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anti-racist edition

I'm cool


i'm uncool

Mejico here

picked the viet kong flag because i want to impregnate a gook


I suck cock

But all of those countries are white?

According to a Mexican university study doing ancestry test, the average European percentage was 82%

And you can't be racist against whites

how do i get an icon next to my name?

click on this

you have to click under the post box for more options

click post options under the reply box

fuck off nigger

Click show post options

Lol anuddah shoah!

shut up, idiot

Wow racist much?

/our irrelevant shiter/

there is no way this is more than 1 person

lol gay

wow those are some EBIN word filters but I have to inform you that he did indeed have a sexless marriage with a kikess

Please stay on here clack.