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maybe normies will stop trying to talk to me about it

Why are Americans so subhuman?

I swear prefixing everything with "meme" makes it funny as fuck


memepost tbh

Taking a knee to what/whom?

this. what the fuck is going on?

I think he was referencing football.

IIRC black players refuse to stand during national anthem over police brutality. Also a Black player wore socks with cops depicted as pigs.

the absolute madman

Basically Colin Kaepernick started reading Chomsky and got woke af and decided to take a knee during the national anthem before games to protest police brutality and systemic racism. Other black football players started doing the same to. It has triggered the fuck out of Trump and his followers and now apparently the NFL is losing ratings. In a speech on Friday Trump called any player that takes a knee during the anthem a "son of a bitch" and that they should be fired. Basically every athlete has fired back at Trump (including Lebron, who called him a bum) and a bunch of guys took a knee durings today's games. So now Trump is feuding with…sports. And North Korea. Also, Trump disinvited Stephen Curry from visiting the White House because Curry said he didn't want to go, kek.

Based kaepernick killing the NFL. Love it.

The DoD literally pays sports teams ~700k a year to display jingoistic horseshit before their games. They call it "paid patriotism." In 2015 there was a report that they spent 53 million in tax payer dollars on it the year prior. Google the McCain/Flake report on it.

It's "Comrade Kaepernick" now.

Why does it always seem like it's lefties who have to start this kind of shit and that liberals can only follow?

As a former San Diego Chargers fan, i welcome its death.

Wtf when and how did the nerd/jock dialectic flip

What if I told you it was always this way and the reverse is a Hollywood myth and the fever dream of nerds who wanted to see themselves as upstanding and righteous.



Bears fan born in 87 here.

Just give me fucking Super Bowl first. I don't even watch non-Bears games anymore and would welcome the NFL's death AFTER I can justify wasting every Sunday of my life cheering for a fucking pair of clothes.

in that same speech president baby whined that the refs take players off the field for hard hits. as if he would be able to stand even a mild concussion without copious doses of painkillers to his addled senile swiss-cheese brain

Actually I wouldn't be surprised if additional concussions had little to no measurable effect on him

Why is the president so goddamn surreal?

Because this is the reality we all deserve.

Someone signed a Faustian bargain to let the Red Sox win the World Series and we have to live with the consequences

You would be wrong. History was actually different, times change, social dynamics actually do change, the whole world hasn't been 2017 with different sepia colored filters on it.


What he's saying is not really that surreal. It would eventually reach a point where 3rd term Obama would have to address the NFL protests. Trump just goes in stoking the fires like he always does.



I'm convinced you're a right-wing shill, and your consistently bad takes don't do much to alter that.

Back to pol with you

as a burger I welcome the death of American sports. I do hope, however the world cup continues. Love that shit

cannot wait for this fucking shit to die.

It wasn't me tho (hapa). I love malcom x. Greatest nigga to ever live after sankara

Wrestling already did it better tbh

Assuming this is the same Stalinstache that keeps posting horrible takes on every other thread for a while now. Or maybe it's several people, I don't know.

While I'm at it, fuck Shaun King.

he's just doing what hes always done, try to use his position to influence people against anything he doesn't like. Literally a big crybaby, he has a following but it's only a matter of time until everyone is sick of him. Lets just hope that he won't do any real damage like bombing anywhere he please because he wants to "show off military might"

If it kills handegg then Trump's presidency will all have been worth it tbh. After it's dead he should still fuck off though

How many times will Shaun King have to shitpost before Amerilards realize that "race is real but also Shaun King is white" is an absurd thing to believe?

Its the president ameridumbs deserve