Of all the alt right/ultra-nationalist figureheads which one is the most woke ?

of all the alt right/ultra-nationalist figureheads which one is the most woke ?

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Probably Spencer but he's still cucked overall, just a case of a broken clock being right twice a day.

You kidding? Moldbug literally believes in Austrian Economics and wants to apply capitalism to everything, he's one of the biggest cucks alive.

greg johnson imo

No one. If they were woke they would know that the only way to avoid ""anuddah shoah"" and "degenera.cy" is communism. These guys are idiot. Pic related is somehow communism fault


nick land

moldbug is woke tho and is one of the few non-idpollers

moldbug isn't really alt-right or ultra-nationalist. as far as I can tell, moldbug basically wants the people who run Google, Facebook, etc. to have absolute power, but there's no obvious reason why said people would stop doing the things he doesn't like once they are given absolute power. it's just bizarre, basically a dictatorship of capital.

for instance, they seem to hate third-world immigration, but ignore the fact that big business lobbies for it. they don't like Islam but apparently don't realize that financial interests, property owners, and beneficiaries of the Gulf Arab Lobby benefit from it. they think democracy is rule by the stupid, when we live in a managed "democracy" where the real decision makers all know each other through various foundations, think tanks, and societies, so all the things that are happening that they don't like are happening because the elite want them to. Honestly "The Jews" is a better fucking theory than what neo-reactionaries write. Hilariously in one of his posts Moldbug says something along the lines of "I don't know what the new state will look like, but it will have a lot of Jews".

actually I take that back, I'll go with kevin macdonald instead

Wait so neo-reactionaries (or the dark enlightenment at least) are really just dictatorial capitalists?


tbqh scott alexander is more or less what moldbug would be if he wasn't a complete wacko. slatestarcodex.com/2014/07/30/meditations-on-moloch/

No, read the blog and ignore the kids itt that skimmed the wiki page

we will never again have another man like Gregor $trasser.
move on, OP.

The man who burnes churches. Though I don’t know if he’s even right-wing. He’s more of an AnPrim who’s racist and worships Thor.

There are a lot of idiots around
The people with any real insight are the likes of
Matt Christiansen etc
who actually have interesting content

You know who.

Any more like this?


Tom Metzger, believe it or not was always vehemently anti-capitalist and bashed it every chance he got. He called the USSR a 'white workers state' during the cuckservative 80's.

Varg Vikernes and Richard Spencer are based too.

Moldbug can choke on shit. I'd prefer a racist or sjw idpoler any day whose otherwise woke to a piece of shit who thinks Sillicon Valley should have total power.

Not sure about the whole "woke" thing - I'm not a leftist - but Maurras argued a lot of points similar to lefties (with his own royalist spin obvs) and wrote the best critique of the bourgeois democracy of the III. Repulic. As a bonus he predicted WW1, WW2 and the Cold War in 1907.

whoops wrong flag

Also the Sindicatos Libres as an organization were very heavily anti-capitalist

Source on this? Sounds interesting.

Fuxxed up the date, it's actually 1910. The book is called "Kiel and Tangier", not sure if there's an English translation though.



Itt Holla Forums suddenly goes turd positionism

I saw Varg Commenting on Ian McCullum's video about the PPD-40.

Varg, Dugin, Myatt etc. James Mason has sort of a cool praxis outlined in Siege too.


James Mason has some great writings on revolutionary strategy and should be studied.

Absolute trash, thank god he died a prisoner.


Authoritarians are fundamentally the same.

hi mao

I've read enough far-right theory to know the only thing of value they have to say is related to political action.

And that is important, even if a lot of does seem Blanquist-esque to me. I actually do wish there was a larger Blanquist contingent on this board though.

read his writings on federalization if you can. He's very critical of centralization. He argues that the bourgeois republic is "tyranny at the bottom and anarchy at the top" where local politics are very muted and subservient to national politics, with cops and bureaucrats essentially enforcing a "tyranny" over the common folk. He compares this to the "top" - the parliament and government, which were notoriously weak and corrupt under the III. Republic. According to him the III. Republic is the rule of money, not people.

In contrast a Maurrasian state is authoritarian at the top and democratic at the bottom. Maurras argues for a very decentralized state where each region is largely self managed, as well as for "real liberties & muh privileges" such as the right for workers to organize their workplace and self managed communities. The King and the church form the mortar of national union, keeping together such a federalized state.
It's far from democratic, but calling it absolutist is gross oversimplification

"The Revolution killed Patriotism and the King, replacing them with Nationalism"