Why don't far leftist adults go on to have large wholesome traditional families...

Why don't far leftist adults go on to have large wholesome traditional families? Also why do so many leftists come from broken homes?

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they do.
I suppose that somehow they managed to stay somehow sane and not blame everything on minorities but system.

The nuclear family is bourgeois.

I'm not married, I regularly interact with both my nuclear and extended family, and my upbringing was as vanilla as you can imagine.

False. Stalin believed in the nuclear family

I don't know about far leftists like us but in my experience weird new age types tend to have shitloads of kids.

In my case because I was raised by my grandparents and my grandfather was a mega-tankie.

Yeah well that's fucking stupid

Emphasis on nuclear family, like individualism, is largely an Anglo-American aberration.

I mean look at this nice wholesome right wing home. Totally not a dysfunctional family

So beyond the nuclear, including extended family in multigenerational homes instead of throwing your parents away after you graduate college and get your first real means to pay your loans off.

It's almost like being exposed to hardship makes you want to dispose of it. I wonder what conclusion we can draw from this about our friends at Holla Forums.

The family works perfectly fine and produces healthy minded people that continue the human race

Why does Holla Forums continue to promote bad ideas that don't work? As we can see from the nigger community in America single-mother households produce unhealthy people that have a destructive view on family, the opposite sex and themselves.

All happy families are the same, all unhappy families are unhappy in their own way.

Because they're fucking awful. The only one in my family I like was my mom, and she died when I was ten. It's funny how the "large, traditional family" tends to be a fucking nightmare if anything slightly goes wrong or the patriarch is a fucking Holla Forumstard before the board existed.

See above. I have Steam friends, card game/FGC buddies and my partner's family, and they're better than whatever some asshole sharing my last name can offer. It also happens that all of them benefit from lefist politics (who'd a thunk?).

And as you can see from the anime Holla Forumstard, incest leads to learning disabilities. If you want to support traditional family values, make sure to sleep with your daughter so your son/grandson can go on to make wonderful posts like this.

Not an argument.

Why do those exist? Economics, why do they grow up unhealthy mentally and physically, economics. Who says money can't buy everything? Bourgeois fuckers. I am here to tell you, we live in capitalism. Money buys everything.

Single mom households are not somd genetic reality. Just like you learned your shit anime tastes and belief that if everyone just thought happy thoughts the world would be fixed. You are no different than the liberals you hate.

You need dialectics.

Notice how everyone in the OP's pic belongs to the bourgeois? Read Engel's The Condition of the Working Class In England, poor people don't live like this because it doesn't function for them.

Never realized how fucking ugly Santorum's entire family is.

Dumbest fucking shit I ever heard. Stalin drove his wife and son to suicide

Single mother households are detrimental to the health and well being of children. Communism promotes a destructive view of the family and believes parents and children should turn against one another.

It's clear you're just too asshurt to figure this out and will continue living a miserable life. One day you might find out having a wife and children will allow you to look beyond today and craft a better future for the well being of your offspring.

Family is just one way to symbolic immorality. Building world communism is another, and the only one that safegaurds any possibility of open ended influence into the future. We're fighting for a world where your family line actually survives instead of being ground into mush by capital. You're welcome.

most retarded post I've seen all day

You read 1984 and think it's communism.


Read the damn thing.

Single parent households are awful, that why a lot of leftists believe either the current traditional family unit is fine, or larger family units are better. Everyone thinks single parenthood is bad.

Communism is explicitly anti-family.

t. is scared of women

Isn't an ideology. Socialism views "the family" as arising due the the material circumstances that necessitated it.

any one imagine a more insane state of things than that described in this letter! And yet this
condition, which unsexes the man and takes from the woman all womanliness without being able
to bestow upon the man true womanliness, or the woman true manliness – this condition which
degrades, in the most shameful way, both sexes, and, through them, Humanity, is the last result of
our much-praised civilisation, the final achievement of all the efforts and struggles of hundreds of
generations to improve their own situation and that of their posterity. We must either despair of
mankind, and its aims and efforts, when we see all our labour and toil result in such a mockery, or
we must admit that human society has hitherto sought salvation in a false direction; we must
admit that so total a reversal of the position of the sexes can have come to pass only because the
sexes have been placed in a false position from the beginning.

Most critique I've seen of double income households and the effect it has on families has been from leftists. Much of the alt-right such as the embarrassing proud boys has this dreadful "venerate the housewife" shtick but offers basically no solution to increase in cost of living + stagnation of wages which is the real root of this issue. Not people waiting until they're 28 to get married.


t. well read individual

Not an argument.

Men and Women are biologically designed to operate in a family unit with males protecting the women while the women nurture children.

Not an argument.

There's nothing to refute if the concept you're attacking, in this case communism, is entirely one of your own construction. Cite something from any marxist text that you think is in opposition to the concept of "the family" in general if you want to make a case in that direction. As it stands you're a dumb animeposter.

Tell that to the masters of production. That bucolic shit don't work when everyone works 60 hours a day. Roman plebs sure didn't live like that.

The right always has issues with "is/ought" statements.

I agree. Anything else?

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Plebs actually didn't work that hard. Sunrise to the midday.


Wew lad. He's in decent shape.

Read a book you dumb faggot


some of the left cant family
they think its an oppression system
even voluntary stuff

If we're talking about marxists, Engels clarified that when they talked about the abolishment of the family they were talking about the bourgeoisie concept of the family as new conditions would precipitate a new structure. They were not against the family itself, and in Origins of the Family Engels went on to say that the proletariat, outside of thr decadency and de-generacy of the bourgeoisie would go on to enjoy "sex-love" based (relationships based on love and/or sex and not income or inheritance) monogamous relationships. Lenin went further as to be against the concept of "free love" marxists.org/archive/zetkin/1920/lenin/zetkin1.htm

Under capitalism, family relations are monied relations and can fall apart if you're poor or marginialized. That's why large amounts of black households have single parents. Communism wants to do away with capitalist idea of "family", so that people may hold real relationships with their family where economics never enters the equation. The nuclear family isn't natural, it's a bourgeois creation. Of course after communism is implemented, the idea of a traditional nuclear family will naturally fall apart. I believe Holla Forumsiticians are afraid of this since they're all biologically predisposed to not understand any level of functioning human relations. Thus, the average Holla Forumsitician would be better necking themselves in this world. Take note, OP.

Did in 19th century England. Some do now.

Because nobody can fucking afford that anymore, so nobody fucking wants that anymore. Put two and two to fucking gether

source image of anime girl if anyone needs it: gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=3458258

Anthropic principle. The people who get fucked by society are the ones most likely to end up its critics.

Better question, why is capitalism creating more broken homes. Isn't it supposed to be successful at creating nuclear families? I think that's what you're proposing but if that were true why can't anyone afford that, why is capitalism alienating people from the idea of your precious nuclear family

pretty low effort bait tbqh



Cuz it's pretty hard to do that in late stage capitalism.

Because unless you have a job where kids provide a net positive income (like farming) then it’s supper expensive to have a big family.

Those most victimized by capitalism are most likely to fight it.

There is some Varg Vikernes video where he goes on about how liberal families are the most wholesome.


Isn’t Varg like fifty, has six children and plans on having more.

The right loves to mock broken families and single parents, but refuses to answer the material question why they're appearing more than nuclear ones.

Because that would disrupt their whole "personal responsibility" spiel. It's "their fault" for not having a family. Not the fault of the market for making having a family far more expensive then it has been in some time.

They can't admit that. It has to be cultural marxism, feminism, it can't be capitalism.

Yeah, he actually puts his money where his mouth is on the family rhetoric but when complaining of the alt-right he remarked how the granola hippies who live out in the woods are way more likely to have large families than his ideological comrades. Same video where he said leftists aren't enemies since capitalism and environmental destruction are the largest threats humanity faces today.
Primitivist nazbol gang [email protected]

The extended family should be repaired. People aren't meant to live in such small, compartmentalized groups. It's done more damage to our psyches than I think anyone realizes.

The tribe should be repaired. Replace houses and apartments with dorms that have ~50/50 personal space and social space.

Yeah, you're really right about that.

No matter what, though, the damage caused by the nuclear family alone is terrifying.

Any books that cover this? I'm planning on reading Engels but this seems like a topic worthy of dissection.

I was born into a nuclear family, went to school, finished school, went to work, learned that honest work doesn't pay. Wondered why honest work doesn't pay. Did some research, became a lefty.

It's not a lefty book (has a bit that made me suspect Holla Forums-tier dogwhistling where it mentions "Jewry," black penis, and interracial couples within the span of a few paragraphs) nor is it directly about this, but "Prisoners of Childhood" by Alice Miller does a pretty good job of explaining how parents project their bullshit onto their kids, causing the kids to develop similar problems and pass them onto their kids, and so on. Does a pretty decent job of unintentionally outlining the problem of the nuclear family by showing how it fucks kids up by holding them captive and coercing them to fulfill their parents' psychological needs. It's quite accessible overall even though it refers to psychoanalysis pretty often. I'm reading it right now (borrowing it from a shrink).

Holy shit I agree with Howard on something.

This, line the atlantic sea with sink mines and firebomb their islands

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That explains why Muslims haven't learned anything in the past 1400 years..

There's a reason we call it the opiate of the masses.

Kids are bourgeois. Under socialism, children will be abolished.

Shouldn't the west be stuck with them then?

For materialists you spend a lot of time denying biology.

Children are lumpenproletariat.

Children are just children.

As if you understand either.

They fuck you up, your mum and dad.
They may not mean to, but they do.
They fill you with the faults they had
And add some extra, just for you.

But they were fucked up in their turn
By fools in old-style hats and coats,
Who half the time were soppy-stern
And half at one another’s throats.

Man hands on misery to man.
It deepens like a coastal shelf.
Get out as early as you can,
And don’t have any kids yourself.