Canadian 4chin Holla Forums member infiltrates Antifa

Canadian 4chin Holla Forums member infiltrates Antifa, they began talking by introducing their pronouns and other idpol shit

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I see they're butthurt about the guy infiltrating their alt-right get together and have made a fictitious response to it.

well this couldn't possibly be really obviously fake, nor could it possibly be Fire Island ghey


this isn't news
ever since Holla Forums heard of Antifa they've been making fake accounts, events, videos etc.
the whole thing is a gaslighting operation


Holla Forums falls for its own psyops all the time. It's why they have become less and less effective at spreading memes. They literally live in their own self-created meme prison.

That polish poster is cringe, don't do that.


Kek every time

Somewhere in the world there is a communist party that is just a hundred cops and fascists and one guy thinking he's changing things.

They dissolved in 1991.

I'm pretty sure there have been incidents of cops busting a drug smuggling ring or something similar only to find the other guys were all cops.

Lads I've infiltrated AnTEAfa, they gave me this manual.

My gott! It looks like the long awaited sequal to



this Anne Tifa lady must be stopped at all costs!

Tankies BTFO, how will they ever recover?

Not even sure what to think about htis


Canadian antifa are seriously retarded if they're doing clandestine in-person meetings like it's fucking 1970.
It's fake, more than likely.