What are some actually good critiques of bordiga and left-communism?

what are some actually good critiques of bordiga and left-communism?

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"Left-wing communism is an infantile disorder" - Vladimir Lenin

this is just one thing I need to know from leftcoms:
is Antifa class collaboration?


before someone tries to give a complete answer: the leftcom position on anti-fascism is not as invariant as some might suppose since the question was first posed in the 20s and 30s


wtf I hate bordiga now



I mean, I think the best critique of us is that we suck at getting along with others, enough so that it's a meme.

Left communism blames others for their own failures. If it's so obvious SU was capitalist, etc. etc., why can't you convince anyone and start the real movement? At base it would seem left com is still accepting uncritically liberal values like liberation, freedom, equality, etc. We must go to the end in the rational implosion of rationalism and the humanist implosion of humanism. Many left coms agree but haven't followed through, retaining sentimental attachment to the various "liberation movements" not wanting to disillusion those who haven't found out yet that what they want to attain is a hollow husk.

Like all of us left coms still have a stable fantasy of themselves going through everyday life. For any of us to actually follow through each day must see the deepening of the crisis for us and for society. Ultimately we are too afraid to die (especially symbolically) to act the way we think we should. Don't worry though we actually die all the time anyway.

That's like 4 people on a random discord

"just micro manage it", is not always an effective solution

Bordiga is easy, left communism not so much. I mean the obvious armchair meme is there, but it's easily refutable, because there are also insurrectionary leftcoms such as dauve.

One thing can't be overemphasized, that writers expounding a philosophical doctrine, political stance, or anything that needs to have strict borders in terms of position must make their position and arguments such that there are no holes in the system. But they are also dynamic human beings, and no human being should be locked into just one way of thinking which determines all their actions.

Bordiga from my understanding adocates 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧doing nothing🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 even under fascist rule, but the foundational principle is that what most people think is going to work is really just futile action.

I honestly haven't been exposed to much of Bordiga or Pancake man to pique my interest, but the newer leftcom material is I think the greatest analysis of the modern political landscape and the best reccomendation for people who are serious about actually making communism. So I personally don't have a critique, but people generally see it as pessimistic, confuse it for laziness, project a sense of needing activism/newspaper cult to legitimize political action etc. And I guess I'd criticize leftcoms who use it as an excuse to be a coward or not participate in da struggalo. If you really take some of the grim realities presented in leftcom analyses seriously, it should urge you to at least be working on communizing portions of your life.


I mean there's the meme that (communization) leftcoms are just crypto-ancoms with pretension, but they managed to get on well with anarchists irl. I'd say it's just tankies mad someone dares to criticize their dead social democracies.

They obstinately >refuse< to acknowledge that by memeing Rafiq they are only negating his >prior< negation of the Notion of the Meme, which flagrantly disregards Kunstreligion's manifold exfoliations of autonomous universality.

What kind of lifestylist, socialism-by-degrees, woo-woo bullshit is this.

This pamphlet is directed at Council Communists, and Bordiga himself agreed with most of Lenin's points.

Is there really any Leftist tendency exempt from this kind of sectarianism though? Are Maoists well liked? Are Trotskyists well liked? MLs? Ancoms? Unless you're talking to someone who very specifically believes in Left Unity, most Leftists hate anyone outside of their sect.

Haha fuck no, I've been in the middle of 'Left Unity' bullshit before with irl orgs, it's just one more thing for people to get into sectarian shitfights over. Invariably the person or group that proclaims their dedication to 'Left Unity' will attribute the current lack of left unity to the laundry list of political problems they have with existing organisations. Invariably the proposed solution will involve one of the largest existing organisations dissolving into political mush. If not that then the unity proposed will be unanimity behind somebody's program, thus making the proposer indistinguishable from every other sectarian org.

In the grim darkness of the far Left there is only war.

Tankies are so notheory that just read the title. Don't hold it against them.

There are other left tendencies who work well in popular fronts even despite sectarian differences. Notably Mao did. Anarchists did and do, even MLs. Right now in the west, without left unity your largest party membership is never going to get above the hundreds, if it ever gets to that


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