He's back for more?

he's back for more?

leave him alone, it's not okay to assault the mentally ill

dont insult the mentally ill. this was his decision. The way of life he chose.
the only problem i can see is that he's probably packing after the last assault



i cri evri tim

He was already packing last time. Owning a gun doesnt mean you shoot everyone that that looks slightly wrong at you.

They circled and harassed him because of his looks, not vice versa.

I'm like 100% convinced this is some sexual thing and he's getting off on the scorn and hate that gets thrown his way. Why else would someone larp as a nazi in Seattle (which right now is a neoliberal hellhole pretty much entirely beholden to Amazon - killer of retail stores worldwide)

The madman!

He's fair game.

poor precious butterfly bb ;_;


In what group do you suppose this is the dominant opinion and for what reason do you think they were the perpetrators?
Btw nice attempt to dance around the fact that the "looks" he was being harassed over was the fucking nazi armband. It's not like they punched this dude for having blue eyes.

I guess this is going to end up like that "based black firethrower" guy who completely turned up his story upside down and told everyone he was defending himself against le racists firing into his crowd and defending his people with his genius invention of a pocket flamethrower after being assaulted.

Just stick to the framed still picture of "le attack and le protec man" and dont mind that video of the entire scence showing him walking into the way of people attacking no one and actually walking away from his group into the other direction and showing him spraying with the spraycan for 10 whole seconds at them and then lighting it up for 3 whole seconds before the gun the warning shot came from was even pulled out of the holster from a guy who cann also be seen walking away from him and not even minding his spraying first ,until he turned around and saw him throwing fire into the crowd and shot a warning shot into the ground before him, between him and the other crowd, not into his crowd. But thats racist nazi narrative based on some flimsy "video evidence". How can that ever compete with the unbiased testimony of the attacker and a cherrypicked still frame.

Instead of writing this undecipherable paragraph you could have just posted whatever fucking video you are talking about mongoloid retard.

The biggest problem with this picture is that whoever took the picture didn't kick his ass themselves, they instead posted it online hoping others would do it for them. Why are people such pussies?


1 like = 1 prayer

People always trot this shit out like any of us care about who drew first blood, as if we are passive observers who ought to side with whoever was acting on the defensive. We don't give a fuck because we aren't coming from a neutral position, we are taking sides. I don't care if black fireman started shit, I still side with him because he was trying to torch some Nazis.


Is he really so brick-headed that he hasn't spent one damned second onto thinking his choice of attire since his recent mild beating, or is he truly so self-destructively "heroic" in his deluded fantasies that he has decided to hold onto that damned armband no matter what?

You'd expect that any shocking event, accident or violent incident, would spark a moment of reflection in anyone. A moment of human fucking emotional processing. A handful of thoughts revolving around what happened and what kind of part one played in it. Fucking self-reflection, for gods sake!
Perhaps his entire life is simply one fucking big disaster and as such this ongoing catastrophic chain of fuck-ups of his gives no space for a quiet subsequent moment of contemplation and recollection.
Shit, man!

Or the man got balls.

Bravery and blind stupidity may quite often be hard to tell apart. His actions alone speak strongly in favour for the latter, I'm afraid.

Well, you are, he isn't.

>Nearly literally "I know you are, but what am I?"
May whatever's good and right in the universe have mercy on your soul.
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Well, I don't see the point since neither you or me are there, it's just him.

Can only hope he gets punched again.
The one thing truly dead is any chance of a career or living this guy had.

He will look back on this later with regret.

Literally me

I understand puching nazis to get media attentiin but if the media doesnt care you are just punching mentally ill people who don't have a proper outlet. Believe it or not these people can change and its not from violence. Attacking them gives them more evidence of the white persecution narrative. Look up Derrick Black.

If you don't want them to change just kill them and stop pussyfooting around it. We need less Nazis one way or another

Shut the fuck up crypto fash. This raised fist ain't afraid to fly.

life is hard for the white supremacist

Until it can be known for sure this guy has mental health issues and isn't just a monstrously thick idiot, as his armband would suggest, this comes across as thinly veiled liberal hand wringing about political violence.


I wish you could meet the white crackhead down the street that writes about the end times on pizza boxes


slavs are not as cucked as other westerners because they do not have capitalism as long as them.

It's time for a velvet Nazi masturbation fantasy tbh


He got clocked by a subhuman nigra while he valiantly tried to use his White Man's Discourse on him. I don't doubt that so far as he's concerned his Nazi bullshit has been completely validated.

that's not how nazism works, though. Nazism runs on irrationality and aesthetic, not discourse and intellectual arguments

Was this really a banworthy post?