How do you feel about accelerationism

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It's the only form of Marxism worth shit today

Was Zizek an accelerationist since he endorsed Trump?

Yes but has since regretted it because he realized Hillary was the real accelerationist candidate

Big if true.

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You could say he took an accelerationist stance, but he's not an accelerationist. IIRC his words were something along the lines of "they're both worse, but Trump at least has the potential to shake things up, while Hillary will probably be 8 more years of Obama/the Status Quo."

Really? How would Hillary radicalize the left? Isn't the whole idea that the election of Trump would prove that the political system is a joke?

Not while amerilards believe she's left-wing she isn't.

Couldn't Bernie or Bust be considered a grassroots accelerationist movement? Or does it not count since the goal was to force DNC to choose sanders.

Currently the state's failures are all Trump's fault as a big personality, and the unrest will die with his removal from office (whether through impeachment or just him serving his term). Hillary is inextricably tied to the state and her failures would be the failures of the establishment, not just her own.

this is ignoring the material reality around trump's own relations to the state and status-quo

Wouldn't that lead to a larger rejection of Liberalism and an even worse fascist?

None of the causes of the unrest will have been removed. You're still going to have people drinking poisoned water (if they're even that lucky), working multiple shitty jobs for no pay, and stuck with a congress that, even when it does manage to actually function, only produces legislation that people hate. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are the only two politicians in the US with a positive approval rating.

If anything Trump's removal from office is only going to piss people off more because whoever replaced him would just be "another politician," and Trump was elected in part as a rebuke of the status quo.

One of the central pillars holding the US together at the moment is the American belief in its electoral system, but that's fading fast.

Isn't the whole premise of accelerationism to push for a "larger rejection of liberalism"? Otherwise why be an accelerationist at all?

I'm sorry but I'm not sure what you mean exactly. There are tons of liberals who have been convinced that the problem is Trump being a meanie on television, and his own actions have done nothing to dissuade from this narrative. If he ends up doing something actually retarded/reckless enough to endanger lives directly through an act of war or something similar, than many people will indeed think that we just have to go back to Obama level mediocrity to "fix" things.

because supporting a seamlessly endless push towards reaction is undesirable in eventually every aspect, including tactical, for leftists. literally read rafiq's Democracy in Europe Movement (critique)

plenty of these come from people who were quite complacent enough, their anger now is an achievement almost no matter how stupid and stereotypically liberal it is. besides, it won't be difficult to move that anger towards a more coherent basis that marxists can work with, like agitating liberals into leftism.

Who the fuck is rafiq

i guess it comes down to whether or not you feel those same people could ever feel let down under hillary or not

Ok but this is a stance against accelerationism in general but doesn't really refute or support one candidate being more accelerationist than the other

What has Trump accomplished legislatively? All he does is act like a buffoon, which I guess is deeply triggering if you're a member of the managerial class that subscribes to respectability politics. If Hillary was president SOPA/PIPA would already be law, TPP would be law and so on.

again, you're not taking the complete picture of this. this is ignoring many questions over how exactly the reaction would be to any number of hillary's actions, which i have reason to doubt that it would incite reaction the same easy way trump does
you're also not taking into factor the executive branch, and the real processes of legislation

also, people have this easy, dumb conception of a clinton presidency early-on (before trump made it clear with his nominations to the cabinet, etc) which lead to conclusions like that trump would have somehow been significantly "less imperialist" than clinton. an equally simple thought, but perhaps more correct, is that trump is the accelerationist clinton.

Is supporting fascism accelerationist? 🤔

no because fascism preserves the capitalist mode of production encourages state repression of the left

Doesn't the current stage in our system try to preserve capitalism anyways? I mean, you see how ruthlessly the upperclass excerts power on the underclass through the state organ, don't you? 🤔🤔🤔

Now here with better praxis.


Mention the name of those who lurk in the shadows, and they will appear before you.


That's a good thing though.

What did he mean by this? Hold me I'm scared


acceleration isnt leftist tho its a pipedream by fascists to justify gas chambers and FUCKING i will sage every thread on this board


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I respect the great sentence mixing

But to its credit, proper accelerationism, as far as I ever knew, focuses on supporting unfettered capitalism speeding us on along to a point where we're technologically advanced enough that capitalism is only a burden and no longer serves production purposes. This is filled with holes, but it makes a lot more sense than any accelerationist rationale for Trump - or at least at the beginning of this year, when he was still talking about protectionism, it did.

Support for far-right militarism/nationalism (as opposed to libertarianism/neoliberalism, in what ways the two differ) is extra stupid, as it gives you a little bit more of the neoliberal/neocon impediments to the left (bolstering the military-industrial complex and the police state) and even less of the potential benefits. Not every dumpster fire is accelerationist. But both the kind that makes some sense and the kind that makes no sense are idiotic and don't offer much of a way of dealing with state suppression of the left.