If communism has no government then why does anarcho-communism exist?

If communism has no government then why does anarcho-communism exist?

Because Marx was an opportunist bastard.

Because before communism you need a period of dictatorship of the proletariat. Anarsissies think that's bad

to marxists the state is a means to a stateless end
anarchists want to skip straight to statelessness

because anarkiddies think they're special


Because the "anarcho-" part describes how to get to communism.

Anarcho-communism is the immediate implementation of communism without the state withering away in the traditional Marxist transition path, i.e. feudalism → capitalism → socialism → communism.

Communism is still stateless. Anarcho-communism is just stateless without patience.

Because there are different ideas on how we get to communism, Anarchism is the idea that the state should be abolished via revolution, everyone else says the sate will "whither away" once private property, war, money and what-not are abolished.

Difference in praxis.

government =/= state
if there's no ruling class then it's not a state
"government" in some form has existed since the dawn of our species.



This is why i like this board. You guys help point me and others in the right direction. I still have to read theory but alot of the anons here help alot.

Thank You

Yeah, the state will definitely wither away. Let's just wait and hope the state doesn't murder us for being anarchists.

the communist chuuni group was already full so they just invented something even more edgier

Most leftist factions have a common goal, classeless society but what they'll gut each other over is how to get there.

Or in your case, a Dictatorship over the proletariot, stalinfag.

Stalin fighted for democracy and democratic work places more than anyone else. Read grover furr

What if I want no work places at all?

Then pout and stamp your feet when bourgeois armies are on the revolution's borders, retard.

I don't think so…

no, we don't defend an immediate revolution, that's actually the anarchist critique of marxists that defend state power and calling it a revolution.

Anarchists really care about freedom.

Freedom to the bourgeois

I'm tired of this sectarianism.

anarcho communism is an oxymoron and ancap is a meme

Read some Bakinin Faggot.
Authoritarian Communism is a bigger meme.

Communism is mincarchy which has small government, but ancommunism is anarchy which has no goverment at all.

The absolute state of leftypol these days, smh.