When Will We Purge Roasties?

Females are objectively bad for any political movement since they will always betray you for Chad. Commies are soyboys, so you are actually shilling for Chad takeover by promoting feminism. Why cuck yourself so badly?(USER WAS DENIED A STATE PROVIDED GF FOR THIS POST)

I agree




You fucking ironycels don;t understand, when you run screaming at them dumping boiling pasta down your shirt begging for forgiveness, that's actually alpha. That shows that you know Sun Tzu, and you aren't afraid of fear.

Watch all the normalfaggots come out of the woodwork to hit you with the usual

I want to kill white men and have children with a white woman (I'm black btw). Anti-capitalist means deeply triggering and problematic!

This is true. When you say that women should be purged and you demand a future of mpreg, people insult you unjustifiably

If only the men of the white race could impregnate one another so the white race could no longer be an endangered species that has to deal with the heckling woman

Agreed, they're afraid of the mpreg question,

I've got a better idea, why don't we purge butthurt incels before they spread their MGTOW idpol on Holla Forums any further?


Incels deserve the bike lock.

Legit thought that was Ben Shapiro for a second.

The incel question should be dealt with the same way the jewish question was dealt with in germany tbh, and I'm glad you're standing up for this important issue to be heard


You're ignoring the most important question of our generation

The MPREG question

What does MGERSHYPGEG even stand for?

redpill me on mpreg

Male pregnancy

If women can't deliver the white race to us, we must grow wombs to fertilize a future for western civ

You've gotta be kidding me.

Mistakes into miracles

user, this is a chad board
classlessness means that only true chadness determines one's position in society and beta bourgs can't keep us down
communism is chadmunism

Is it just me or has thread quality really gone down especially far in the past three days or so? Are we being raided? Reddit bans?!

/r9k/ doing their thing every once in a while

Oh, for god sake, just get laid.

I'm more concerned with his Sriracha tee.

pic relate is you t b h