Why the fuck aren't they gaining steam like other demsoc movements in UK, France, and Britain?

Why the fuck aren't they gaining steam like other demsoc movements in UK, France, and Britain?

Because Germany hadn't hit the peak of its RWP wave yet.

Just wait.

Who cares? You're actually retarded if you think there's any difference between DemSoc and SocDem.

No, demsocs are for workers control and socdems want to use capitalism to promote social justice

Wait, what the fuck? I didn't know this

A hardcore social democracy obviously cannot overturn capitalism but can drastically change our political dialogue and remind workers that their actions can affect their economic conditions

Because Germans are the most status quo people in Europe

They gained like 3 seats if thats anything

lel, what is hegemonic struggle

One of which was a CDU constituency.

Because they're seen as a Soviet successor party

Die Linke gains much of its support from older nostalgists, making it in some ways more similar to the Communist Party of the Russian Federation than the movements of young workers in Britain, US, and France

Corbyn's Labour and France Insoumise are Demsoc now apprently.

Corbyn is a self-declared democratic socialist, which makes him philosophically somewhat more important than the sum of his proposed policies. Many people within his movement are Marxists.

Melenchon comes out of a communist tradition. Again, many in his party are Marxists.


Linke had the most support in the below 30 demographic

source on that please?

If only you knew how bad things really are.


It's the eternal kraut. Give them 30 years.

Can any Krautfag explain to me that graph? I guess it represents evolution between 2017 and 2017 when it comes to seats but i don't recognize the acronyms. I don't see CDU or die Linke or even AfD in there

Not a Euro, but I believe that's an image of Dutch parties.

Enjoy being under christian sharia :>)

fucking crazy that a plurality of German youth are going for Merkel's party

There Germans what do you expect.

Its from the Netherlands
t. Dutchman

The CDU is the ideal of a big tent party. They are actually reactionary (old people and closet nazis that don't want to vote AfD), economically neoliberal (academics/ liberal middle class vote), and the refugee thing (liberal college vote, and the AfD basically made it so if you don't support refugees you are basically a nazi in the public eye).
It won't last, but the party will definitely stay in power for a few more years.

Same reason AfD isnt particulary numerous or extreme.
Merkel has secured Germany's place as the head of Europe without firing a single shot and most Germans would like to keep their dominance in the status-quo

The narrative against die Linke is pretty much dominated by neolibs.
At least the nominal left in other countries views them as misguided but in the end decent guys.
The Left, who in the West is majorily made up of mostly former SPD, former Greens and members of trade union are viewed as bloody traitors, and are therefore equally hated by SPD and Greens (where most journos are members of and therefore control the corporate press) than they are by conservative, liberals and borderline fascists.
I am actually astonished that despite the interpretational sovereignty, the Left actually managed to gain votes (0.5% but still) and are now 9% Left against the 91% neoliberal.
And even then, FUCK IT. The revolution will have to start somewhere else.

I wish I could, but I am Hessian and this seems to be written in Lower Franconian dialict or something.

Because Germany is the nervous center of EU, it's like expecting the bougie neighborhoods to vote red. It's literally the capital of capital.


It's Dutch. I meant to post the election results, but I'm pretty sure I fucked up and posted a poll from January instead. The left was decimated here, because the PvdA (labour) went into a coalition with the VVD (liberal). This is the third election cycle where the VVD is the leading party, and the only ""left"" party in the coalition is a christian succdem party. The SP (actual socdems) lost one seat even though labour lost like 30 (you'd think they'd grab at least some of those votes).
Just trying to show that it's not so special that the relative succes/revival of the left in the US, the UK and France hasn't spread to other countries.

I warned you about former East Germany bro

I told you dog

eh don't Germans have pretty strong labor unions?

a huge chunk of the country were card-carrying communists until the 90s and there was a pretty strong radical tradition in West Germany


Democratic Socialism just means you advocate for workplace democracy.

He didn't say that

I admit having a guilty pleasure for these "movements", but ultimatly they are counter-revolutionary. We must learn from them without supporting them.

Nothing to see here


Germans are classcucked bootlickers, but in a different way than Americans. Germans are huge rulecucks that embrace radical centrism.

Why do former communist countries end up voting for the far-right? You see that in various ex-USSR/ex-Estern Bloc places. Shouldn't they be voting for the far-left instead? Was communist rule really so shit? Tankies, explain this.

Russia voted the commies back in but they ignored it.

bourgeois "democracy" will never let real leftist opposition get to power

they already had their "rise" and reached full potential as they already start to openly declare themself as a partner of the SPD willing to drop their "core principles" like participation in wars and such
they already did what all the other new cuckdem "socialists" will do eventually, or like SYRIZA already did as it came to power

votes don't change, elections matter only for agitprop circus and getting a rough count on your most concious following that recognized that voting cuckdems isn't voting a lesser evil but just the continuation of capitalism lead by phraseologists numbing the workers into conformity

before they voted in "Die Linke", supposedly "better socialists". they had high expectations because of what MLs had created the foundations of which revisionism leeched off the later decades.
they lack the understanding that it was revisionism and cuckdem reformists that destroyed the GDR and then see the "better new socialists" fuck up even more and not fixing anything capitalism fucked up for them.

ask cuckdems, it's not on ML.

You know the answer already, you just don't want to hear it.

we are gaining reasonably well in west germany

but the east germans are turning away

3 weeks till lower saxony elections, gonna break 5%, maybe even get to something like 7%

the really important election in germany will be 2021 anyway

Because they're literally a rebranded SED party

Corruption blocking votes as in Russia, or states like Poland were treated as extractive colonies

not enough people have suggested that die linke needs to be endlessly criticized for their failure at electoral politics of all fucking things. these elections were the only thing they inhabit and they turn out to be total fucking worthless shit at it too.