So… you guys know communism has failed every time it was tried, right?

So… you guys know communism has failed every time it was tried, right?

quite the opposite but ok

Real communism has never been tried.

Why do Holla Forumscucks make themselves easily identifiable with these bait threads?

Umm no sweetie. This isn't your personal torture chamber. Can't handle your viewpoints getting challenged? Fuck outta here.

So did early states.
So did early republics.
So did early capitalist societies.
So do capitalist societies even today.

Does the small child give up on the dream of walking, never even coming to think of the magnificence of running, just because his early steps were stumbling and because he fell over time and time again? No. He learns from his mistakes and develops, as all that have done before him.


No petal, if you make such a bad bait thread, then people are going to call it a bad thread okay? Try a little harder next time shnookums x

Real capitalist democracy has never been tried.

Fail, fail again, fail better.

"Calling it a bad bait thread" as in conceding my claim without any counterarguments? So this… is the power… of Marxit intelligentsia…

Still worth a try anyway

It worked pretty well to decimate the nazis

War times are over you retarded larper

Your claim is not something we havn't heard a thousand times before. If you want a serious thread maybe expand on your position in the opening post.
Or preferably lurk moar.

It's a bait thread because of how it's worded you fucking idiot.

Sorry dude not everyone lives in their mom's basement lurking Holla Forums 24/7 to be familiar with what wording triggers your snowflake bait thread sensors.


How to automatically tell a Holla Forumscuck cant make an argument.

more bait than fucking BCF

It worked pretty well when it sent a man into space.
Or does that not count either?


I'm not talking about theory. Political theory is worthless if it can't be put into practice (and not lead to the death of millions), like communism.


Also, Western capitalist countries are failing pretty hard at integrating millennials into its machinery right now.
1 out of 5 people under the age of 25 is unemployed in Europe, without counting students (1 out of 2 in Spain and Greece). Those who work usually have dead-end jobs with no perspective of promotion or even ever attaining a middle-class lifestyle like their parents did. As more people fall for the IT meme, their wages decrease slowly but surely. Most young people also have trouble renting apartments and have to share smaller and smaller flats with others.
This is the main reason why young people are becoming more and more radicalized (whenever it is on the right or the left). If you can't see that, you are blind.

Name a political system that hasn't lead to the death of millions. I'll wait.

Capitalism has failed everywhere it's been tried, though.
It's just that everyone expects it to fail, and it's easier for the first world to turn a blind eye because they have the power of the federal reserve. They can just inject a bunch of money into the economy again till everything is great.


meant their** or whatever the correct grammatical form is

Wait a minute. Isn't communism the one ideology that's supposed to save the poor plebs that would get sent to war without it?

Millions of suicides probably.

There's a problem with that?

No, communism is the movement for the abolition of capitalism.

So you get off on centuries old fantasies of political philosophers without interest to their feasibility and practical consequences?

Nope. Do you have an arguement incoming? I need to do my nails

oh boy i wonder what this "faiulre" tells about capitalism

I didn't see my initial claim addressed yet. Are you saying you need more than one challenging argument to get to thinking for yourselves?

Your initial claim was adressed, but it was such a weak claim that you didn't leave anything open for discussion.
Communism ultimately failed in the 20th century, we know this because we study history. You're not bringing any new insights to the board. Lurk more.

If you know history why do you cling to a failed ideology?

I'm done :^)

Yeah you were done when you entered the thread kid.

Threads like these just show how stupid pol is.


Lurk more brainlet

All those societies moved on after failing an attempt. That's not what you're doing. You're repeating the same old mistakes that made you fail over and over.

That's not what capitalism was doing during the middle ages either. Would you have prefered if people had just accepted that they were gonna be serfs forever?

I don't think there was a proper economic theory of capitalism in the middle ages. You however are basing your beliefs on the tenets of figureheads like Lenin and Marx, especially when you say "hurr real communism hasn't been tried".

I guess I'm answering to trollposting, but if you are sincerely looking for debate or discourse or whatever you should think about what you post.
Basically none of your posts contain any concrete claims for anyone to evaluate or refute. You aren't defining anything, just throwing out vague platitudes. You are demanding that your opponent do all the work and you just get to throw down 'impressions' and vague statements that are vaguely in opposition to the others.
Show us in what way they did, and in what way it was fundamentally different what 'we' are doing.
Repeating what mistakes and how did they make us fail?

Not all of us are Marxist-Leninists here. And even among MLs, there are people like Paul Cockshott who think a different organisation than the Soviet one is possible (see Towards a New Socialism).
Meanwhile, Western capitalists are still clinging to their neoliberal bullshit ideology as everything is slowly falling apart and everyone get pissed off instead of admitting that, maybe, Keynesian-style state intervention into the economy isn't that bad after all.


Oh boo hoo, we read theory by people smarter than ourselves. A true tragedy indeed.

Christ dude, you're impossible to talk to.

When will you have an argument ?

I see. Well that was a waste.


Nice projection fam

The thread is anchored just let it sink ttbh

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