Saw this post on Holla Forums, it's still up. Is he right? How would you explain it to him?

Saw this post on Holla Forums, it's still up. Is he right? How would you explain it to him?

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>>>Holla Forums900066

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just seems like a spergy youtube comment. this really wasn't worthy of a thread

Right because the right wing is full of so many aryan übermensch.

Other than that it's just a bunch of generic Holla Forums nonsense conflating Marxism with their strawman ideas about liberalism.

sounds like a nerd tbh

nice non-argument, class consciousness inevitably manifests nihilism

He's just another retard conflating social liberalism with marxism.

You began this thread with a non-argument.



It's not marxism whenit doesn't meet the definition of marxism. Show me where Marx or any major marxist thinker encouraged abortion and antinatalism.

I strongly suspect you're the person who made the post in the image.

i want straw-retards to leave
it isn't marxism because it isn't fucking marxism you absolute embarrasment to humanity

this thread is trash btw, post it in a facepalm or cringe thread if you must

I think people on imageboards have an obsession with distancing themselves from whatever is "cringy" and building up an imaginary ideal of what their movement must really be while also building up an imaginary ideal of what their opposition must be that just so happens to include absolutely everything they don't like. Holla Forums are by far and away the worst offenders, possibly in the world, but I've noticed everyone else doing this in some fashion as well - even Holla Forums. This is a prime example of Holla Forums doing this, they're mixing together a bunch of shit they don't like and ascribing it to an imaginary person that they like to imagine is on the other side of the screen whenever they're having an internet fight.

I mean for fucks sake today I was on 4/lit/ and Holla Forumsyps were accusing other people in the thread of simultaneously being Holla Forums and Kekistan larpers.

Doesn't exist.


Oh I see, you're wasting your time trying to provoke us with partially feigned ignorance.

Anyone in the West that is genuinely invested in politics (and isn't rich) is a chud 90% of the time.

I never see Holla Forums state "that's not real nationa.l socialism!" whenever they are taunted with a cringey nazi. This is a Holla Forums thing, 90% of discussions here are about what something should be called, like that youtube fight about the USSR being socialist or not. If you people were half as intelligent as you think you are you would realize the uselessness of such word thinking; wether the USSR was socialist or not doesn't change anything about what it was.

Marx wasn't a marxist, because marx (the guy who determines what is marxist or not) said so himself, which means that which is marxist or not can't be derived from his writings, which means you people are wrong by your own admission.

Ah, yes, this is the opinion of someone who is well-read on the subject matter. Definitely not some spooked idiot who's definition of marxism stems from paul joseph watson or other reactionary drivel.
You very clearly authored the post in the OP. What a dumb premise for a new thread.

See, I told you everybody does it.

That's not me retard and that post was made yesterday.

What is this circular logic garbage?

You decided to dredge up a completely unoriginal, valueless post as if it were a stunning new critique of marxism?
I don't think so dude, I think you actually wrote that stupid shit. I hope that's the case, because the former narrative is actually way dumber.

Social liberalism is all Marxism is good for according to y'all. I don't know if you have been paying attention, but this board only cares about maintaining sexual muh privilege, transexuality and fun at the expense of real class struggle. OP has a salient point, and every time you faggots type a defense of some random trans-faggot or urge everyone not to reproduce you are proving his point. You affirm death in the face of life, since life sucks and doesn't match your utopian vision.
90% of this board is dedicated to pure contrarianism and mocking the alt right for not being socially liberal enough. this is absolutely irrefutable. If you people were actually life affirming, you would at the very least be trying to think of a way beyond such petty politics. But you don't. You are defined by social liberalism in all dimensions and social liberalism is hedonistic death drive.

Watch as this board proves my point with
instead of addressing the real argument, instead of arguing why their liberalism is not death affirming self destructive behavior.

Except Marxism has, since the death of Marx, been established as an academic school of thought defined by particular characteristics. The shit that Holla Forums loses its mind over does not fit those characteristics, so it isn't Marxism.

The irony is that while leftypol loves to say "x isn't socialism" or "y isn't Marxism", we never move the yardsticks or changed definitions. The fact is that the majority of the time, it genuinely does not fit the definition of what it claims to be.

enjoy your ban

He's a Holla Forums university graduate that got his education entirely by unsourced jpgs, blacked porn, and unflattering pictures of people he doesn't know. He just babels a bunch of shit that the internet told him. What's there to refute?

CPGrey is pretty cringeworthy in a lot of ways, but this particular video makes a good point about exactly that. Echo chambers don't actually have any contact with members of the other opposing group, so they build up a monument to their opponent which they can then argue with. A strawman that they can stick more and more shit onto, making it a more and more enraging and engaging portrait of what those guys are definitely all about for sure, even though it's all just bullshit they pulled straight out of their ass.

Bruh this board regularly denounces modern liberalism and creams its pants over Marxist attacks on idpol all the fucking time. Lurk moar.

Wrong. This board upholds femoid supremacy, which is a major source of fun. So long as you do this, you are no better than the liberals.

This same garbage is parroted by Jordan Peterson brainlets. Go back to reddit and fill your diaper over muh cultural Marxism.

You are nitpicking a fraction of a fraction of the posts on this board and claiming it as proof that marxism is social liberalism or that we care about social liberalism. Everything you're accusing us of happens on Holla Forums and /r9k/ too, where it is also a fraction of a fraction of the content.

You better start believing in spook stories…

Speaking about people other than themselves? Yes. Having an obsession with a few words and making your politics all about claiming ownership over them? No.

I'm getting down to your level.

The great misstrust being the most particular of said characteristics, which the screencap in OP's post refers to. Marriage is bourgeois, getting a job is bourgeois, being a decent patriot is a trap of the bourgeois..

















I bet you consider anything but autistic MGTOW idpol to be "upholding female supremacy". This board has always been about erasing identitarian distinctions, in fact it's probably the single factor that distinguishes us from other leftist corners of the internet.

Will someone please ban this robot?

I don't think you people know what arguments are. There isn't any reasoning to address in your post, just a spurious account of supposedly what this board talks about most of the time. Any counter-anecdote is going to be just as valid as yours because, guess what, you didn't make an argument.
I have a feeling you're just upset that people rightly label you as a reactionary dipshit in any thread that concerns women or trans people.


filter the word "femoid" there you go

Don't respond, he's a troll actively ban evading to shit up the board.

Eh maybe, but that doesn't make reproduction or monogamy bourgeois.

Haha are you retarded? Marxists literally have a special word for parasites among the lower class. That's what we call lumpenproles, and it's never been seen as desirable. In fact getting a job is literally the most proletarian thing you can do, because having one is what makes you a prole.

But that's not what I'm talking about at all, in fact I'm talking about the exact opposite. Having an obsession with a some things precisely because you hate them, then trying to attribute them to the people you don't like.

You can't possibly have not noticed this. What do you think the "other person" linked by OP is doing?



Blindly clinging to loyalty to a state controlled by the bourgeoisie is a trap of the bourgeoisie yes. Being a patriot of a society where the people are self governing and the state acts in their interest is a good thing.

fascist = everyone I don't like


shut up fascist

great thread


Not true communism, that's corporate marxism.

this but unironically.

You can't just slam words together.

Here's the deal, faggot. Socialism leads to communism and communism leads to totalitarianism. It's just the way it works. You can read all about communism on paper but when it enters the human element (reality) it transforms into a dictatorship, every fucking time.

source: history

A state that is truly controlled by the people will act in their interest, for example through direct democracy. From a Marxist perspective, there is nothing wrong with ensuring the continued existence and strength of such a state.



You haven't read Marx


Are you implying that Marx didn't advocate for a state that would act in the interest of the workers?

do you realize that Marx himself didn't think communism could be applied to reality? He was basically writing fictional novels, and he admitted it himself.

This, but unironically.

Why not?

The OP isn't about totalitarianism though, it's about the decadent bourgeois adopting the style and form of marxism while gutting it and using it to maintain the status quo. Actual communism doesn't allow that nonsense. DPRK, Soviet, PRC… True communism is an antidote to the filth spread by the capitalists.


Stop calling the DPRK communist

Marxist-Uygurism masterrace.
Socialism is stuff.

You know he didn't just write theory right? He was active in actual leftist politics for his whole life. Do you seriously think he didn't think socialism or communism were possible while he was actively trying to establish it in real life?

I'm not talking about the OP. stop trying to move the goalposts.

No, it's an alternative to the same fucking thing. All communist regimes have turned into a dictatorship in the past. Give me one example in the past where communism has actually flourished and maintained itself. Communism and Capitalism both see the same fate. That fate is state control. You think you are trying to find a means to an end, when you are actually doing the opposite.

Why? It's literally communism.

I don't see the issue tbh. But then again I'm a stalinist…

Big, if true.

Why? DPRK is a communist regime.



I forgot about those.