integral part of the left everything else

The president of the USA right now was and continues to be endorsed by David Duke. A couple years ago, a white supremacist shot up a church. White supremacist groups have been upping the propaganda for a few years now.

It's obvious that racism still exists and affects people. In the areas of philosophical and interpersonal racism, it actually seems to be pretty bad right now in the US.

Internationally, you can observe it, too - in the politics of Robert Mugabe, in German conservatism (during Grexit, a Die Welt article lamented the Greeks' supposed lack of whiteness and tried to disown them as Europeans, Merkel herself has pandered to the "anti-multiculturalism" crowd who usually have a color-coded concept of "culture"), in North Korean ideology… as a philosophy, it is poisonous garbage, used by elites to control and divide.

As for institutional racism in the US, it's closely tied to class and this can get murky. But it's still an element which contributed a lot to the way class functions in modern American society. It's foolish to think we wouldn't still see the effects that a century or more of open white supremacy which only ended within living memory has caused and try to point the blame elsewhere.

Race is generally a poor thing to compare to sex.
Also, that disparity is generally acknowledged to be a relic of chivalry afaik. Tell me how you'd address it, if you like - do you give women harsher sentences or rapidly give all men softer sentences at the risk of being smeared as "soft on crime"?

We are full of retards who came from GamerGate or just want to appeal to Holla Forums and think feminism is always fat, dyed-haired SJWs with "problem" glasses. It's unfortunate but for some reasons the mods don't ban them despite being "economically leftist but socially rig‌ht" is a bannable offence.

Many of us here are feminists and despite what others want you to believe you we have always been here.

In my experience these anti-feminists also whine about pronouns and consider transpeople to be subhumans and will shit on anti-racism too. I'm sure someone will point out that they are all idpol too, as they usually do.

Of course if you are a leftist you will be for the emancipation of everyone, which obviously means that all forms of discrimination will have to end, be it based on sex, gender, race, ethnicity or anything else. Otherwise you are either a spineless liberal or outright reactionary.

Over 90% of inmates are men, bruh. Here's a fairly recent study on the phenomenon.

Of course this is just on sentencing and doesn't include things like probability of being arrested or convicted in the first place, and it's also generalist and doesn't really look into crimes with a highly gendered perception of criminality like domestic violence or child abuse.

Buuuulllshiiiit, the rampant identity politics of other online communities has meant that this board has pretty much always been vehemently against liberal feminism and even spatterings of socialist feminism caught in the crossfire.

No you fucking idiot. It's totally different. One thing is a passion crime, another thing is homicide on the streets. Now if I said this about blacks? Whites get killed too by cops,even more than blacks. Whitelivesmatter? No this is ban worthy, your post is ok

I never said it was feminist you illiterate retard, but it was never anti-feminist either.

I know; I was shitposting. You can't "other" the opposite sex the same way you can with other races because you necessarily have a gender-heterogenous society.

I could give a fuck about being seen as soft on crime. As far as the issue of prisons go, I think the more important thing to do than "balance" the sentences is just fix the inherent problems with prisons. That's much more likely to be effective anyway. Given the disproportionate prison populations one would be numerically much more justified in calling prisons a "men's issue" than one would be to call e.g. sexual assault a "women's issue".

Maybe men commit more crimes in the first place?

it's ok being against idpol, another thing it's being against feminism only and being ok with debating over misgendering stuff. Look at what happened with roo.

But I agree, with the exception of race in the us and sex I don't see a legit form of discrimination.

I can tell by your ledditspacing and this that you are quite clearly new to the board, the majority of the board has been anti-feminist essentially since its conception and the demographics are only starting to shift quite recently. I remember laughing my arse off when Holla Forums came to shill here and then later the anons posted about how they must have "redpilled" us on feminism and were actually subverting the board for noticing opinions it has always held.

You make n1x and rebel look like quality posters.

maybe blacks commit more crimes in the first place? ::DDD

Open your eyes, retard, there's more to the world than Europe and the USA.

What does men committing more crime (they do) have to do with them getting longer sentences for similar crimes? Use your fucking head.

I've been here since the first day and there were always feminists here. Stop with your revisionism retard.

Patriarchy doesn't exist. Well off white women have always been just ass bad as any porky with a dick.

I'm not racist
Tbh I changed my opinon on them recently, I think they'll never get what they want so they will accept whatever form of anti capitalism will be present.
No I don't. I just want to let them be. They are just useful idiots. They got memes on their side, i'm not scared of them
So was engels

Well… They actually do. Not because of race but material conditions.

Same goes with femminism, there is more than blue haired dykes

All Spartan women, not just the richest, would have taken advantage of helot labour to perform the domestic tasks that elsewhere in Greece would have fallen to free women.[33] Activities such as weaving which were considered women's work elsewhere in Greece were not considered fit for free women in Sparta.[34] Therefore, women were more preoccupied with governance, agriculture, logistics and other sustenance tasks.

Slave ownership in the South, however, added a crucial element that separated the nation’s women by allowing Southern women to embody the ideal housewife within the domestic sphere. Southern plantation mistresses portrayed the ultimate housewives because they were free of the manual labor associated with their domestic duties and were provided with leisure time to focus on their children and husbands. However, this picture perfect image was not the reality of the Southern plantation mistress. The appearance of perfection was an important part of the hierarchy of the South. Non-slave-owning women clung to the belief that owning slaves would relieve them of domestic chores and transform them into the figure of the Southern plantation mistress. Although wholly exaggerated, the women who did own slaves projected themselves to the rest of the South through the image of the mythical Southern mistress in order to uphold their role in society.[3]

Women held a critical role in defining their family’s social status through racial superiority as well as the image of domestic relief. By epitomizing the ideal southern mistress, a woman had the unique power to elevate the status of herself and her husband. The social hierarchy in the South placed white women above the slave population based on race. This extra distinction gave Southern women a sense of societal superiority that was not as prevalent in the social structure of the North. Regardless of a woman’s economic class, if she was white she was higher in social class. In addition, the more a woman fit into the ideology of domesticity the higher her social standing became in both the North and the South. According to Southern ideology, because slave ownership provided women with the opportunity to fulfill the domestic role to the fullest of their abilities the institution was moral. Southern slaveholders used this reasoning to advocate slavery. Slavery was a gateway for women to enhance their already elevated position in society by better allowing them to conform to the ideology of domesticity as well as marking them as higher in the white power structure of the South.

Are you mentally challenged? How is this relevant in any way?

Lol they are exactly the same. Homicide you faggot. And the same for who commits and is the victim: black women, white, yellow, male, etc. Giving passion homicide where women are victim a special pass is stupid, this is real sexism. And I know it's not all roses, woman abuse still exist in italy and it's wrong but femicide is dumb shit for liberals.


Hell yeah I give passion homicide a pass more than mafia homicide or stuff like that. And by this I mean passion homicide where the vitcim could be both man or women. I said I hated that word. It's undeniable that most victims of passion crimes are women tho, don't you think? Why are there more woman victims?


"women" as a "class"(which they are not) have not been disenfranchised any more than any other non land owning class

Women weren't allowed to vote for a while but not much longer than non-land-owning men.

Ok you are reasonable so I'll stop insults. Yes it should be called passion homicide and it should be noted that it's most from men. But calling it "femicide" is just literally straight up liberal shit made up because we must combat muh patriarchy and not capitalism. Women ARE victims of capitalist society, but males are in an equal measure: more deaths by workplace, by crime (material conditions, remember, women are prohibited from committing crime [and by that consequentially from hidig from police] by the same effects of capital that tells them to be subjogated), by homelessness, etc. I'm not saying that we shouldn't be against women being exploited but that as long as we don't recognize that eliminating capital is the only way to eliminate woman exploitation it's all useless. Aame for racism hell same for virgin shaming :;:;^)) (women are a victim of this too even if a majority is man!). So it is really idpol abd should recognize the harmful effects and discuss it without associating to feminism

are you talking about america?

this is a historical revisionism to support neoliberal ideology that democracy has only now freed the noble women from the oppression of man

dont be tricked

Patriarchy(which is really paternalism and is a class issue not a gender one) is Hellenic/Roman invention that is uniquely tied to sedentary agriculture, debt, and property rights.

So after the anglo flag we need columns?

Yes. And I'm aware that there's a lot more nuance than "women only got the vote in the 20th century" for instance the fact that in the US men still do not have the right to vote since it's conditional on signing up for selective service. I'm just pointing out that it's more complex than "women were never more disenfranchised than anyone else." Voting is a relatively minor issue anyway. I was just trying to inject some nuance breh.

Forgot ma face

Overwhelmingly, that population and their supporters dominate the movement. Of course, in your role as eternal cheerleader for said SJWs, you'll never admit that.

What a shock, anti-feminists disapprove of feminist trash.

Yes. That's nothing to do with feminism though.

Being brown in Arizona will strip you of your constitutional rights when it comes to being imprisoned for probably cause since that one sheriff got off scot free.

Nah fuck off. You don't speak for people who disagree with feminism for having bad ideas. You're just a reactionary.

I shouldn't have used that word in the first place. I hate that word and using it made me feel dirty inside. I used it just to show how that's on the same level of anuddah shoah or black genocide in america. I agree 100% with everything you say. The thread was not opened to argue over who is more of a victim of capitalism. The point of this thread is that I can't understand how anti-femminism on this board is a thing. If we are against capitalism we are automatically against woman exploitation and whatever capitalism do to them. My problem is that a position that should be intregral to our ideology is hated on this board, while gender isusse that imho are total bullshit, are taken seriously. Same goes with racism that while is a legit concern and class related it's more accepted even in its idpol form. I agree that idpol should be abolished, but the "leftypol is anti-idpol meme" it's a lie. Everything that is idpol is accepted here except femminism, by the majority at least. Or we accept all idpol, or even better, we REALLY abolish it. That's the point. It was really a meta thread more than anything, but the way it degenerated in idpol talk shows how everything that is idpol is ok as long as it isn't femminism

Works of Frederick Engels 1884 - The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State

Ok sorry I misunderstood and sperg out but you know as an italian it can get really tiring with that stuff and its easy to pick it out. I agree, leftipol is not anti idpol it only somewhat pretends. My guess is unironically that some people are here from norbiebook/irl friends recommendations so they are still """spooked""" about liberal stuff. Black idpol on chans will never get accepted for different reasons but look at stuff like violence and organization

How so? Please, elaborate.

Trans people are not trash and neither is the opposition to racism.

And neither particularly have to do with feminism.