Is killing police officers good praxis?

is killing police officers good praxis?

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If you can get away with it or can't do anything better.

Source please.

Is watching porn good praxis?

Does posting on this thread put us onto an FBI watchlist? Nah, we're already there just by being on this site.


Thx man. You're doing God's work.

Speak of yourself. I'm not a murrican, so I guess I'm on a CIA watchlist.

is sageing obvious FBI threads good praxis?

It depends. If the propaganda of the deed is better served with dead cops, perhaps inspiring others to follow suit in rebelling against state power, then that would be good. However, what if actions like that serve to turn moderates against us? I think most radicals in the first world have given up on such tactics. There are still Maoist groups that actively fight with police in places like India though. Depends I guess.

Drone coming soon.

Is it a revolutionary situation? Has the revolutionary command tried and failed to make an offer to police and armed forces first? If yes to both question, then yes it's okay to shoot.

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Not really.
For one, it scares people from your movement. And as much as cops fucking suck, just killing them is not enough, someone else will just take their place. You need to attack the institution, even tough its a much more daunting task.


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Killing individual officers is greatly inferior to bombing police stations.

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