What does Holla Forums think about Allende?

Was he a good guy or wut

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I honestly think he did the best way possible to do a revolution… If only he had a guerrilla to back him up just in case…

He disarmed the workers…

He seems like a cool dude, considering that he did not fall for the usual Marxist drivel about economics.

Well, it was never going to work if you disarm the workers


This. He should have set up a national militia that would be able to counteract a right wing coup. He also probably should have purged the military.

The proletariat organized themselves in councils and militias, it was Allende which frustrated their efforts.


Yeah, he was shit.

Allende is proof that you need armed resistance




It's bullshit.

Wtf I'm NAZBOL now

yeah likely story

really tho Allende was okay, he was a radical sucdem, but his lack of action and general idiocy cost him his life and the Chilean people decades of right wing dictatorship and brutal neo-liberal capitalism, so

they get a pretty low ranking by me but if they were still around i'd be fully in support of them and defend it against any imperialist propaganda youtube.com/watch?v=zeq2M6_sJP8

He shouldn't have done that then.

wrong link…

SAIDF pls go

Allende is what happens when socdems uncritically accept the humanism meme.

I heard that he supported the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968 (in contrast with another succdem with far-left sympathies Olof Palme). Is this true?

It's not damage control, the quote attributed to him in the picture isn't his.
He was simply quoting some Italian Doctor with racialist sympathies in his graduation degree back in the 1930s.
Hitler had just been elected and didn't even start annexing half of Europe. Do you really believe Scientists in the US and Britain boycotted the legitimate research people were doing in central europe just because muh fascist gubberment? Hell most christians at the time were sympathetic with Franco.
The guy who discovered Allelopathy was a nazi and we study his field to this day.