Right wing cuckolding

I understand that majority of right wingers are cuckolds that want government-corporation to control everything-traditions and culture, borders, fight against degeneracy etc.
But why can't they find cooler leaders. I mean trump is fat and old and looks like alien, nigel farage looks like troll. carl benjamin is fat uncharismatic turd, milo yiannopoulos is weird looking gay.
What gives? Why do right wingers worship weak, weird and ugly people?

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I also forgot to mention alex jones.
Fat, ugly and very annoying old troll.

Because you disagree with them so you attack their character.

No, no.
It is not what I usually do. I just don't understand how can someone worship someone ugly.
Find me fit, good looking right wing icon,

If anything it shows why I disagree with them

They claim to appreciate freedom and strength

Yet they want government to dictate everything

They want government to protect borders, control the media, protect culture etc.

Yet they worship degenerates and fat old people.

Don't forget Hitler, the sickly little shit that needed a cocktail of drugs every few hours just to function.

No, you don't understand they are totally against the evil socialist, fascist, communist, globalist government because it is controlled by πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§themπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§. Thankfully for them Trump, the absolute outsider and anti-establishment force, is there to fight the good fight.

Wait, Trump looks like an alien?

That's new.


That doesn't look very alien-ish…

Because they are weak, weird, and ugly.

Stop trying /pol
He looks like a fucking mutant.

He's probably the most down to earth candidate during the 2016 race along with Rand Paul & sleepy Negro.


If by down to earth you mean dumber than dirt, then yeah.

Holla Forums tier my dude. I know this is here only to trigger right wingers, still. Stop it

Okay, lets have deeper discussion.
On one hand right wingers love free market-the freer the market the freer the people. prager u awlays talks about how taxes are bad and how free market is good.
On the other hand right wingers love strong goverment that doesen't allow abortions, make sure there is no 'degeneracy' on tv, protect the borders. prager u, hates taxes, but love that was spend on wars.

Double think? How do rightists live with that?

That's a goood question. I think that the right wingers have a strong ideological defence mecanism. Look at the bell curve meme. It basically exist to justify why somalia free market doesn't work. Read capitalist realism if you haven't already

They raise taxes on the poor and cut benefits while partying and trading up trophy wives. The poor ones get told how bad the niggers or mooslims are and suppport getting fucked in the ass to spite the lazy good for nothings.

Right wingers hate freedom, they would rather have their masters fuck them in the asshole and tell them what to do, whether it be daddy fuhrer or job creators. They lack the strength or sense of individual agency to govern themselves.

They try to appeal to the everyman as possible that's why

I'm ugly and weird. Do you not want me on your side?

Do you really not understand the disconnect between praising the appearance of strength and beauty and lacking it in your leaders? This disconnect doesn't exist on the left because our value systems aren't based on aesthetics

Because the left has good leaders? Sanders was your best, and he was completly a pushover.

If there something the alt-right is right about, is that we're in a managerial state. Petty bureaucrats and various hall monitor types have all the power, and they don't want any better looking Chad in their circles, least they be stripped of their status, fame and chicks.

Maybe not in the EU tho, Zizek is pretty cool and charismatic, same from "French Milo" Phillipot.

I'm not so sure about that. Maybe not leftist theory, but most individual leftists do. When you ridicule right wingers for being ugly, autistic, incel manchildren you assume these characteristics are undesirable

This is incoherent.

Maybe don't let your feelings get hurt that easily.

These qualities are undesirable in leaders, not in individuals.
Just lift weights and you'll look good.

It's more like if leftists hate these qualities in a person, it makes me question whether you really are anti-hierarchy and it makes me concerned for being discriminated against because I have those traits

Everyone insults each other on the internet. You're being a pedantic bitch. I'm sorry.

Tl;dr Petty overformated leaders from big colleges shun natural leaders cause they would lose to them everytime in fair power play.

See Clinton book or Spencer manboobs.

Scott Adams please

It's not like leadership can't be learned, see Hitler, from a weirdo incel to pulling ridiculous crowds (and to insane meth junkie after, so guy was a proto rock star).

But why learn leadership when you can just *block their path* via office politics?

S c o t t A d a m s P l e a s e


Ok, explain to me why "natural leaders" don't exist.

People who's entire politics is aesthetics and strength deserve to be called out for the ugly untermensch cowards that they truly are. It's not about pettiness it's about their entire politics being a farce.

The way democracy works in most politics is fueled my money that wasn't earned by merit.

I literally said that was one of the reasons why you don't see good/powerful leaders. Money is one form of power anyway.
Being Chad makes you a natural leader, but that doesn't mean you can win against a well-oiled machine. So they generally only came when that machine is gripped. Trump didn't win only because he used to be a Chad, he did cause the GOP apparatus was on the verge of breaking.
Also Trump being Chadesque is the only quality he really has, but that's another matter entirely

I just didn't care to read more after this.

But the reason why the alt-right is so mockable is that they weren't the Chad they promised to be, right? And you clearly admire the people who punch Nazis, and commiting a felony when you know the police gonna be up your ass mean they have pretty Chadesque qualities, no?

So you should agree that Chads are key to any "rebel" movement , at least.

"Chad" is a gross simplification of everything from the complexity of human behavior, how our own culture paints our views of things, and in general, I would even say Chaos Theory. Just because of Gambler's Ruin, these people rely too much on the idea of them being powerful to not think about the enormous amounts of factors that goes into changing public opinion towards a organization you prefer.

It has nothing to do with chad. It's capitalism. Some people have decks of cards right for their lives and are set. Simplifying man into what he does or does not desire sexually is a dangerous game of making politics all but an abstraction on looks.

He got shit on for being a nazi in public. Encouraging these beliefs means to most people, an actual threat.

I think there's too many factors at play for the argument of "natural leader" "chad" and the like to have any merit.

Chad isn't looks, it's an attitude toward life. And you need to be Chad to punch nazis, as the beta-nodders SJWs can only retweet images of nazi punching (there is no risk here, but Holla Forums can dox you to the all too eager cops if you go vigilante).

Competent Risk-taking is the ultimate Chad trait, as Betas can only think but not act (liberal blue checks) and Omegas can act but are too socially retarded to win high-social risk bets(Alt-right). That is why Chad is a natural leader, not his looks, abs or capacity to get chicks,which are only byproducts of Chadness.

Attitudes don't mean much in the grand scheme of life.

But being Chad make sure you gonna go to the top of what your social class can do , be it the top gang member , the top earning CEO, the succesful con artist, the media editor, the think tank leader, etc. Obviously , there is a not-so-tiny chance that'll you'll die or be drowned in debt (as Competent risk taking is still risk taking, and obviously the risk is higher the poorer your class is), but taking opportunities is very often the difference between winners and losers.

That why, at the end, you should attract Chads to your movements in order to win, cause Chads are magnetic to success.

I'd say farage looks more like an inbred goblin

I'm going to blow your mind right now.

No it isn't.

With the importance of networking these days for ANYTHING, I can guarantee social butterflies are 80% in a higher position that any chan shitter. Sure they may lose jobs cause of the mentioned petty managers, but they find one right after it.

down to earth = not afraid to spout simplistic opinions and act really confident while doing it

Is it really what it takes not to be considered a coward?

*swoons in*
*seduces both you and your gf*
nuffin personel communists

i think your strawmanning them. the right wingers that hate taxes are not the same right wingers that call for the government to protect the people.

Well give examples then

prager U hate taxes
andrew anglin hates taxes
trump hates taxes

yet all of them, even if most of them are degeneretates, claim to hate fun and want government to protect them from fun and promote patriotism etc.

why the fuck do you people feel the need to organize humans into simple social groups like Chads and Betas. Does it occur to you that maybe we are a little more complex than that?

No they don't. They're just using you.


Don't listen to




Rightists are insane. They cosntantly whine how hollywood etc are communists, then they say that they are the good looking one?

Not to mention how this thread is mostly focused, not on the looks themselves, but on how rightingers worship ugly, old farts.
Try harder Holla Forums

Previous research has also shown that conservative voters have a more concrete, perhaps less sophisticated way of thinking.

So that is why you worship old farts? Because you are to dumb to check you own sources you goddamn-idiot!

not an argument. Some right-wingers do think that about hollywood but not a large portion.

Also, tell me moore about how michael moore in the ideal man

I check my sources. yeah conservatives have a larger amygdala and liberals have a smaller one for example. Our brains are differant.

he looks like a fucking mong, but then again so does Hillary