Isn't the abolition of money kinda utopian?

isn't the abolition of money kinda utopian?

no, what do you think utopian means?

No, most transaction nowadays don't require paper money anyway and the idea that no other system could ever be put in place to track transactions is laughable

What's utopian is thinking we can go on using it indefinitely

Wow, hunter-gatherers were so utopian and never existed mang

You know thats not the same.

Disappointing tbh.

Is it? Before capitalism peasants lived from the land and didnt get money but food from their crops.

I have this

but farming is boring and I can't eat animals I've raised.

It was neolithic revolution, retard.

no, the real utopianism is believing you can abolish capitalism while keeping money


what if labour vouchers don't work

Where we're going we don't need vouchers.

Why wouldn't they work? The thing is that it is quite literally impossible to have socialism while still having money. To abolish capitalism you must abolish the value form, and money is predicated on the value form

Yes. This is a good thing.


It isn't. Democratic Kampuchea managed to do it.

sounds like a bad idea tbh

also didn't robert owen try this and didn't work?.

Well he proved that raising people under liveable conditions makes for a healthier society
He also proved that it will never work under capitalism


You're naivety is astounding. A society can't function with only farmers. As soon as several people gather together, specialization starts to take place. The farmer is good at farming because he can put all his time into it. Soon other tradesmen come along to provide services to the farmer that he can't do himself because he's too busy tending to his crops. The shoe maker makes shoes for examples, and puts all his time into that to make better shoes. The farmer sees that it is good to have shoes, and gives the shoemaker crops in exchange for shoes. Eventually money was created to help make this process easier, by allowing people to exchange valuable objects that they've created for valuable objects other people have created.

Money is a representation of valuable objects. You may be able to eliminate that representation, but you can't eliminate all valuable objects. People would simply find alternatives that fulfilled the same purpose.


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I'm a butthurt stemfag annoyed that metals with a shitload of use value are kept in safes and underground vaults due to spooks. using these as jewellery is an order of magnitude less retarded, as noble metals tend to cause allergic reactions way less often

I think when we criticize something as utopian we want to say it would require a change in the basic human function, which we are understandably cautious of given the history of the past century. But really seems to me that what we consider to be utopian or not merely marks the bounds of what we consider natural human functioning. Basically, OP considers the abolition of money utopian because they cannot grasp a world without it. It is a natural human phenomenon for them, like gravity or the fact of the sky being blue.

This here would be an example of someone whose thinking is limited in the way I describe.

Woopsie accidentally said "natural human phenomenon" when just meant "natural phenomenon"

Please, enlighten us to how
has limited thinking.


Its not utopian, its necessary for socialism

No, it's a necessity for communism. Socialism is a transitory stage between capitalism and communism and doesn't necessary need a moneyless society.

Please read Marx instead ofbinge- watching my show, Keeping Up Appearances.



If you'd read marx you'd realise that marx never made the distinction between socialism and communism. He referred to the transition as the "dictatorship of the proletariat", and while he did posit a "lower phase of communism", that was to be every bit as moneyless as the higher phase.

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It's simple, scientific, and not utopian whatever: Communism can't have money because it's what's stopping us being rolled into one giant multicellular super-organism, which will also be good and we'll embrace it.

From today point of view Yes
In the future which involves vertical farming, robots, eco cars, space travel.