This is the 21st century left

What went so fucking wrong?

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This thread, tbqh.

The first world has had their loyalty bought by state welfare. Only 20% of Americans have any revolutionary potential and relying on moral appeals never works.

Cut the first world off from their supply of cheap labour and goods first.

Holy shit man cling to the 19th century. The vast majority of 1st world workers are fucking office pencil pushers but let's appeal to them with outdated USSR propaganda of hammer wielding factory workers in dust-covered overalls. Yea, gonna totally win over supporters that way.

"Memes" are for normalfags.

Grow up, we will never get marxism leninism or any of that shit back, move on and change

Okay, how do you do that ? Then what ?
You might be trolling but MLMs/TWists seem to seriously believe that this is the way forward, so…I'm curious…

What's the problem, OP?

that's the point though

Today has helped me realise the vast majority of you are thick as shit. Muke is right to shit on you as a bunch of brainlets, you're a fucking disgrace.

move on to horrible ideas peons

agreed. rafiq was onto something critically important about the left and it was a mistake to ever casually accept these memes.

Opinion discarded fam.

in some ways however, Americans have a high revolutionary potential , with a rising inequality gap, and skepticism on ALL sides of the government

keep in mind that most of the American population is so disgusted by politics that they don't vote at all, all you have to do is turn that apathy into anger

That image was a joke. Seriously fuck off with these shitty threads.

African Union/Latin American union would be a start. Even at its most bourgeois it would still cut heavily into the profits of the first world by keeping wealth in the hands of the third world bourgeois, forcing economic reforms to prevent market collapse that would plunge a larger portion of the first world into poverty. Even better would be a
pan-african vanguard state that completely eliminates third world exploitation. But this is much more difficult. A mixture of nationalist and socialist agitation in spirit of Ho Chi Minh would most likely find the most success.

In short, any way to disrupt the control of the global north on the third world would drastically accelerate global revolution.

This is how I know you're new. But yeah OP is a faggot and so are the people regurgitating how awful it looks as if that wasn't its own punchline in the video right after

The 19th and 20th centuries' lefts weren't that hot either, from a results-driven point of view.