Can someone explain to me why State Capitalism is leftist?

Can someone explain to me why State Capitalism is leftist?

Tankies and Stalinists don't call themselves "State Capitalists", but isn't that what they are?

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State capitalism doesn't exist.
They were socialist, too bad stalin lost his shit and purged everyone that wasn't a braindead zombie

But the USSR captured the state, they didn't abolish the state like Catalonia, so what would you call that? State Socialism?

shame, i thought you were going to follow that with "it was [just] capitalism" like bordiga

Yeah it was a bad dictatorship of the proletariat

It's called the lower stage of communism

Nah im not that autistic

rafiq was right. incorporating chan culture was a de.generate mistake and excuse for philistine tier stupidity

this though. this is never discussed but it should be. thousands of old bolsheviks and other sympathetic revolutionaries were literally tortured, killed and destroyed in every way by the "soviet" police-state under psychosis following the revolution's own degeneration.

Dont get all pseud on me you lifestylist sectarian

Ah yes, the lower-stage communism where commodity production, wage-labour etc all are abolished.

Dont worry pic related will make sure than never happens again



The fuck?

this isn't OP just for clarity

don't be stupid. i mean source as in for your assertion that the "lower stage of communism" = "soviet union".



It might come as surprise to people like you, but every attempt of abolishing private property, commodity production and market exchange is considered leftist

Catalonia didn't abolish the state because you can not abolish a state in a national context. The entire concept of nation states must be abolished to achieve a stateless society. Anarchists (and lenininsts for that matter!) might argue that an international revolution must begin on a national level, and I'll grant them that that may be true, but I'd wish theyd stop this business of creating a state and proceeding to not call it a state, as if they can will away political reality.

it's funny how leftcoms are just like Holla Forumsacks when they talk about words they have no comprehension of
difference is that you pretend to be leftists

t. falseflag

This. Y'all are a bunch of mamby pamby ducks for defending Stalin's horse shit state capitalism. He didn't push Lenin's project forward; he stagnated like a little bitch and then flipped out and murdered all the people who tried to set him straight. Better off dead and defamed.


It isn't. State Capitalism was a reaction to the isolation of the USSR, it wasn't some revolutionary step. Anyone who wants to recreate that without literally being forced to is a goddamn idiot

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Where's the argument, here?

>abolish the state like Catalonia
"well read"

Don't you guys refer to it as the "left wing of capital" and actually try to distance yourselfs/communism/"the real movement" from the concept of leftism?

Tbh I should have worded that better, i'm so used to using the term "stateless".

No, we use it as an insult to distance you from leftism.

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The worst part about leftcoms becoming popular is that brainlets start using the flag

everyone here should read paresh chattopadhyay:

he's correct though

We have to hope

Ducks was better


SU atleast following the NEP was 'socialist' why? I'm not going to use the critique of the gotha programme because we all know that argument.

SU was in the lower stage of communism which is a transitionary phase. However, it was 'still stamped with the birthmarks of old society'.

What is often forgotten is that historical context of Russia and the surrounding republics at this time.

If Leftcoms care to explain how they would have established real socialism following the proletariat revolution of 1917, and somehow survive the Nazi's I'm all ears.

The leftcom argument is that it was pretty much impossible after the failure of the german revolution. The Soviet Union had no other choice than to become state capitalist. Even Lenin admitted that, so take off that hat, faggot.

Come on Afro, I thought you were on vol. 2 of capital.

You sound silly

There, I summarized the typical leftcom reply for you.

PS: I read that volume a long time ago.

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