What if I'm a petty-bourgeois young adult in the 3rd world with vague leftist views that doesn't believe in armed...

What if I'm a petty-bourgeois young adult in the 3rd world with vague leftist views that doesn't believe in armed struggle however is very conservative and believes that liberal fun comes from the USA and it should be avoided as much as possible?

Read something to work towards a coherent worldview.

I don't know why I said "fun" instead of "degeneracy" (maybe it's a filter but I don't use imageboards since 2014)

Allende did too. Look how he turned out.

If you are opposed to fun, then you do not belong here. This place is filled with degenerate first world trash who place female sexuality over class struggle. Good luck in your own country.

D egeneracy is filtered to fun, and should tell you all you need to know of this place.

if dropped the non-violence stuff You could be a incoherent maoist.

Yes, but I don't think the working class is able to conduct armed struggle. Not the urban people. It's a waste of time, they're too comfortable in order to start something. Can't blame them. I'd rather watch netflix

It's not that I'm anti-violence; I just don't think it works. Maybe if we go Allende style and then have some backup guerrillas helping to maintain the government

What if we go socdem, but with a workers army in case the bourgeoisie tries to fuck with the elected government?

I also believe that the state should hold the nuclear family as the absolute standard. A healthy society should have its morals dictated by the state.

I'm a Maoist-Pacifist

I don't remember this board being so liberal tbh. It used to be something I really enjoyed back then. It unified my hate for the rich and my hate for the degenerate

Well than you are exactly like me, a democratic socialist.
Guess what? Lenin himself liked to call himself democratic socialist and stalin too fighted hard for democracy in the SU. One can be an ML and a democratic socialist at the same time

So what will you do to react against the sparrows imperialism?

Don't worry. Since Cville we have to live with these guys

It's the discord traps that always shit up this board, I wish they would just get trips so I could filter them permanently

I am 100% certain we have been infiltrated by feminists. The alt right certainly contributed to this, since we are contrarian by nature, so since the AR is opposed to fun, everyone on here decided to give fun a pass.

That "Maoist-Pacifist" thing was a joke

I know that much of the stuff that happened in the USSR is distorted by the international bourgeoisie but it had its flaws (of course it was influenced by this same bourgeoisie as well) but I still have my doubts… maybe it's not viable nowadays but what do I know… I don't have any theoretical knowhow to back up my current beliefs… I currently define myself as an incoherent kind of marxist

You should just kill yourself

absolutely ideological
do you know anything about history for example?

Yeah mine about sparrows was too.
Obviously it wasn't perfect and obviously it isn't viable today. ML don't want the SU back, SU is a product of its time. What we want back is the idea of lenin back, obviously upgraded and updated

good luck on having a functional society with your childish individualism … of course I don't want to judge people who aren't within the norm (e.g. LGBT People) but there should be a moral standard for a society to follow

and what I mean by this is that nuclear family itself is liberal de.generacy

Turn your business into a co-op. Unless you don't actually own any means of production and fell on the "I earn more than my peers, therefore I'm a bourgie not a worker" meme, in that case welcome to the club.

What's next, homos belong in the gulag?

What should be the standard then? Is there a more healthy way to procreate and take care of your children?

im drunk as fuck

I don't know, that's not my point, just that OP or whoever unwittingly knee-deep in ideology and his idea of degenracy is wild and arbitrary (then again when isn't it)
I think the most common opinion on the board is that return to some kind of extended family or communal upbringing would be better than strictly delimited, atomised nuclear families

What does this mean?


Just join Ba'ath lmao