Winning over the other side

I honestly believe we should increase our efforts in winning over rightists to our side.

As much as people hate to admit we share commonalities with Fascism as I believe they genuinely care for their own working class and with Libertarians as their desire for freedom.

New Ideologies such as Nazbol show an honest attempt at portraying these commonalities to the left however distorted they seem.

Especially in the 30s and 40s you had many people switching sides from fascism and socialism

The question is how can we turn the typical alt-rightist to the alt left?

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Get them to actually read leftist theory


A LOT of rightists know that *something* is wrong but they get the causes of it wrong because nationalism and other spooks. It's hard to try and debunk, for example, le cultural marxism meme because they have a habit of calling you a shill because that defense mechanism has been cemented in their heads. They view such information as a "normie" would view a right-wing redpill.

It would be hard to as there are plenty of them who are actually against capitalism(or claim to be) as they see fascism as an alternative to both capitalism and communism.

If we were to change them we'd have to move beyond complaining about capitalism and show them that socialism and deliver on what they want for the future better than fascism can.

Now how we go about doing that I have no idea.

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Just make them understand that "leftism" is not screeching blue haired landwhales whining that not enough bourgeois have vaginas. The typical right winger is completely politically ignorant, and many alt right are only with the alt right because they think they have to endure the white nationalism, blatant hypocrisy and general retardation in order to not have to deal with the liberal idpol circus. Many alt-righters and "radical centrists" have converted and will convert simply because they learned that there was an option that more closely aligned to their ideals on the left.

In other word just get the word out there to dispel the liberals=left myth, and that alone will do much of the work for you. It's not the end all, it won't stop any true believers. But the alt right is swollen simply because liberals provide such an easy target to hate, and without that crutch they would be severely drained and weakened.

you would have a hard time converting people from the alt-right who have read anything beyond infographics to anything but Nazbol, imo

I think a lot of alt-rightists oppose Communism precisely because of internationalism.

Not a tankie but the alt left and alt right need to be shot.

But that is what leftism is you cuck. The vast majority of leftist defends female supremacy and gynocracy because they hope to get Chad's sloppy seconds. Even on this "leftist" board you see this behavior. You people are above all dishonest and hell bent on protecting your muh privileges while demanding others give up theirs. Its a transparent scam and only idiots fall for it.

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If their concern is keeping where they live homogeneous, actually achieving global communism and a modest level of prosperity worldwide would eliminate economic migration. Internationalism doesn't mean everyone is going to be coffee coloured.

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They're just opportunists. Most fascists will end up supporting enslavement of the working class when pressured and libertarians are "liberty for me and none for thee" the moment economics comes into play.

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Were not liberals

that picture is actually right if you follow liberal social justice

only hardline alt-rightists would entertain homogeneity as a serious possibility. however, by 2090 or so there will be around 4 billion Africans in existence, most of whom would want to relocate to Europe or the US. No race realist could endorse this because they would simply not believe that the violence typical of Africa and majority-African areas would just go away following the abolition of capitalism, because they believe that these problems are caused by genetic factors. thus, migration incentives would still exist in this worldview. I think most alt-rightsts are far more anti-Black, anti-Jewish and anti-Muslim than hardline white nationalist.

This, really. They hate other white people too, they just hate non-white people more.

They aren't wrong. I wouldn't call it "transphobic" but the idea that gender is determined by genitals is a bad one. Also girl cock > literal wound "pussy."

give one example of this so that I can laugh

to an extent, yes
to an extent, but I would say that "hate" is pretty much laser-focused on Blacks, Jews, and Muslims.

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they were being sarcastic you dummies, why do you think whatever right-winger probably screencapped that for propaganda purposes blurred the name out?

I just said that it's valid according to liberal social justice.

What's alt left?


Leftism as in the actual theory and ideology, not leftism as in the sorry state of the left today.

then you should ditch most of your leftist base and build a new.

then you should ditch most of your leftist base and build a new
Unironically this