What happens once we're totally atomized, friendless except for social media, drinking a diet of soylent...

What happens once we're totally atomized, friendless except for social media, drinking a diet of soylent, and no longer need to work due to UBI?

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Fully automated luxury communism.

Hack into nuclear systems and put an end to all of it.

vice president nick land succeeds zuckerberg's second term

Multiply for a while then eventually porky culls everyone and establish their own communism.

Probably this unfortunately. Really the worst case scenario for establishing communism, but it's again the most probable path.

UBI is financially impossible and automation is exagerated by Asimovian utopians and fearmongers.


what do you mean though

Invest your time in pursuit of culture, arts and widom.
Read books, do sports, play music, travel the world, learn about different cultures and engage in exciting hobbies.
But it's not like this will happen in the new future, so don't worry about it.
Freedom of work is liberation, not some dystopic shit where ennui drives humans to insanity.

Actually it's just around the corner:



I will donate my body to power Facebook servers and Zucc will plug my brain scan into the ARK just like in SOMA

Read brave new world

I think OP mean a technocratic porky version of utopia. I'd wager that soylent would be laced with psychotropic medication, to keep proles from even thinking about being unruly and demanding more than bare minimum. failing that, killbots

that's a shoop, here's the real picture

zucc is secretly a catgirl?

they're supposed to be lizard eyes


We convert to Islam and wage Jihad upon the infidel.

We get comfy.

Then we can finally rest.

Except for that I'm already there

At least that would be an improvement

Just want to point out that is an official interpretation of . Porky drowns the planet in garbage until nearly all life is exterminated save cockroaches, then flies off into space where he's pampered so hard that he turns into an overgrown baby.

There's also a bug's life with the worker revolt, and monsters inc with business being the disgustingly cruel bad guy. Pixar would be a pretty woke company if it wasn't for the minor detail of ed catmull leading an illegal price fixing conspiracy to gut and rape every worker not only animating at pixar, but every other animation company as well.

when that happens I'm just going to make a commune with my communist buddies

become the amish of the 2000s

grand delusion u have there chum. u cant be atomized when you relate to others communally.

ubi isn't freedom from work tho, there will still be an elite class of commodity producers, landlords, rent extraction, private property, cops, Endless Surviellence etc.

Not hopeful for this outcome, I'll be pissed, and I think there ought to be several films produced which warn of the dangers of living in sterile bubbles of megacities and suburban hellholes that are domninated by silicon valley Learning Block bullshit

These studies never come true.

Actually you're full of shit on an axiomatic level:

We are already there except in the details, especially the kinds of people that post here. The kind of depressing NEET-posts you can sometimes read here will only become more generally applicable as time marches on. So what happens? Nothing, we cry out in despair, remain alone, and further retreat into rented hedonism.

So the Dark factories in China aren't real?

failed cyber-revolution will happen by

the Xtreme anarchist anti-Zuck goon squad.
A disparate techno-slicked collection of brooding 20 something mercenary cyborgs. They buzz by in city streets, cackling and riding around on torn up stolen police hover-bikes. They are the lost boys and girls. The lost boys have lived most of their lives on an illegal gaming network they hacked below normalspace. The girls aren’t friendly (nor do they have sex) with the boys, and they too come from isolated childhoods. They are concerned that the new government’s decision not to destroy public personal data threatens their value of a wild impersonal anonymity. The sociopolitical security allergy to cyber-revolution is consolidated well in the new global political order. Is cyber-revolution even going to be possible?
No. The ragtag clan of junkie cyborgs have very little power. After any of their protests, they self report themselves to the community police to save time and socially redeem their new extraterritorial radical credentials.


This tbh

Most realistic situation for the world sadly. I better work hard get a really important job so my children won’t be killed.

We wait for the elites to design a way to get rid of most of us, since the majority of the human population won't have any economic value anymore.

Or I could go live in the woods and survive the mass cull.


read jacobins four futures article

In my opinion that's called living fucking life the way I want to. I won't leave behind some great heroic legacy, or some great invention that will change Earth, I've already accepted that. I just want to be left alone to live as comfortably as possible, with as much free time to myself as I can get. I'd rather die in a small state issued apartment surrounded by waifubot + vidya, then an old washed up wage slave who gave 60 years of his life working at a packing plant somewhere. After I pass away the only thing that will be remembered of me for a short time will be a screen name, and an account that's been inactive for 365+ days, and that doesn't even bother me at this point…

fully automated slavery heterosexual space colonization

As if surviving in the woods in times of crisis is a cakewalk. You'll have to hide, deal with survivors, provide for yourself and all that jazz, and that would last for years. This given that by the time of the culling the woods will still be a fundamentally habitable setting.

Our ancestors did that shit for there entire lives.

Our ancestors did not live in a world inhabited by billions of people, of which, at least in the US, a good chunk is armed. You're ignoring the material conditions of the world you live in, such comparisons are of no actual use.

tbh, they might not need to get rid of us, just leave us to rot if they can wall themselves off somewhere sustainably

Most of the woods are empty and most people won’t bother you.

I have literally no reason to believe that the elites will care after us once they won't be of no use anymore. I genuinely can't believe that anyone here on Holla Forums could be that optimistic.

whoa there cowgirl dont be bashing on soylent (with a lower case s)

its like dog food but for humans

We are talking about mass culling. You will have to deal (kill or scare away) with survivors, costantly.

Porky will commodify social relations, which we will buy back with the UBI we got from Porky's taxes. See how beautifully it all fits together?

Exterminism, The elite find a way to wall themselves off and leave the rest of humaity to starve.



check, already am

check, already am, and find most people intensely boring

I eat two foods

I also don't need to work

Call me naive, but I think most of the rich people aren't murderous sociopaths. They just generally care only about their own interest, and are indifferent to other people dying, as long as they can convince themselves that they have nothing to do with it.

As I see it, the most reasonable course of action for the former porkies would be to distribute food with antidepressants and estrogen (there sure would be a countless bullshit but believable reasons for doing this), thus making the last generations of proles docile enough. Killbots would be likely saved for the ones hiding innawoods like
mentioned, obviously after labeling them "deranged terrorists" and a threat to the civilized world.

(yeah I'm agreeing with you)

Look up Jevons' Paradox.

You don't seem to understand how fundamentally retarded the "automation" meme is. Things like lights-out manufacturing don't "replace" human labor, they merely reduce the amount of human labor needed for any given task, thus multiplying human productivity.

This results in lower prices, thus increased demand for products by applications that couldn't previously afford them, until the human labor pool is again completely exhausted.

You can't "automate" your way into FALC (at least not until "strong/general" AI, which we have made exactly zero progress toward in a half-century of research), you can only change the culture away from consumerism, so that demand stops growing, or at least slows down enough to reduce labor demand.

What happens when the labor value of a few hundred humans is capable of supporting the entire market demand of all others?

Minimalist houses, subsistence farming, and living of the grid are real options. I don't think technology is bad per se, but drones that can't take their eyes off mobile phones and soylent definitely are.

Not to that extent, but at a low enough level, that already happened two centuries ago when the industrial revolution increased the productivity of workers hundredsfold in a period of 20 years. Instead of >99% of the population retiring forever, demand exploded. Admittedly, much of this was swallowed up by porkies and feudal proto-porkies, but (especially as labor agitation grew) more and more of this also went into increased quality of life, with each gain fueling further gains.

If people were content with static or slower growing quality of life, market demand could be fixed, but that hasn't happened. Until it does, demand will grow infinitely.

So basically everyone would become robot repairmen / engineers / programmers / whatever, and thus the present order is saved?

This is some serious lifestyleist drivel right here.

I bet you unironically believe this is already happening

Technology develops at a much more reliable exponential rate than the population though.

A lot of demand is literally artificial and has been driven by planned obsolescence and products designed to fail so that people have to replace it. A shitton of consumption is very much forced.

the reason for it would be to run people off for more resources

But we live on a planet with limited resordes.

I'm convinced he's a lizard of some kind

Yes, that's what's happened every time, for the entirety of the industrial age.

Just because something is a social construct, doesn't make its consequences any less real. The only solution is to make people aware of consumerism, not flail pointlessly at it with tech.

Humanity has certainly been consuming more and more resources, but we've also been consuming them far more efficiently, thanks to technology. As we run closer to limits on resources, we'll lean harder on efficiency, unless we start exploiting outer space.