Is he gonna make it, guys?

Is he gonna make it, guys?

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Honestly if he keeps up this North Korea bullshit I wouldn't be surprised if some random person goes rogue and shoots him.

like pic relate?

I mean it's the current year so I feel like America being the way it is they'd feel compelled to do it with the biggest fucking gun they had.

in any other country he would've been shot 7 times by now, people would be disguising themselves as doctors to break in and shoot him again, it'd be hilarious.

Americans are pussies tbh.

I think his dementia is pretty clear but it won't be recognized until he starts getting major speech difficulties during year 3. There will be a prolonged debate on whether or not to impeach the zombie before it inevitably occurs.

Oh come on that has to be photoshopped.

Trump went from an outsider to a corporate shill in days. Yet the right still call him God. As an American nothing has changed at all here.

Is that a real picture. big if true

Orange Berlusconi cannot be assassinated it would turn America full fascist no stop since he would be martyred by the Proud Boys. If he doesn't fail on his own in front of everyone all leftist agitation would be for nothing.

Outsider of what?

The complacent upper middle class, especially those in the media

The "globalists"

nope its 100% real, yep trump is actually half goblin they say he stores all his grabbed pussy in his throat bag

God he looks like an inbred mutant.
So much for the Olympian right.

Here's another for comparison.
The STATE of that neckfat looks pretty much identical, it's just a way worse angle.

seems legit

Jokes over guys, give Trump his neck back.

this is the best thread today. honestly congratulations

This makes Ben's image of him all the more hilarious

Trump honestly reminds me of a frog.


That's what happens when you mess with magic. The alt-right have turned Trump into a toad.

was pepe the result of trump or is trump the result of pepe?

rrreddit rrreeeedddit
join me on

Did a google image search, found this.

For fucks sakes did he really declare war

when dawg

Donald Trump looked disgusting–gut protruding–in his white shirt during golf. Very very disrespectful.

The generals would declare war, Trump just tweetes

I reckon he'll last as long as Tony Abbott did.

Never mind I just turned on the TV on some news station and it said "Trump declares war on North Korea", but I can't find anything about it.

He looks a heart attack waiting to happen to a Florida senior.

Generals cant declare wars dummy

*looks like

Has Trump been replaced by a sphere? Big if true

The generals are essentially in charge of the executive branch, congress is impotent, military action doesn't actually require their approval unless you want a war declared, which is essentially a formality.

that guy looks unreal
honestly it's beyond me how americans talk shit about the DPRK and comrade Kim Jong Un with this disgusting piece of shit as their president

That art style is gross

You are the gross

Censor that jesus christ…

If what's being reported is correct, his diet is also terrible. He's 71 and still eats fast food regularly. It wouldn't come as a surprise if he started having health related illnesses due to that in a few years.

lol Remember that shit during the election where his physician said he would be "The healthiest president"

The guy is a billionaire…and president.

Like why is he eating KFC?

Gotta sponsor that brand

Because he's American.

Fast food addiction is a real thing. He could afford to eat almost anything, but whatever they put in the secret sauce keeps him coming back.

Found this too

Americans have really fucked class conciousness so in addition to everything else it's good optics to be seen eating fucking garbage. This makes you more relatable somehow.

Trump honestly looks like the thing you turn into at the bad end of I Have No Mouth But I Must Scream

I guess you're right

just kill me already

God I remember the "I don't hate Hispanic people, look at this taco bowl" garbage

Trump is a 70+ year old man, how could that be possible.

He looks better than Obama.

Trump detected

i'm not as old as him but i'm much more overweight

Well the first step is admitting you have a problem.

Too bad the palantir isn't shoped with a hammer & sickle over the flame. Cause everything Illuminati is always communism according to the gorilla mindset.

No wonder his wife is disgusted by him.
Imagine seeing this and shirtless everyday.

Trump has never been naked in the presence of a woman, least of all Melania

Because he wears a rain jacket when he fucks.

Well Reagan had brain problems and didn't know what the fuck he was doing either, but he is still heralded as the Greatest President Ever™ by rightists.

I want to hear Melania's story in all of this. What does she see compared to the rest of us? What kind of life does she lead?

Chances are cheats on trump with a buff handsome pool boy or at least used too before he became president attention whore and drew all eyes on them which is why she is extra crabby now.

I wonder if he was Mexican.

He will probably be reelected because the democrats have nothing

"Oh no, Melania. I'm not going to divorce you. I'm going to ruin your boy toy's life, and you're going to have to watch."


Either that or black but I would go with middle eastern for the lulz factor as white conservative families have the dirtiest underwear.

This Old fuck would never find out and if he knew I imagine melania has him so whipped that she can make him suck his dick. After he pees on him first of course.

Probably, but his existence is so depressing that I have to imagine him at least accomplishing /something/, preferably some comprehensible personal vendetta.

I hate him, but I actually pity him on some level.

If it wasn't for daddy and his money then trump would be posting on pol and r9k right now.

I pity him too. People like to think "Oh, imagine if they had to come down here and live like this for some time, with all the doubt and instability included" but then something even weirder happens. Trump doesn't go broke, he hits the jackpot by becoming the dark horse candidate that wins the presidency. But then, when he gets there, everyone fucking hates him because he ran on memes and false promises because he was just fucking around and all the people he's put out by winning are couping him and pulling strings to undermine him, his personal life is in tatters, his family hate him, and the entire world has turned on him. It's like he took an upwards descent.

get /fit/ nerd

My sides ! It's even better than diarrhea face

Oh my God it's exactly like Raging Bull, but with a fat New York dumbass who stumbled his way into the highest position in the world

Jesus Christ, this. If I was a billionaire I would be eating fancy ass tapas and muscles and duck, not out of a literal fucking bucket.

The democrats gonna nominate morning Joe

Well its quite hard to shoot down an ICBM

When liberals act shocked and call you edgy for hoping he has a heart attack and dies soon. He's literally a murderer. People forget this.

The problem with that is that everyone is a murderer within class society because on some level we are all complicit in systemic violence, revolutionaries are no exception, since the system with violence inherent to it can only be overthrown with violence.

wtf, this is the last possible reason anyone would shoot him for. americans don't give af about that shit, the handegg thing on the other hand. they'll kill him over something like that probably

Nah, I'd say the likelihood of getting shot isn't related to how frothing you make the general public, but about how frothing you make political obsessives/fanatics.

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ, how long ago was that?

I wasn't expecting much for them, and I'm still surprised by his ineptitude. Has he accomplished a single campaign promise, or even one of Holla Forums's silly daydreams?

You are the definition of a cuck.
His stance on North Korea after they threaten the US is the one thing that I agree with this man.

If Tom Brady kneels I don't think so.

Honestly he wasn't ready to be a corporation whore, he probably wants to go back to NY and have orgies with teenagers.

You realize that he could end the whole silly thing if he just took the deal that involved them not doing flyovers with bombers, right? They even agreed to ramp down their nuclear program if that happened. Obama had the same opportunity, and turned it down as well.

I honestly wonder how the hell the elites convinced conservatards that he was somehow this big threat to the establishment, especially 4/pol/ of all places. Saying "both sides are controlled" used to be pretty common sense on there yet saying it now gets you labeled a shill. Don't know what the fuck happened.

right-wing opportunism and further degeneration of ideology


WaPo and the NYT did it.

What do the flyovers even achieve nowadays? We've already done so many fly overs it's not like it's intimidating any more - North Koreans don't lack object permanency, we don't need to keep showing them our planes so they know we still have them.