Moé, Misogyny and Masculinity: Anime’s Cuteness Problem–and How to Fix It WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

Who cares

I hate anime and I lose respect for all those who watch it.


Indeed, anime is woman hater and it needs to be fixed by feminists.

Oh boy, cultural colonialism!

Typical western feminist telling the Japanese about how inferior their culture is.

Radical feminism is dumb. Let things be cute. A revolutionary feminism would abolish the link between cuteness and femininity and let anything be cute if it wants to be.

whether its woman hateric or not is irrelevant, its still shit and our time, especially as leftist can be spent doing much better things such as:

reading theory
reading history
reading science
learning bourgeoisie economics(at least enough to critique it)
Learning foreign languages(not nipponse though)
Working out
Reading literature.
reading general philosophy

All of these thing will make you a better leftist and at the very least enrich your own life. Next time you want to watch anime do one of the above things instead

Nope. Going outside and making social connections will improve your life. Further alienating yourself by delving into esoteric bullshit will only make you more miserable and less effective at spreading leftist thought.

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Anime is vile, good article.


Few things make them as mad as pointing out how amerocentric and culturally imperialistic they are.

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Dunno what they're talking about, anime is as radfem as it gets.

I thought autistics who didn't know jackshit about how to pick up on social cues liked anime

they aren't at all actualy, you're just some political weinerhead on the internet

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