Where do I start with transhumanist communism?

Where do I start with transhumanist communism?

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It's a waiting game.

First you need FALC

You don't.

Why not?

Start with this btw

This. Also make as much money and save as much money as possible so you can afford to upgrade. Get a job related to transhumanism if you can, such as a geneticist or AI programmer. This will also protect you against automation. Study transhumanist philosophy on websites like LessWrong.

install Gentoo

ask Howard Scott.


the trashcan

Looks like London council estates. Fucking ugly architecture.

Since when has Howard been a transhumanist?


sorry, I might have confused meme ideologies.

It just occurred to me that the closest we have to transhumanism are those dick-lengthening exercises and gizmos.

Did my thread trigger you?


My man.

dat The Invisibles crop

This just seems like a different interpretation of transhumanism then of primitivism. Honestly think I would prefer genetic engineering to mechanical engineering

Also vaccines and cardiac pacemakers.

Or why not anything medical in general?

Well assuming that you know nothing of Transhumanism, I would recommend that you look into Max More.
I find that he explains things in a way that is rather understandable and relatively unintimidating for a laymen:

One of my favourite youtube channels also produced a video on the topic that I would recommend:

That is probably the very worst attitude to have to just about anything.
How do you expect to forge a better world if you are content to remain passive?

Carpe diem.

Primitivists get the bullet to.

Always good advice.

See above.

Unfortunately mandated exploitation hours prevented my arrival sooner.
And the lack of specific questions in the OP prevent me from going into detail on the topic.

I consider myself a post-humanist.
Trans-humanism is simply an important stepping stone to reach the post-human world that I desire.

The singularity is pure fantasy and mind uploading is both scientifically and philosphically unsound. Human enhancement through genetic alteration and microelectronic and nanomaterial implants will be a thing eventually but it won't produce the superheroes you see in action SF media. The future transhumans will be more like Deus Ex's nano-augs rather than its mech-augs.

Well I'm happy that you have given your authoritative, professional opinion on the matter.

Biology is a sickness to be cured, friend.
Genetic alteration is like treating bubonic plague symptomatically.
Regardless of what is done, you still have the plague at the end of the day.

As it stands, we are living in what amounts to ever decaying animated prisons.
It is only by freeing ourselves of these disgusting burdens that we can truly live.

I have never advocated for such a thing.

Biology is inescapable, as I said, we'll end up like the nano-augs, not full body mech-augs.

How do you upload your conscious onto a computer and how long before that's something that can be perfected? Ain't that what you advocate for? It seems to me like that's at the very least till bout 100 years down the line from now or in other words still just a fantasy.

It's also worth noting that according to all decent philosophical understandings of the mind you will be killed instantly. You'd have to integrate your brain with a machine to avoid this.

Shit I left out a huge part of my post because I'm half asleep. You assume that you can "transfer" your mind, but really all you're doing is copying everything from it to a computer. It's far more likely we'll be technologically capable of duplicating yourself onto a machine than simply plopping your consciousness into a machine, leaving your brain a blank (somehow). This is where I'd become very suspicious of anyone saying that they can transfer you and it would be well worth remembering they can just be trying to screw you out of your worldly possessions by giving you eternal life, by essentially wiping your brain and leaving you stuck on a machine.
I wouldn't recommend sticking your brain into anything that can duplicate yourself either, since you could probably be stolen by the futures 419 scammers who will simulate you inside a prison and torture you for all your banking credentials and simply turn you off the moment you hand them over, and that could be the version of you you become by engaging in such behaviour.

If machines could keep your physical mind alive in some typa pickled brain jar Futurama-style I could see how that would work even if it's still way out there, but consciousness without even a bit of flesh seems impossible to me.

The only other hypothetical proposal is the gradual replacement of biological neurons with artificial ones powered solely by electricity until the whole brain is artificial having gradually transitioned the neural pathways, though this still raises imporant questions about philosophy of consciousness.

best response, in every case
do you really want your cyber brain programmed by ex president Mark Zuckerburg when you're about ready to pass the meatbag at around 75-80?
if we don't design our own new mind, then someone else will. go on mastodon / GNUsocial instead of twitter. duckduckgo bookchin instead of googling. use a librebooted thinkpad until you start a co-op that produces open hardware BIOS machines that you will flood the market with.

Transhumanism is the cause of health problems, mental-illness and depression.

Transhumanism will also doom us to overpopulation. Space travel is not something that is guranteed, and even if it was, it would be a huge fucking strain on the human race to terraform other planets.

Transhumanism fights against the cosmic balance. Everything in this world has a essential purpose. Eliminating them even if they're bad for an individual doesnt mean the thing were eliminating is good for the good of the people.

Ideology at it's puresht.

Adapt to this.

*shoot you*

What do think hundreds of millions of years of evolution has done for us? Adapt. Why do we need to "adapt" when we were already perfectly adapted before technology?

Reactionary response from someone who has no idea how the world works.

*shoot you again*

Bark like a dog.

*shooting me* doesn't make your ideology any less smarter, you just sound like an idiot, and I don't care if this is just bait.

Vaccines, I'll grant you that, but pacemakers are more a necessary treatment than voluntary improvement.


Life is Sickness
Alienation is Progress
Emotions are Reactionary

Is it really transhuman though?

You're like saying weightlifting or education is transhuman, but these advanced traits aren't influenced by genetics.

So is all self-improving technology, even toothpaste transhuman then?



Too bad you need massive-genocide of the human race for genetic alteration to work.



I think engineering issues are easier to anticipate and contain than natural disasters.

the reality is if those were to happen humanity would likely survive.

It's almost like technology can enhance nature instead of destroying it.

You know what I miss? Infant morality.

It seems like they each have their own difficulties. I wonder how you'd ration resources like energy, computing power and memory where those are the only physical wants. But given , it's a more of fun idea to play around with than anything likely.


It's terrible these days how less and less children die in their first year, and that giving birth isn't a life or death experience for women.

"Lol death is magic or some shit idk
not like all those other things that turned out to be completely solvable engineering problems, it's different this time guise, jesus said so"

This is your brain on popsci.

I don't know about you, but I think you become born as someone else after you die. Call me a spook, but I think it makes sense, asking myself why I was born in the 20th century and not 1000 BC

I hadn't thought about it, but now that you mention it, my criterium was the use of outside technological resources in order to create improvement without drawbacks. I didn't think of genetics.

But there's also the issue of need, I suppose. There's a difference between going your whole life without lengthening your dick and without brushing your teeth.

So literally anything like toilets, showers, etc. fit the criteria because they too have no drawbacks. I just don't like how medicine is way overrated, and that there's other things we extremely benefit from than just medicine.

Everything has some level of drawbacks, just some are more insignificant than others.

For some reason, dick-extending gizmos struck me as more… stereotipically cybernetic than all of these.

Why do transhumans need to made out of metal? Metal dents, and is hard to stretch like skin and be confortable.

And does metal or nanobots have the power for reproduction? Would each piece of metal need to be made of nanobot cells?

Cliche I guess. Back when these aspects were being born in pop culture, they didn't have any, or at least any nice-looking, hard plastics, ceramics and whatever.

I was talking about Howerd-Scot tier transhumanists.

90% of transhumanists are like that dumbfuck anyway.

pictured above: the average transhumanist, a mental child still terrified of its own mortality

Too bad primfags don't prefer either.

The only good thing you've ever said on this board.

I support (controlled, as in not a free-for all) genetic engering as a concept, but those people’s total disrespect for nature and elitism makes me hate transhumanists.

kerrigan makes me shit my pants
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Most transhumanists get all their "knowledge" from fucking sci-fi and anime. Also they're almost always STEMlords which explains why they seem quasi-sociopathic when explaining their rationale.